Israel Under Attack But How Did Hamas Get In?

Oct 10, 2023

Before we begin to place some of the cards out on the table, let's begin with one simple question. Is it possible that the Israeli government doesn't care about the average Jewish person living in Israel or elsewhere in the world? Is that even possible, given all the education we receive over our lifetimes, about a tight knit worldwide Jewish community.......being protected by an altruistic pro-Jewish government in Israel?

We do openly see that the Canadian government doesn't care about the Canadian people....just by clicking here. We also openly see that the US government doesn't care about the American people.....just by clicking here. We can see that almost every government in the entire world did incentivize, bully and coerce its citizens to take an end-of-life fake vaccine (that delivered immediate euthanasia or short-term delayed euthanasia) by clicking here. Are we to believe that every country involved in the COVID psy-op has the exact opposite covert mandate, compared to the state of Israel, in regards to poisoning their own order to gain greater control over a diseased, dead and disempowered society? We are continually told that the Jewish community is bonded by blood and are loyal to each other to the bitter end if necessary, so obviously we should find ZERO evidence to the contrary right?  

In this recent report from The Epoch Times, we have a well-educated Israeli reporter stating that Israel must do absolutely anything and everything to protect its people. But what about if Israel already attacked its own people with a fraudulent COVID vaccine, which never went through any trials for safety or effectiveness? (more of that evidence below) What if Israel, after seeing that the COVID injection was killing and crippling its own citizens en masse, moved ahead anyway with intense propagandized pressure to keep injecting several rounds of boosters? What would facts like this (if true) do to an argument that Israel is an altruistic force, who can do no harm and who places the lives of Israelis as its top priority?

Can any government use medical euthanasia applications against its own people and simultaneously claim altruistic stewardship of the same population? How about if we haven't been told the truth about Hamas, its origins, where it gets its funding or how Hamas crossed into Israel to execute this massacre of innocence? How about if forces inside Israel instructed its defensive forces to stand down, as Hamas murdered Jewish people on the Israeli side of the wall? Let's start with how Israel treated its own citizens during COVID, so we can use that as a litmus test for the claimed Jewish altruism of the Israeli government. 

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction in many cases. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Israeli government spinning false narratives about itself and its covert goals regarding its own citizens, we witness a structure of mind control unlike any other in recent history. The average Jewish person (and many non-Jewish people as well) carry this Kevlar style brainwashing, holding iron glad beliefs that Israel would never sacrifice its own citizens to keep the power of the people near bottom basement levels, while simultaneously keeping the power of the forces hidiing behind the Israeli government at stratospheric highs. This belief in government altruism, morality and ethics is equal throughout most countries, brainwashed into the population via the government run school system. Is there any evidence that this belief in government godliness is false? Is there any evidence that this belief in an altruistic government (who can kill at will without trial or remorse) is part of a bigger system of mind control, which allows the people controlling government to continually violate morality and ethics without any questioning or inquiry from its brainwashed citizens. 

Before we go further, we need to ask one more question. Is there any evidence that the Israeli government is not effectively protecting the people of Israel or Jewish people around the world in general? The answer to that question is unfortunately yes, the Israeli government ranks near the very top in regards to immorally and unethically attacking its own citizens with everything COVID, which was an absolute psychological operation-based fraud on every level, no exceptions, end of story. 

Israel was one of the first countries to roll out COVID restrictions, based on fake data/models from disgraced and corrupt researcher Neil Ferguson. This set the fear-based table, famous in all his psychological operations.....where a tyrannical government takes a eugenic run at its own citizens. But we are constantly told that the Israeli government would never lie to its own people, with the intention of introducing a depopulation bio weapon falsely labelled as a COVID-19 vaccine? For sure, the Israeli government wouldn't do anything like that, especially to a historical group who has already been the victim of state genocide and medical experimentation? Having a government attack and poison its own people, in order to steal the assets of the dead, is something that was never reviewed in the government school obviously it can't be true? Or can it?

We're told through all forms of media and government releases that Jewish people would never do that to Jewish people, especially when the holocaust stories all revolve around "never again" shall a Jewish person endure the horrors of medical experimentation and genocide. Well unfortunately, that's exactly what happened during COVID, which is why most Jewish people can't reconcile the truth with the fake narrative driven into them through media and government channels. Mind control usually wins out over reality. The longer you tell a lie and the louder you tell it, the more people tend to believe it as truth. 

We even have holocaust survivors (Jewish in origin) coming forward to warn the Jewish people that what was being done in Israel during COVID, was very similar to what happened to Jewish people during WW II. When this sort of truth comes out (that the Israeli government is attacking its own people with a toxic medical depopulation bioweapon) that truth is up against 100 years of propaganda and brainwashing that states that the Israeli government would never attack its own people, which they did. When a new reality comes up against a massively strong lie in the human nervous system, the lie usually wins out. 

The Israeli government applied the state scripted COVID propaganda harder than any other fake country on the planet in 2020. The Israeli government was one of the first countries to approve a fake COVID vaccine, which has never been tested for safety or effectiveness. The fake vaccine was advertised by the Israeli government as safe and effective, when of course it wasn't. Does a caring Jewish government, who protects the Jewish people to the highest standards possible (because of their past human rights abuses) bully and coerce its own Jewish population to submit to medical experimentation in this way? Does that sound like a caring and altruistic force, out for the benefit of Jews around the world? You can find the step by step and blow by blow attack by the Israeli government (during a fraudulent COVID emergency), on the Israeli people in many different articles on the The Children's Health Defense website. How about this 8 year old Israeli boy, used by the Israeli government to push the COVID dead of a heart attack, at 8 years old? How much coverage is his death getting, as heart attack is a listed side effect of the COVID injection.

The Israeli government targeted seniors specifically in old age care homes with the already proven genocidal COVID injections, as did most other governments around the world. The death and injuries inside the Israeli population, after the fake vaccines, were some of the highest in the world. Israel was one of the first to start requiring vaccine ID cards (The Green Pass) to shop for non-essential items and in some cases essential items, which in turn increased the uptake of the experimental and soft kill genocidal injection.

Basically the use of vaccine ID  (proof you were psychologically manipulated to poison yourself) is simply the Jewish Getto Star of David arm band all over again, used to identify the Jewish citizens who weren't complying with the propaganda and fear-based government campaign. How can anyone believe, even for a second, that the Israeli government is taking a higher standard with the Jewish people in general or that the government is to be trusted with Jewish care and protection? What government declares that some businesses are essential and some non-essential, which is exactly what the German government did leading up to WWII. During the buildup to WW II in Germany and throughout WW II Jewish businesses were non-essential and the non-Jewish businesses were essential. All in our modern time, all in plain sight.

All of this going on inside Israel within the last 3 years alone. The best psy-ops start with confusion, as is stated by Dr. Joost Meerloo. There's maybe nothing more confusing than an Israeli government acting, talking and coercing like the WW II German government never relinquished tyrannical control over the Jewish population. That's more than confusing. When a person is confused, they're more prone to follow command, even if it goes against their natural design of self-preservation. Injecting poison under your own skin would indeed count as working against your natural design of self-preservation. Most people who volunteered for this poisoning were indeed confused purposely about what was really occurring.

Let's also not forget situations like the RING WORM CHILDREN where the state of Israel purposely poisoned children with radiation, under the guise of "health and safety". Sound familiar? Just like the needles full of poison were for your "health and safety". When will we stop believing "safety and health" is about poison? Wouldn't a caring government already know that? Poison can't heal or improve health. Poison doesn't work that way. Why is every government around the world in the "poison its own citizens" business?

The Israeli government attacked its citizens first (out of all countries) with the untested booster shot, when the initial unsafe and ineffective shots were killing and crippling Israeli citizens in record numbers. Israel censored truthful information about the vaccine dangers, promoted talking heads into the limelight to lie to the Israeli people about the shot and utilized public funds to grease the propaganda machines to the nth degree, in order that uniformed Israelis kept lining up for a shot that wasn't doing anything but killing and crippling unlike anything observed in recorded history.

If anyone is out there believing that Israel would never attack its own citizens or organize the attack from within its own government, in order to steal additional wealth and power from the people, they are simply being intellectually dishonest consciously or are under subconscious mind control.......and are only running installed behavioral and thought programs, instead of processing reality in a logical and rational manner. The word government actually is a word that means mind control. Govern is a French word that means to control and ment or mentis means mind. Government is mind control. Remember that at all times, as you walk in this realm. 

How did so many Hamas attackers get into Israel, to carry out such evil attacks on innocent Israeli citizens? Well, we may get some hints to this answer, regarding the method of attack, by how the Israeli media is declaring that these attacks are Israel's version of 9/11. At this link, we have a good documentary regarding the government insiders who organized 9/11. An attack on its own people. On 9/11, how exactly did the most well protected government building in the entire world (The Pentagon) get hit by an object, without mounting any defensive counter measures and without one closed circuit video camera recording the attack? The Pentagon has the most closed-circuit video recording cameras of any building in the world (and defense systems including land to air missiles) and yet not one clear picture or video of the attacking object? Did you know that close to 80 video cameras did record the attack on the Pentagon but those recording were taken by the US government and never released? Why would they do that? Watch the documentary linked in this paragraph.

How did the "Hamas Attackers" breach a line of security where even Israeli insiders declare that a wayward cat can set off an alarm, if it walks too close to the secured perimeter? (that issue also discussed in the Max Igan video linked at the bottom of this article) Maybe we can get some answers inside the 9/11 documentary by clicking here.....or even another 9/11 documentary by clicking here. We even have a CIA insider (linked to 9/11) declaring that he declined some of the 9/11 hijackers at a VISA/immigration processing outpost in the middle east 1 year before 9/11. Then out of nowhere, he's ordered to stand down and let the offending persons pass by the check point. His orders from higher ups, which allowed known terrorists into the US, in contradiction to the security protocols at the time....came from paid CIA/FBI staffers inside the US government. From Pearl Harbor to 9/11 and from The Oklahoma City Bombing to now this invasion of Israel......there are many connecting threads, especially in regards to protective forces being sent away just before the attacks. In Israel we have testimony that Israeli armed forces (who were trained to respond to fence issues in 10 minutes tops) were also told to stand down for 6 hours, in order that the fire gets as big as possible and the problem, reaction, solution cycles be completed.

Were Israeli forces told to stand down and allow Hamas actors to enter Israel? What about the claim that Hamas was created and funded by forces not openly declared, in order to constantly keep Jewish citizens in a weakened state of existence, in order that they be more easily controlled? Beyond attacking the Israeli people with a toxic injection during a fabricated COVID crisis, how far does this thirst for power and control go?  Here again in this report from The Epoch Times, the fact that there were many obvious unexplainable breakdowns in security, which allowed the hundreds of Hamas members to enter Israel by foot and even by glider (and now stories of parachute entry)....was glossed over in the interview. Oddly enough similar unexplainable security protocol contraventions were experienced during 9/11. Are there any patterns here? Do we see any problem, reaction, solution type structures in play? What about this Israeli Defense Force veteran who is asking the exact same questions, regarding how exactly did Hamas enter the most guarded ground and airspace in the world, without resistance? We have a former commander of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) saying that not only was this invasion impossible, without the IDF making sure it happened, he also says not to trust the Israeli government because of the toxic COVID vaccines used to kill and cripple the Jewish population years earlier.

Was this a planned event like 9/11? Why was Israel's secret police (Mossad) fingered as being heavily involved in 9/11? Why do governments train and pay their own citizens to kill without trial or remorse? Why is killing someone bad unless the government tells you to? What's going on here, not only in Israel but worldwide? Why aren't we asking these simple questions? Do governments routinely organize the killing of their own citizens, in order to seize power, over a confused and heavily indoctrinated population? Hitler also did this, by burning down his own Parliament building and then blaming foreign extremists. On 9/11, within 30 minutes it was blamed on Osama Bin Laden and Afghanistan was taken over. Now Israel is blaming Iran within hours of the attack. Are there any patterns emerging? 

But I thought Hitler's government was different than the US government and that the US government was different than the Canadian government and that the current Canadian government is different than the current Israeli government....and so on and so on? Research proves that all these governments are run by the same small group in order to keep the human cattle in a constant state of fear and conflict with each other, instead of us all uniting and going to battle with the only group we should be fighting against.  

World governments aren't strangers to organizing attacks on their own citizens, in order to further enslave the public and weaponize fear against the population. The video below can give you some background to that fact.... if you're still under the mind control illusion that governments never kill their own citizens, in order to start a power transfer from the public and into the halls of tyrannical government. 

The three videos below can help you along with your education, as to what's really going on......and not just in Israel. What's happening in Israel is happening worldwide. It's dark, ugly and it represents evil of the highest order. Innocent people have lost their lives but who organized the attack and where's the investigation before murder is ordered in revenge and lands invaded? What's happening around the world today is anti-life, anti-God, anti-family, anti-children, anti-love, anti-connection, anti-evolution, anti-male, anti-female and anti-nature. These trends are more than obvious now but it's been like this for a very long time. We are all being hunted, all of us. The people of Israel and the people of Palestine included, as is the same with the rest of the world.

What happens to one will happen to all. Not even the most obedient government order follower will be spared. Evil spares no one. Evil is LIVE spelled backwards and the word devil is LIVED spelled backwards. There's plenty of evidence to suggest world governments are indeed working together against their own people and that includes the Israeli government. The COVID injection is only one example that all governments are coordinating a mass depopulation event against their citizens.

The Ring of Power in the film The Lord of The Rings was about the true intoxicating draw of power........or was it? The Ring of Power (in the film) was actually a ring that made people invisible, and the power that being invisible provides. The ultimate power involves affecting the physical realm (things we can see, touch and hear) but to do it while being invisible to the naked eye. When dark forces inside the Israeli government (who may not even be Jewish in origin) potentially attack Jewish people and then blame Hamas.......we get the invisibility power situation that The Lord of The Rings tries to explain in the film. When murderers and psychopaths can invisibly work through government, media, medicine, military, science, banking and our educational systems.......we get the ultimate accumulation of power because the public can no longer identify who's trying to murder them and steal their wealth once their dead. Keep all this in mind as you watch the three videos below. Click each picture to watch. Thank you for taking the time to investigate beyond what the Hollywood black magic sorcerers lay out for you. 

David Icke explains what's happening in Israel right now....

Max Igan sheds some light on the same topics. 
Click here and here for another update by Max Igan.  Max's channel can be found here.

Historian Eustace Mullins explains that one particular sect of Judaism has been hunting other Jewish people for a long time. 

Mainstream Media now admitting that the world is being played by forces in government who benefit via death, murder, manipulation and theft from its own citizens.  Also we should see that Israeli's no water, no food, no electricity and no movement for Gaza is exactly what globalists want for all world citizens...via 15 minute cities. What we allow to happen to one citizen is what will be forced on all citizens eventually, Start speaking up or this will be in your area very soon.

My end goal predictions of this attack are a) Russia (another actor) is accused of hacking the Israeli security systems ending in calls for higher security on the internet plus an escalating war with Russia (all countries are controlled by the same group) b) mass censorship of anything that tells the truth about the Israeli government, which does act like the black widow spider at the center of most government webs today c) a massive war in the middle east that destroys this ancient part of the world and its crop growing prowess...leading to more starvation worldwide d) a mass Jewish migration to the new Israeli homeland, which will be the Ukraine, because they will say the middle east is now too dangerous to live within. That's what all the fake funding of the Ukraine is about. The west is being looted via one fabricated fraudulent crisis after another. Do you know what's going on? Are you sure? This all may happen if we don't awaken from the comfort comas we've purposely been placed into.


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