Mind Control Movie Review - A Star Is Born (with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga)

Jul 25, 2023


A Star is Born follows in the footsteps of almost every Hollywood movie over the last 20 years. Everything from American Beauty to Avengers End Game and from Bird Box to The Circle... they all have the same overarching themes. The white heterosexual male is cast in an extremely negative light. In this movie (A Star is Born), the white male star is an alcohol guzzling, out of control, drug snorting human mess. In Avengers End Game, Thor is cast as a fat beer drinking lazy weakened (non-aggressive) white male. In American Beauty Kevin Spacey is cast as an unfaithful, lazy male who wants to bed the 15-year-old friend of his daughter. His wife also hates him. (no shit, I wonder why) In the Bird Box John Malkovich is cast as a Trump supporting, gun loving, paranoid, red neck, who overreacts to threats in an illogical and irrational way. Malkovich doesn't stand out too much against a backdrop of other white male psychopaths or beta soy boys. In The Circle with Tom Hanks, we have the same theme playing out of course, equal to almost every other movie pumped out of Hollywood over the last 2 decades. You won't really notice this trend until someone points it out. Straight white males are either human messes, psychopaths or beta males. That's the complete range of straight white male acting roles in Hollywood film today. A negative role modelling buffet to the nth degree because humans are proven to mimic what they see. Males mimic males and females mimic females. The attack on both genders is relentless, from the black magic sorcerers out of the inversion epi-center of the world, which is Unholywood.

But that's only where this overarching anti-moral, anti-intelligence and anti-male theme begins. The rest of the gender roles in these movies are as predictable as the messy white males. The female characters are the rock of Gibraltar types, who save the day or perpetually cater to the moronic/messy/weak white males....who can never ever get their shit together. The nonwhite males in these movies are the voices of reason and everyone other than the straight white male is portrayed in a positive glowing light. And that's about it. We give "A Star is Born" 8 masonic aprons of out 10, for effectively pushing many aspects of the NWO Agenda through their 5th generation warfare weapon of choice, which is cinema-based mind control. It's enough to make Satan himself blush and spin around giggling with envy. If you want to know why so many people hate men today, look no farther than the brainwashing projectile diarrhea being fired out of Hollywood into the empty skulls of people who pay money to psychologically manipulate themselves and their family members. If you can't connect the dots as to why they want everyone to loath the strong white male types, it's because they need to remove the strong male and then the female in succession, in order to get to their prized sacrificial lambs......which are always the children. Keep your eyes off the screen folks, they aren't what you think they are. Your stars are sirens who are paid to lead you onto the rocks in life and the people running the movie studios aren't there to entertain you, they are there to entrain you. I'm Jason Christoff for The Mind Control Movie Review. Thank you for taking the time.

And if you think that what you see or what you're exposed to can't change your behavior in a predictable way, please watch the video below.  



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