The Ancient Egyptian How To Manual For Raising The Dead

Jun 28, 2023
Ancient Egyptians were obsessed with raising the dead. Ancient Egyptians (especially their Royality) didn't want to die. They didn't like the natural design of this realm and they always sought to override it. The religious leaders in ancient Egypt wanted many things to become inverted, up to and including how life itself operated. They wanted to hack the tree of life and become masters of it. They wanted to do life. They didn't want the life cycle to do them. They tried everything the could think of....with the mummies, keeping their organs preserved in clay vessels, elaborate tombs, burial ceremonies, asking the God's for help, child sacrifice etc etc. No price was too big to pay for these folks. The leaders of this ancient culture fell in love with the earthly pleasures found here and they didn't want to move on, as nature intended......and therefore this cult sort of started a hate-based belief system for life itself. This leads in psychology to what's known as "the death drive", an obsession with death in an attempt to potentially work around it.  It's great this ruling group of families is gone.....but are they? That sort of anti-life philosophy passed away long ago...right? Well, like a bad infomercial.....wait.......there's more. Let's watch a good video to bring everyone up to speed with who's ruling us from the shadows today. 
It's pretty obvious these Egyptians are still around and with that, they bring all their Egyptian black magic with their obsessions with death, in order that they live forever.  (in one way or another)The African word for Egypt was Khem, which described the blackness of the sand in some part of Egypt. This is where we get our word Khemistry or Chemistry from today. Chemistry being the key to unlocking the secrets of life....yet most chemistry simply ends up accelerating death regardless. We are a society now obsessed with chemistry and therefore the death of ourselves and our culture is only accelerating. Chemistry today does reflect Khem's black sands and can be easily observed to be a form of ancient black magic. Truth can't be taught. It must be recognized. 
As for raising the dead, the ancient Egyptians are masters of it. The process is quite simple. First you need lots of energy or electricity. And of course you need the dead thing, which you want to bring back to life. Electricity and the dead thing. That's your two ingredients in the ritual. Things in this realm that die are obviously well past their "past due" date. Everything gets its day in the sun. It then dies, so something new can replace it. Living things wear out and pass on. It's not natural for one living organism or even idea to dominate the stage for longer than its natural length of time here on the earth. 
All we need to do to see this process clearly in our mind's eye is to roll some clips from a Frankenstein movie below. We see the dead thing and we see the electricity. Then the dead thing comes back to life. Simple stuff. It's unnatural, it's anti God and it's anti natural design. Bringing things back from the dead (which need to stay dead and which don't deserve a second go around) is very dangerous for any society......and I'll prove that fact further down the page here. 
Things come here to earth, they have their day in the sun and then they die. We know the routine. It's sad at times but nature knows that unfortunately some things are evil, so there needs to be a fail-safe switch always operating in the life process. That fail-safe switch is death. This entire process applies to humans, animals and even ideas or beliefs. Every idea, belief or person is sort of an experiment of sorts. We're supposed to keep what works as a culture, experience what doesn't work and really move forward embracing what ideas or beliefs make our lives better. We're supposed to keep the good ideas. The bad ideas, beliefs and even people are supposed die and stay dead.  Some people don't like this natural cycle organized by God, the creator or whomever designed this realm. One group that hates this natural cycle of death more than anyone I've researched are the ancient Egyptians. Not the regular people of Egypt of course, the ancient misleaders in that culture.....who are still alive and kicking today. They like bringing dead things, which need to stay dead, back to life. Here are a couple quick examples. 
You can take anything from communism to democide and from injections of poison (called vaccines) to genetically modified crops that are sprayed with cancer causing chemicals. (khemicals) We tried these ideas, they don't work, they make us miserable and they're supposed to die. Stupid, satanic and sadistic ideas are supposed to stay dead forever. But hold on, here come the Egyptians with their raising the dead rituals and tech. In all these cases we certainly have the first ingredient needed to raise the dead.......which are the things that need to stay communist based slavery or injecting poison into babies. These are some of the dumbest ideas to ever walk this realm, especially the clinically insane proposal that poison can make you healthy. After getting the first ingredient, which is an idea that needs to die and stay dead, all we need now is the electricity. The electricity is something that hides in plain sight and there's lots of it. It's money. 
Money actually means "the one and only electricity". Mon is the ancient word for moon and moon is defined in ancient terms as "the only one" or "the lonely one" or even "the crazy one because its alone". There's only 1 moon in the sky. The word money is pronounced ending with an "e" sound. E is the ancient hieroglyph for electricity or ether. E is known as the 5th element of this realm, an invisible force that makes the other 4 elements comes to life. (the other 4 elements are earth, wind, fire and water) Money literally means the one and only electricity.
That's where the ancient Egyptians are now getting their energy source from, it's're the battery or lightening that is bringing the dead back to life. They're literally stealing your life force through the monetary system, taking your energy in the form of money and raising the dead with it. They capture your life force inside their "currency" system and then place themselves in "charge" of it......and then they bring things back to life that always needed to stay dead. Why do you think they work from "corporations", which is a word derived from the word corpse? Get it, they're working the money energy into the dead corporation to bring it to life. That's why corporations are often called "shell companies" or "ghost companies"....they're not technically alive unless you FUNd them and of course fun is the first 3 letters in funeral as well. Look closer at the terms, they're often death centric. 
Everything from critical race theory (which is racist) to a fake climate change agenda and from taxation (which is theft) to spraying poisons on our one wants of it. Who wants to be miserable? No one! These are ideas that need to die and they need to stay dead. And yet they're on perpetual life support because a fake government (run by ancient Egyptians) are stealing your energy and bringing these clinically insane, useless and satanic beliefs back to life. We're at a point now where this group wants to steal all our money (currency, charge, power, value etc) in order to keep bringing back every inverted death centric idea to ever walk the earth. None of these ideas work to sustain life, liberty, happiness or hope. Zero, none, nada. All these ideas were tried. They've all failed us. They're supposed to die and stay dead. 
Making your children sexually confused in school, tricking women to cut their breasts off, tricking men to cut their penises down the middle and tuck the dead flesh back inside of them or even the idea of voting for clinical psychopaths to tell you what to do every 4 years......they're all ideas that died a long time ago and they're supposed to stay dead.......but the Egyptians in power won't have it. Everything I mentioned in this paragraph and a thousand other things I could document are all coming back to life because the people in power are stealing your electrical charge through their currency and channeling your electricity toward raising the dead. For ALL dead things to walk the earth again, ALL living things must die and give their life force to the dead. That appears the end goal of this BLACK MAGIC CHEM-istry/KHEM-istry system. This entire process is actually being conducted right now in real time and the electrical charge of money is what's allowing it to happen. In short, we must remove this death cult's ability to channel our energy into their currency and steal it for their "raising of the dead" activities. Truth is stranger than fiction. Tinfoil hat or not.......look out the's right there in plain sight. 


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