Here's The Problem and The Solution

Dec 14, 2023

There's true beauty in knowing what our culture's primary problem is, in the greatest details. The beauty involved with recognizing the problem is also seeing the solutions magically appear in your mind's eye, without much effort whatsoever. You can't formulate a logical or rational solution to anything unless you know what the problem is first. 

The primary problem hasn't changed since the day you were born. Frankly, the primary problem hasn't changed in thousands of years. Let me explain some symptoms of this problem, which were again very obvious today on the homepage. MSN is a news-based internet page run by Microsoft, AKA Bill Gates......a man who declared that if we use medicine and vaccines correctly, we could remove 1 billion people from the planet, if we all played our cards right. The ancient word for magical potions, which kill as the seller offers miraculous healing outcomes, is pharmakia

The primary problem in our society today isn't hard to recognize if people can just claw back even the most minor access to the brain and eyes God gave them. As I scrolled the MSN homepage today, looking for some very obvious propaganda and reading the tea leaves (as I like to say) the primary problem appeared once again, as it appears every day in this world. Two stories got my attention. One story was a propaganda piece in relation to children's hospital wards in Canada being full.

We've watched this propaganda show in our recent past (that the hospitals were full), as is recounted by a nurse in this video (and thousands more I could link). As you can view yourself, at the previous highlighted link, a veteran nurse explains that although the hospitals were empty during COVID, the propagandists in media and government falsely reported that the hospitals were bursting at the seams with COVID pandemic patients. This was a lie and these lies are the foundation of the primary problem I'm alluding to. I will indeed describe the primary problem just after I describe the second article that caught my eye today on the homepage

The second article that caught my eye this morning, which clearly symbolizes that primary problem in our culture today, was another Canadian mind control piece of propaganda. This article was in regards to Canada still pushing for a change in country wide "free" dental policy, for people who generally can't afford their own care (the government in Canada steals all their citizens money and then when the public can't afford to care for themselves in the most basic ways, the government says...."here, let me help you"). This change to dental policy in Canada has been pushed by the standing Liberal government for many years now.   

Both these stories did highlight and spotlight your typical Canadian government staffer or staffers as well. The children's hospital story, regarding full capacity being reached in children's wards (which is a lie), highlighted some gravely concerned government employed hospital administrators and a couple government representatives, from our health care system. This is a health care system (like all world government health care systems) that can't make anyone healthy of course but let's move on. The other story about Canada's new dental programs highlighted one government staffer declaring that giving free dental care to people who couldn't afford it, would equate to a gold rush in long term financial gain and also would equate to a spiritual gold rush for Canadians, who love to bathe themselves in a shiny glow of illusionary altruism, social justice and inclusion. And here's the problem. 

The original COVID operation and its declaration of full hospitals (which was another lie), triggered parents to rush their kids into the hospitals/clinics for 1 or more injections of poison. This psychological sleight of hand (to tell people something deadly was happening, when it wasn't) actually ended with people killing their own kids with a fake vaccine, as is clearly explained in this video that highlights Canadian medical doctor, Dr. William Makis. Not only did some people kill their own children with injectable poison, after being triggered by the state sanctioned disease propaganda, they also killed themselves as well, in very large numbers....with the same needles full of poison. Mothers also participated in murdering their own unborn children (if pregnant) with the planned reaction to the propaganda. 

In regards to the "free" dental plan, it includes only free mercury teeth fillings (not white resin options) and it always includes massive doses of fluoride. It's free, which baits the trap. After that we have the mouse trap come down on the neck of the person who doesn't understand the primary problem we all face mercury teeth fillings and fluoride (not only cause cancer) they both cause massive brain damage and premature death

The primary problem may still be eluding some folks, so I'll make it very clear. The primary problem is that it doesn't matter if it's the birth control pill or toxic perfumes and it doesn't matter if it's alcohol or the genocidal COVID injection..........people are being tricked to injure and kill themselves and/or injure or murder their own children. Imagine a criminal so experienced and savvy that they can use mind control to get you to kill yourself and your own kids, in order that this criminal just walks in and steals all your wealth without resistance.......because you're dead, your kids are dead and any other heirs to your wealth are also dead.

That is exactly what's happening and it's happening because this is the long-term plan laid out long ago by the very evil (and real) people running this system. Their plan is about unencumbered theft of most world assets. That's the primary problem, most people have been placed under a very simple (yet specific) form of mind control, where they get up every morning and volunteer to destroy everything they need to lead happy, healthy and rewarding lives on this planet. Not many people even know that if they're dead and the heirs to their wealth are also dead, all their wealth transfers legally and immediately to each respective government......which are all privately held corporations that are owned, organized and administrated by this ancient crime syndicate I keep referring to. You're getting mind controlled to kill yourself and your children, because they want your stuff.

This ancient crime syndicate specializes in what's called "Lord of The Rings" colonization-based warfare. (also known as 5th generation warfare) The ultimate power highlighted in The Lord of The Rings movie series was a ring that made the ring wearer invisible. It was this act of being invisible that was framed as the greatest power imaginable in the entire Universe. The government staffers in both the stories mentioned above are being puppeteered in an invisible way to murder their fellow, women, children and senior alike. They're paid murders of themselves and obviously they're paid murders of others..........and they're not the only ones. Most people rise out of bed in the AM only to quickly poison anything that just so happens to be alive, often starting with themselves of course. These loyal foot soldiers of the death cult then simply keep pushing this death centric philosophy out into the world, as their full-time occupation, in exchange for a pay cheque from some dark, ugly and rotting organization. We're all being employed, either directly or indirectly, to wipe the earth clean of all life and/or its ability to sustain life. We all appear to relish in the death of ourselves, our kids and our life force energy. 

Each person, on some level, is murdering and killing themselves plus their own children in this fashion, as normalized standard practice. From circumcision to drinking toxic coffee upon rising and from watching mind control-based screen productions (that install the invisible murder-based programming into the viewer's mind) to endorsing abortion as the #1 most cherished rite on the planet (nothing gets the death cult members more excited than making sure they can kill unborn children at all times)'s all about a very ancient crime syndicate on this planet, doing what they've always done throughout history. An invisible hatred of life appears to permeate almost everything people are doing, thinking and saying these days. A true death cult in every sense of the world. 

Again, this ancient crime syndicate I allude to doesn't kill you, they program you to kill yourself. They don't kill your children, they program you to do that. This process sometimes isn't rapid but it can be...just like in the video inserted below. The murdering of yourself and your own kids, by your own hands, is usually a slow-paced soft in the case of mercury teeth fillings, a lack of breast feeding, junk food, toxic WIFI etc. But it can be an instant kill like is recounted in this documentary.....but you're going to get programmed to take yourself out and take your own kids out........while believing you're a completely rational, logical and well-balanced human being. Maybe a good bible quote can remind us of how long this has been going on.... "By pharmakeia all nations were deceived" Revelation 18:23

The solution should then become extremely obvious, which need to stop murdering yourself and murdering your own kids, by your own hands. You need to be smarter than that, even though the mind control programming to do it is very strong. That of course is easier said than done........because many people don't understand how this inverted and dark programming gets into their brains in the first place. 

In the end, that's the primary problem, the belief that you're in full control of your own behavior, when plenty of your day is dedicated to death centric rituals that destroy your innate human potential and that also snuff out your very life. If you want to fully understand the process by which this very ancient crime syndicate inserts these "invisible" self-destructive programs into your behavioral pathways, maybe click the link below and see how I can help you manufacture a much better 2024 for you and your family. 



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