How I Prepare for Air Travel

Sep 22, 2023

When I go on a flight, which I do more now than ever before, I make sure to buffer my body from the preplanned toxic attack that the cabal plans for all airline passengers. Here's a list of what I do to prepare. Today I am travelling to Latvia and then to Turkey. I'll be giving the first day of class in my new program from Turkey. Inside this new program, I teach many things. One of the things I teach is how people can open their own business, travel and still provide themselves an income. If anyone is looking to remove all their self sabotage and their negative mind control, plus turn up the power in their own life, this is a very inexpensive way to dip your toe in

1. Prepare a meal of organic food for your trip. Try to bring in glass containers if possible, especially for anything that holds liquids. Never eat airport food. It's some of the most toxic fake food on the planet and it's designed to weaken you on all levels. 

2. Of course you can't bring your own water past security, in order to increase water sales directly after security. They need to save the planet but they have to make sure you throw your water bottles out in one area and then buy more water only 30 feet away. The best waters to "repurchase" after the government theft of the water you brought into the airport are Evian, Vitel or FIJI. They have a mineral and pH content very close to the natural human blood stream and are best tolerated by the body. 

3. I always wear a wifi interference device right around my neck. Wifi is extremely dangerous and the cabal is well aware of this fact. You need to protect yourself and your entire family when they travel, in order to keep the wifi cancer causing potential as low as possible.

4. I always drink plenty of clean spring water for 3-4 days prior to departing, as travel is extremely dehydrating. 

5. I lift heavier weights in the gym for the 3-4 days prior, to make my muscles very interested in metabolizing sugar out of the blood stream. I do this because the more stressed we are, the more our livers fire out sugar (glycogen) into the blood stream. This "extra" circulating sugar can cause extreme damage in the body, so I do everything I can (lifting heavy in the gym) so that my muscles act like remove the excess liver sugar from circulation, before it does some damage. 

6. I always travel with eye shades and ear plugs to maximize the recovery factor of my sleep, in order that I arrive as rested as possible to my destination. 

7. I bring macadamia nuts with me, as they are proven to contain a compound that can help reset your internal clock once you land in a different time zone. The late Charles Poliquin taught me that. He was a bio hack expert.

8. If you're going to watch the mind control movies on the plane, at least educate as to the major mind control themes in them. The major mind control themes, weak males, super strong independent females, alcohol, the pursuit of endless pleasure, LGBTQ agendas, killer viruses/vaccines save the day themes, the cops/government/army are the good guys and are working around the clock to keep you safe, endless conflict, trauma based mind control murders and killing. At least know why the movies exist and what behaviors they're constantly looking to normalize and install into your behavior systems 

9. Bring some sea salt with you in case you run out of water. Most airlines will try and literally destroy your heath with Dasani or Aquafina water selections. If you're out of water on the plane and need to drink this water, add a dash of sea salt to bring those dead waters back to life. 

10. Double your dose of fish oil before you travel, as fish oil thins the blood and helps reduce clotting, which is common in air travelers. Tumeric and garlic also thin the blood. 

11. Don't eat excessively on the plane. The body uses motion to help digest your food, so eating and sitting will compromise your digestion. Eat just enough to remove hunger but don't overindulge. 

12. Wear blue and red clothing if possible, as they are proven mind control colors and they can get you through "the officials" easier as well. 

13. Often there are airport customs dogs that are trained to sniff out food in your carry on luggage. Heaven forbid you bring healthy food with you everywhere you go. Just another BS modality to make sure you ditch what you have and start eating their slave disease causing food. Carry some coffee grounds in your bag with your healthy organic food, as coffee grounds throw off the dog's ability to smell anything else in the same bag. 

14. The day before the trip I make sure to double my stretching routine, so I am comfortable sitting for that long a period. 

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