Nov 17, 2021

Is the black community unfairly targeted by government, media, medicine and science…….inside a modern eugenics campaign, disguised as health care? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

1. Testosterone interferes with how the toxic metals in vaccines are removed from the system, therefore increasing the brain damaging effects of neuro-toxic vaccine ingredients purposely placed in vaccinations. This is why there are more Autism in boys than girls. Autism is brain damage via destruction of neurological tissue in the brain, spinal cord and digestive tract. (there’s more neuro-tissue in the gut than in the spinal cord and this is why vaccinated children often present digestive dysfunction as a symptom of vaccine injury) In this case males are targeted specifically for vaccine brain injury, the strongest males (with the highest testosterone) are the most likely to be brain damaged from vaccines. Are our strongest males purposely being targeted? If you can connect the dots, you already know the answer.

2. Tylenol is still advised to this day to be given to infants or children before and after vaccination, even though Tylenol helps shut down liver function, which in turn allows neuro-toxic and poisonous vaccine material to circulate longer in the body, maximizing tissue damage in all areas, including the brain. Tylenol is also proven to help transport brain damaging toxic metals in vaccines (like mercury and aluminum) across the blood brain barrier, to maximize brain damage in the vaccine recipient. Why would medical doctors be taught to advise Tylenol be taken, in and around vaccine times, when Tylenol is already proven to maximize vaccine induced brain damage and vaccine induced death? Who decides on what medical curriculum is taught inside medical schools? You may want to look into that. Be prepared to find the eugenic triangular crossfire of the Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller Foundations.

3. A top government scientist who worked in the upper levels of The Centers for Disease Control (the CDC), has testified that vaccination with the MMR vaccine caused a massive increase in vaccine induced brain damage in African American males, over and above an already alarming level of brain damage in all children, across the board. This government official testified that this proven and scientifically verified data was destroyed by himself, other government scientists and top “health care” administers during a meeting where the destruction of the data was the official goal of the day. This scientist said he was told to bring a garbage can to the meeting, so the data could be destroyed. He did bring the garbage can with him, had everyone throw the data into said garbage can, left the meeting……and kept the garbage can full of data that proves vaccines cause brain damage in many children, with a greater brain damaging effect occurring in African American males. Click here to learn more. This also can be connected to agendas openly testified to by the scientist in the next added link, who declares publicly that he was employed by “governments” to develop bio-weapons that specifically target minorities. Click here to learn more. The additional brain damage in African American males most likely being related to a genetic relationship to higher than average testosterone levels in that ethnic group. Why would the human farmers who govern us, want an injection that disables our strongest males? Connect the dots because reduction of our strongest males has been going on for some time.

Click here to watch several African american researchers discuss the vaccine agenda for African Americans.. (originally on facebook The Vaccine Agenda on Black Boys by 1 Million Africans: The Trilogy) (from the YouTube Channel called “The Breakfast Club” and the title of the video is called “Freedie Gibbs Speaks on Clearing His Name, New Music and More”.

4. Although government officials, doctors and media sources openly parrot that vaccines don’t cause Autism (a word that simply means brain or some other form neurological/nerve damage), the science is weighted squarely in the opinion that vaccines do cause Autism. Any person who declares that vaccines don’t cause Autism, isn’t doing their homework.  Click here to learn more.

5. Although parents are purposely blocked from getting real world information about the unhealthy, dangerous and sometimes fatal effects of vaccinations, many medical doctors and PhD scientist speak regularly against vaccination in some part or in their entirety. This information is purposely inhibited from reaching parents, in order to maintain failing vaccine mythology. A reward and punishment system (a control grid) exists where people are rewarded for parroting false vaccine doctrine and conversely attacked for speaking the truth regarding the ever increasing vaccine threat to our children.  Click here to learn more.

6. Click here for an updated list of vaccine documentaries that concretely prove that the medical system, conventional science and government is lying to the public about vaccination full stop, no exceptions.

7. At this added link.………..we have another story regarding the exact same plot. Vaccines designed to cull black Africans, in Africa, the covert action organized by goverment officials from countries outside Africa. The pattern is too common. Documentary called “Cold Case Hammarskjold”. An attempt to murder blacks through vaccination.

8. At this added link we revisit the story of Jonestown. A well known story of religious fanatics (mostly black) who all killed themselves by drinking cyanide laced lemonade…..but hold on, eye witnesses on the ground talk of needle marks in every dead person plus British elite military operations are moving through the area at the exact same time.  Coincidence?……..but only when you look at each incidence as separate. (video called Brainwashing and Jonestown)

At this link, we have a medical doctor admitting to using experimental and toxic vaccines on orphans and mentally disabled children. These are the forces working behind the scenes in the vaccine and medical field, straight across the board.

Here we go again with the COVID vaccines targeting the black community specifically. New article from the Children’s Health Defense. I discuss this “government targets the destruction of the black community” agenda in the podcast at this added link as well.

Please remember this man talking works for the FDA. Listen to how he talks about the black community. Part 2 ” FDA Official “Blow Dart African Americans” and wants “Nazi Germany Registry” for Unvaccinated  – Project Veritas (this will most likely be censored within a couple days if it’s missing – use the title to find it on alternate video sites)

Propaganda at it’s best with the linked article just above where USA Today throws down the thick propaganda framing the vaccine drive as helping the black community. It’s enough to make Satan himself blush with envy.

Do you know what’s going on? Are you sure?  Documents recovered from a courier in the late 1700’s in Bavaria (what’s now Germany) testified to the fact that a group of businessmen and bankers intended to develop networks and systems to dominate world affairs and modify the global landscape in their favor. The origins of this ancient group can be traced all the way back to the first international traders, who developed currency, which are the Phoenicians. One facet of that goal was to target the strongest human specimens in all global societies for extermination, through fake wars and any other means possible. Fake wars are another primary ingredient to this agenda, enticing the strongest males into fabricated war situations via false flags and propaganda, where they are poisoned with vaccines prior to combat and then fed poisonous food throughout their tours of duty. In each war, both sides are fully controlled by the same ancient group talked of above. More on this shocking fact at this added link  Once the strongest males are systematically eliminated, resistance over the long run would be lessened and global domination would in turn be lubricated. It’s a long term agenda, taking many generations, but now this orchestrated plan, executed through the bastions of government power, is nearing its’ zenith.

In this video at this added link....we have clear evidence that government forces are very interested in wiping out minorities….

Click here or here for some more interesting information regarding the depopulation agendas toward minorities……

A video below this titled “Robert F Kennedy – Vaccines and the African Community”. The black community has always been the targeted of vaccine based eugenics.

At this added link, Robert F Kennedy Jr. talks with black community leader and producers of the documentary Medical Apartheid (Kevin Jenkins, CEO of Urban Global Health Alliance) regarding the black community walking up to the eugenic attack on the black community that never ends from medicine, science, government and media. A great interview in podcast format, posted on The Children’s Health Defense website.

At this added link we see the extremely corrupt John Hopkins University leading the way for a strategy to get the mentally challenged and minorities vaccinated first. In should be noted that Bill Cooper reviews government plans (in the audio book above), where the government documents a focus on removing minorities, homosexuals, the mentally challenged and the elderly as well……..via toxic medical applications. Why is the black community placed in a category with the mentally challenged, to get their shots first?

Here we have a prominent vaccine researcher (Stanley Plotkin….video from Bitchute) explaining that aborted fetuses are routinely used in vaccination and they were testing on other children who were mentally challenged. What are the chances we know the ethic background of those children and why would anyone want these people anywhere near the throttle of power.

At this link (from USA Today), we have masonic hand puppet Joe Biden, going at the black community again for vaccine euthanasia. The new program from the corrupt government is “Shots in Shops”, in order to use beauty salons and barber shops, to drive the kill shot vaccine deeper into the black community.

Biden at it again with the black community vaccine eugenics, holding yet another press conference regarding getting getting more vaccine uptake in the black community, who of course should never ever EVER trust this government (or any other) to do anything but destroy them with one hand, as the satanic government promises them amazing treatment on the other hand. (this video is from Youtube….a video title “Joe Biden ” We have to figure out how to get the vaccine to underrepresented minority communities.” Run for your life.  

At this added link a group of 5 medical doctors, with Dr. Lee Meritt, reviewing the EXACT same agenda. The agenda to destroy minorities with toxic vaccines and toxic medical applications. CLICK HERE. Name of this video on Odysee is, “Population Control – Top Doctors Discuss Depopulation Agenda and Much More“.

At this added link, we have an article from LifeSite news titled “Public Health’s Racist Experimentation and Eugenics Programs Have Fueled Deep Mistrust of Vaccine” and it explains clearly that the government, medicine and science have always tried to euthanize minority populations. CLICK HERE to view. 

Here we see Zula elder (video also below) and historian Creto Mutwa, recounting the attack all on Africans, via vaccination…………attack from the white ruling families, as they continually try and eliminate the black genetic line from the earth. My theory has never wavered. The black genetic line is superior for strength, spiritual capability and intelligence and therefore it has always been a target of the ruling families for removal. (name of this video is Credo Mutwa – “Famous Zulu Shaman and the Jab”, a walk with truth godfather, David Icke)

Maybe it’s time people started connecting ancient history to the current “soft kill” and covert genocide models being executed upon humanity by science, medicine, government, media, banking, the education system and the military. All working together to bring this ancient agenda about, in our modern time. The tsunami of sick and damaged children is not a chance happening. This is a plan. It’s by design. Its time to protect the children. This full agenda is discussed by historian Alan Watt, at this added link. It’s getting to a point where it’s becoming obvious that not only the physically weak remain, but the morally weak as well. You are free to awaken at anytime. Other key authors and researchers regarding this ancient plan discuss various facets of it below.

Click here to see a medical doctor speak about the COVID-19 vaccine and its ties to squarely targeting the black community for chemical based euthanasia and disease based control. (Dr. Simone Gold: The Truth About The COVID-19 Vaccine) 

Here we see RUN DMC getting stroked by his puppet masters to push the eugenic vaccine on the black community. If this guy is doing videos for vaccines, who’s running hell?

Another sell out to the black community below. Paid to sell the black community up the river and of course these rappers were processed through the system so they may even believe vaccines are healthy and needed. They’ve been lied to their entire lives so they perpetuate those lies and keep the disaster moving in their own black communities. BLK video called “Vax That Thang Up” This video has more thumbs down than thumbs up and that’s because the majority of the black community are well aware of the attack on them by government, medicine, science and media. The black community is stronger than all other communities in the US, for understanding that they’re under attack and government is legalized genocide and criminal conduct.


Here we have a medical doctor explaining the vaccine weapons program that directs plenty of effort toward minority communities. Of course the video from Dr. Michael McDowell is banned off Youtube, so you know they’re trying to bury it from as many eyes as they can.

A Facebook post (so you need Facebook open in your browser) where a medical specialist is stating that people “of color” need to be escorted to to the front of the vaccine line. Oh really……… click here

In this new article, we see the ACLU (the American Civil Liberties Union) attack the black community for only have a vaccine uptake of 13%, compared to whites who have a vaccine update of approximately 65%. Shame and guilt are powerful psychological motivators. Why is a liberty organization trying to actively shame the black community for not trusting government, science and medicine……..given their historical experience with these three institutions?

An article clearly showing black people are being killed by the new COVID vaccine agenda and yet, black advocacy groups are silent and black celebrities continue to push the black community to role up their sleeves. COVID vaccine uptake is the lowest in the black community and therefore it not only means the black community is doing its collective homework but it also means vaccine passports is a the newest form of racism against the black community. CLICK HERE (a newstarget article media covering up vaccine deaths black people) 

Government attacking black community leaders who question the COVID vaccine, even though the COVID vaccine is killing and crippling at well above historical averages. CLICK HERE.

A BRAND NEW documentary now exposes that the black community has been under attack by medicine and vaccinations for hundreds of years. The new documentary is called “Medical Racism”………The New Apartheid”

It’s out in plain sight at this point, where the mainstream mind control media are now actively promoting the targeting of minority and low income communities with a vaccine that has been killing and crippling like no other vaccine before it………not that any of the vaccines before the COVID vaccine were designed to do anything different. The name of this article is ” California thinks it can stop COVID by flooding poor areas with vaccine. Will it work?”

What could be the most illogical and irrational point in this long list of enraging reporting is that the in the United States, the democratic party is sold as the party looking out for the black community but it takes no digging what so ever to discover the truth about this claim. Video below from Epoch Times titled “The Truth About Democrats and Why They Should Pay for Reparations.”

Here is a great podcast discussing this entire article…… here

Bill Gates, a well known eugenicists, (someone who believes minorities need to be removed to keep genetic lines pure…..a psychopathic reasoning of psychopathy) is the person behind the vaccination drives referred to many times in this article. At this point, it couldn’t be more obvious. Bill Gates’ father, William Gates Sr, was heavily involved in Planned Parenthood, on openly eugenic organization that has targeted minority communities since its inception.

Although some people don’t agree with Louis Farrakkan he’s crystal clear about what the COVID vaccine and all vaccines are designed to do to minorities, especially the black community. Click here to view.

At this added link from TicTok, we have a member of the black community being mind controlled into serving up her fellow black community members for the vaccine sacrifice, with the COVID-19 vaccine. She pleads with her fellow black community members to never check the vaccine ingredients or verify any information…….just to take the shot. A known eugenicist (NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo) is right behind this uninformed citizen cheering her on. I am sure she has no idea the history behind vaccination and how vaccines are being used to cull and cause infertility in the black community. Click here to watch.

We are all being hunted by the government and always have been. Now it’s just becoming obvious. Documentary below called WAR ON HEALTH – THE FDA’s CULT OF TYRANNY.

Here we have a video proving that vaccines were being used to sterilize black communities in Africa. Similar compounds have been suspected and rumored as routinely used on black communities around the world. (video titled Heavily Censored Video – The Corona Vaccine is Planned Population Reduction) From my research I’m believing that the black man and woman contain super strength and intelligence based DNA, which is a challenge to the predator class if these communities grow their power and up regulate the superior DNA. (name of the video is…. doctors who blew whistle over tetanus vaccine grilled by medical board)

The history of tricking you into believing the lies, which are designed to destroy you and your kids is discussed in the documentaries and conversations tabulated below. Mind control can make people believe anything and this attack on the black community is about tricking people into numerous inverted beliefs, ideas and concepts.

It never really ends of course with this latest update, we have the state of Vermont making sure the black community and other people of color get their vaccines first, sectioning off a special injection calendar date (and locations) for them. This obviously can easily foster different injections as well for this group (a different “batch”) of vaccinations…….but media propaganda and government schooling mind control is designed so the average person never sees what is happening right in front of them. Are we really to believe that the evil, which has destroyed the black community for the last 600 years is finally putting the black community to the front of the line for something “good” or is this the same old eugenic drives dressed up in a new altruistic disguise?

Let’s also remember the 34 vaccine documentaries proving that vaccines are only designed to kill and cripple, never being proven to increase immunity or resistance to disease at anytime, in any medical of science library on this planet. Vaccines are simply a tyrannical arm of governance, covertly used to keep the public dumbed down, dysfunctional, diseased, depressed and disoriented. Click here to start watching these vaccine documentaries, which will explain the truth of these matters. 

Pharmacist comes forward, not only talking about pharmacists being paid very large sums of money to inject a eugenic vaccine into the population but in the middle of this video, she explains that the pharmacies are targeting minorities for genocidal removal, via the toxic euthanasia vaccination. Name of the video is “Heads Up Pharmacist Tells Vaccine Horror Stories. CVS Pharmacy Pays $6500 Per Week To Euthanize People.”  CLICK HERE

Eric Clapton talks about medical, science, media and government corruption regarding the new COVID vaccine injection. He also talks about minority celebrities being paid to sacrifice their own people. He talks about this at minute at 17 in this interview. CLICK HERE or watch below. (title is Eric Clapton : Exclusive & Uncensored from Oracle Films)

In this added article we see intelligent commentary regarding the free giveaways for taking the COVID vaccine, as targeting poor minorities specifically.

In this added article we see equally intelligent commentary regarding junk food producers purposely targeting poor minority communities for the soft kill genocide via toxic food. It doesn’t look like the eugenics of old, black hatred and overt murder …….but it’s as close as they can get it in this day and age.

In this added article, we see more weaponization of junk food against minority populations. Again this is as close to minority genocide as they can get away with at this point in time, so it’s full speed ahead with the poisoning of minority communities. 

In this added article, we see again the black community targeted for receiving vaccines proven already to cause death, infertility and permanent injury. 

These are documentaries regarding mind control, so you can understand how easy it is to trick people into believing that poison is medicine and that being sick means the medicine is working.


IT GETS WORSE: Fauci funded inhumane medical experimentation on minority AIDS orphans in NYC CLICK HERE IT GETS WORSE: Fauci funded inhumane medical experimentation on minority AIDS orphans in NYC (

Just another example of government forces openly colluding to inject medical poison and depopulate the black community CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to see that black community children are committing more suicides during the COVID psychological operation. 

“Segregation 2.0” - A Conversation with Kevin Jenkins, Perspectives on the Pandemic “Segregation 2.0” - A Conversation with Kevin Jenkins, Perspectives on the Pandemic, Episode 24 (

Establishment will not stop until every last human body is “fully vaccinated”  Dear American taxpayers: The CDC is now spending $5,000 of YOUR money on every “minority” who gets “vaccinated” for COVID (

African Sovereignty Coalition Launch: Africa Unites Against the WHO Power Grab - (

It's a vaccine that targets certain ethic races specifically - Are COVID-19 injections the "ethno-bomb"

Project Coast: Race-based depopulation bioweapons are disguised as "vaccines" - Brighteon

Gates and his linked organizations to sterilize the black community in Africa - A Diabolical Agenda (

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