Raising The Dead Isn't What You Think It Is...

Jul 11, 2023


Most people believe that raising the dead is fiction and it is, in the classical "Hollywood movie" sense of the word. Although we don't have the ability to bring a dead person back to life, the people who rule us have indeed figured out how to bring dead ideas, beliefs, and philosophies back to life. For example, if there's a corrupt politician circulating in political office.......the public's energy is supposed to remove that  politician. The career of corrupt politicians are supposed to "pass" and "decay" and they're supposed to "move on". That's the way the natural world is designed to operate. Things that don't offer benefit aren't supposed to live, move forward, and grow on this planet. If nature judges something as "not providing benefit", it's supposed to pass away and never come back. This concept applies to corrupt politicians but it also applies to anything else that doesn't provide benefit.......like communism, child sacrifice cults of old, the idea that poison can make us healthy or even the idea the taxation is needed to build the roads etc etc.

Now if these ideas (and a million more I could name) do not provide benefit to society, why are they still alive and kicking..........AND EVEN MAKING A COMEBACK in our modern time? The answer is simple. It's because the people who rule us know how to raise the dead. These are the dead ideas that they're bringing back to life. The way our misleaders are bringing these "dead things" back to life is also simple. They use our energy, in the form of money, to accomplish this black magic resurrection of old, ancient, evil, and completely useless ideas, concepts, activities, and belief systems.
Just like in an old Frankenstein movie, you need the electricity to raise the dead. This electricity is OUR MONEY. The money these mental defectives steal from us act as the literal electric force used to raise all these Frankenstein monsters back from the dead. Should children be taught sexually confusing curriculums at school? Of course not. Ideas that end with depopulation and child misery aren't supposed to get very far in the our natural world.......but here comes all that money stolen from us.....to raise these unnatural ideas from the dead. All our money is funding these death centric activities. Is medical poison really the answer for an unhealthy population, who are unhealthy because they're already poisoned? Of course not. That idea is completely laughable, irrational, illogical, sadistic, and death centric........but hold on.......here comes that money stolen from us again, to raise this inverted idea from the dead. In a free-market economy would anyone in their right mind step up and pay a teacher to sexually confuse their child or openly pay a person in a white butcher coat to poison them in the name of health? Of course not. No one in any free market would pay to destroy themselves........but hold on......here comes that money stolen from us again to raise these death centric ideas from the grave. Our money is the electricity being used to raise these Frankenstein monsters from the dead.
Just so you understand. Your electricity, energy, value, and life force are being stolen from you and channeled over to death centric black magic sorcerers .....who are literally using your money to give life to things that not only should stay dead, they need to stay dead for our culture to survive. No culture can survive when they think poison is medicine. No culture can survive when they sacrifice their own children. No culture can survive where corrupt politicians keep circulating into office. Ideas that don't offer benefit to life, to you, to me, to society, or to our culture etc. are supposed to die. Not because we wish these ideas, concepts, and philosophies a cruel death but because in a free market and within any free society.......ideas that destroy the foundations of life aren't supposed to get any of our attention, value, energy, money, or electricity. Today we're living inside a faux, false, and fabricated death centric simulation where all our electricity/money is being stolen from us in order to maintain systems, beliefs, concepts, activities, and products that not only need to pass away....their very existence, via these artificial political support systems, means that we all will be drained of all our life force for these dead things to walk above ground.
The raising of the dead means the end of life. The end of your life. The end of all life. Earth will look like Mars if we don't stop this process of giving life to the dead. These " dead things" coming back to life require that all your life force is drained from you, just to maintain them. Ponder this idea deeply because this is what's happening. If you continue to let our misleaders raise the dead with your money, value, electricity, and life force.......mathematically there can be no life force remaining for you. You will have to pass for the dead to live.....and that's been the end goal this entire time. That is why so many people are passing now at greater and greater rates. Above average mortality rates are skyrocketing and this "raising of the dead" process, through the snuffing out of life on the other side of the equation, is why so much life is now being extinguished. An inverted world is being created. A world where everything is upside down. In this inverted world, the dead walk above ground and you're 6 feet under. It's ancient black magic from very very long ago. I just had to explain it in terms where you may clue in as to what's really going on here.


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