Sample Letter For All Politicians

Jul 06, 2023

Here's a sample letter you can copy and paste. Email this to every politician and local city council member in your area.....who may require it. 

Dear Sir or Madam (insert their name here)

Since 2020 it's become obvious to millions in our country that something dark, illegal and extremely immoral has been happening. These evil, rotten and dark occurrences are now only accelerating within all levels of government, media and some large corporations. I wanted to place you on notice that I personally believe that your lack of action in regards to addressing these issues make you 100% compliant in the atrocities that are being experienced by the people of this area and also throughout our great country. You have abdicated the right to rule and through your lack of action, you are no longer fit to serve the public in the current office you falsely hold. You need to step down immediately or take action on the urgent matters facing your constituents.

The COVID vaccine has now set records for deaths and adverse events, while being documented by official government reports not to provide immunity and not to inhibit transmission of any pathogen, virus, disease etc. Government spending has skyrocketed into the stratosphere based on extremely questionable data and this has set inflation at a level where many of your constituents are unable to feed, clothe or fend for themselves with dignity. You have failed your office, you have failed your charge and you have failed as a human being in the eyes of God. You are a disgrace to this country and you have disgraced the office to which you were elected. Please step down immediately. The public has lost complete confidence in your ability to rule and we no longer wish to be governed by immoral, unethical and corrupt people such as yourself. The next steps will involve charges of high treason and crimes against humanity. Your allegiances and loyalties are not with the people of this area and country. There are millions of us. You are outnumbered and although you may believe that we're too unorganized and that you have the power to make us comply, you're living a lie. We are organized and the power is firmly in the hands of the people.

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