Illuminati Mind Control Movie Review - The Circle With Tom Hanks

Dec 09, 2022
I watched the movie "The Circle" many years ago and there's so much blatant mind control in that film that even the least experienced in the alternate research community can pick it out. I don't enjoy movies because they have the ability to control your behavior and beliefs outside your conscious awareness... but sometimes I will sit with others and literally just be with them but also pick the movie apart in my mind.
Now if you think what you watch can't control your behavior, you simply need to watch this short clip below. Once you watch it, please understand that the only reason your TV or movie screens exist is to control your behavior just like the behavior of these kids were completely controlled in this video by what they were watching.
The most overt programming of all Hollywood film is coffee consumption and there's many reasons they want you drinking coffee. One covert aspect of this movie was disease. The lead actor's Dad had MS and the son of Tom Hanks had CP (cerebral palsy). All the men in the  movie were portrayed as weak on some level, to be easily destroyed or saved by the female hero. This alone is a very common theme in most Hollywood films today. This trend is tied to the disposable/weak male agenda and the rise of female domination (to take the place of the weak beta male)....but that's another post altogether. In most film and TV presentations men are corrupt morons or simply morally, physically or spiritually weak. This repetitive messaging is pumped out all day long in Hollywood and of course repetition is 85% of all mind control. Watch for the beta male agenda in all media today because it's beyond obvious. Click here for more information on the anti male agenda in media today.
MS is always painted as "genetic" in all Hollywood film (and within the corrupt disease generation system we call a health care system) because of course MS isn't genetic. MS isn't genetic or the people with MS would have MS from the very first day they're born.......because we're told we have the same genes our entire life. If we have the same genes for our entire life and MS is genetic, it means we're supposed to have all our genetic diseases from the first day we get our genes.......which is the day we were conceived. But NO ONE has MS when they're born, they develop MS later in life and that means MS isn't genetic. Either way the system is lying to us and movies/TV shows play a massive role in normalizing, promoting and celebrating the lies that enslave us all.
Again If a disease is genetic and you have the same genes from day one, you're supposed to be sick from day one........but none of these genetic diseases occur until long after we're born and that's because they're not genetic. So this movie, like thousands of others, acts as a reinforcement wing for many of the foundation lies of the day within our brainwashing control grid. Lies need constant maintenance. A lie can't support itself because energy will never move to support a lie in our Universe. Just like why a plant can't grow in the dark outside the sun provided by God. Lies can't grow without an artificial energy source because the natural world (created by source) destroys lies. These screen productions are the maintenance and artificial energy sources that keep humanity running east looking for a sunset in regards to keeping the population perpetually sick. In the video below, we see how mercury teeth fillings cause MS but you won't hear that anywhere in the mainstream media because you can't rule healthy, vital, empowered and independent people who embrace truth. You can only rule sick, depressed, dis-empowered and dependent people who embrace lies.
MS is also a listed side effect of some vaccines and that's because the destruction of our nervous systems and brains is an orchestrated agenda against the slave class, with vaccines and mercury teeth fillings being only a choice few soft kill modalities of attack upon an uninformed public. Here are some other common brain damaging attacks on Joe and Jane Public you can read about by clicking here. Brain damage is big business and business is booming. The people ruling over us poison our brains and nervous systems, causing us neurological diseases. Our human farmers then make up new disease names for the damage they've done to us.......which in turn leads us toward even more disaster by eating poisonous medications so we never can recover from our first round of poisoning. Poison can't heal, poison doesn't work like that. Dr. Russell Blaylock explains below about the brain damage agenda.
There's so many people who have gone on to cure their MS, so how exactly is it genetic when the genes stay the same but the genetic disease is cured? How does that happen? The answer is simple. We live inside a toxin and lie based control grid, which harvests our energy. Ancient ruling families who masquerade as our altruistic governments maintain their power by actively destroying ours. It's that simple. The doctor below cured her MS and then she was silenced. Click here for another documentary about a man curing his own MS, who was also silenced. This man was told he would have MS for life because it was genetic, so how did he cure it? Same answer...........because the doctors are brainwashed to believe massive lies in the same way that the public are brainwashed to believe massive lies as well. I was asked to donate money to the MS Society in Canada once. When I offered a donation and to explain these simple cures for MS, the lady in charge said the people wouldn't be interested because it was too radical. Yes removing your identity as a helpless victim, inside a society that caters to helpless victims, is indeed too radical for people who actively avoid the painful journey out of victim-hood. No shit....
Then we have CP as a normalized disease in this movie (cerebral palsy), which again is another Lady Gaga "Born That Way" lie based operation. A fake disease name provided to parents so they can explain why a vaccine poisoned child can't walk or lacks full motor control of their neurological systems. Vaccines are heaped into the first year of life (26 vaccine disease applications suggested for infants under 1 in the US, 24 in Canada) because the agenda is to poison the infant into complete dysfunction before the parents can understand what exactly has happened to their child. It's so evil, it's enough to make the hair on the back of Satan's neck stand on end. When the medical poison does what medical poison is proven to do, the medical system throws out a fake disease name and moves on to the next victim.... indoctrinating the parents to repeat the lies of known liars, in order to keep as many victims moving into abattoir as possible. It's the same old lie-ahria based story "so sorry about your sickness, we can't figure out how all this poison is making everyone sick, try some more poison and get back to us."
Click here or see the picture below of a law suit pay out to parents of a child who developed CP after vaccination. So why aren't parents told that? You know why. You won't hear an of this on the morning radio show or communist style morning newscast on TV because withholding information is how the control grid lays its sinister foundations for your perpetual sickness and dis-empowered existence.
You can't farm lions, only lambs. According to your lie-haira filled newspapers, radio stations, movies and TV programs......things are looking up and great things are happening in your community. Your screens aren't there to inform and entertain you ladies and gentleman. Your screens are there to misinform and entrain you into the poison based control gird, so you struggle as a dis-empowered perpetual infantalized dependent for your entire life. That's the way evil likes it. Evil never likes a fair fight. Thank you for reading. Have a great day.


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