Connecting The Dots With Coffee and Mind Control

Jul 15, 2023
1. Above is a clip from an ad for Cadillac, regarding their new driver-less car program. As I slowed down the clip (as I often do) I noticed the sign in the background........FREE COFFEE. Why would anyone go to the trouble of making sure that a half second clip saying "FREE COFFEE" was included in this commercial? Does it even matter? Was the coffee sign something that was already in the backdrop and is there any reason why the phrase "FREE COFFEE" may be included on purpose?
2. Play the video below, in order to watch a different video altogether proving that having this FREE COFFEE sign in the commercial (although you won't remember it consciously as the ad rolls at regular speed), WILL indeed stick in your mind GUARANTEED and modify your behavior.  
3.  In this article HERE we explore why your social engineers want the public to consume as much coffee as possible. Even in the movie FIGHT CLUB, there was a Starbucks coffee cup in every scene. Why? There are firm reasons why our human farmers want the public heavily caffeinated.
4. There hasn't been a movie I've seen without someone drinking a cup of coffee, no exceptions. You won't notice until you look for it. Click here to see University Professor, Dr. Jerry Kroth, explain that humans mimic everything they see on the screen. That means when you see people drinking coffee, you will eventually drink coffee. This is already proven. It's documented fact. Seeing coffee mugs, coffee cups, coffee machines or a coffee shop in a movie....migrates the viewer closer to drinking coffee full time. Caffeine has very special effects on brain function, as can be seen in the video below and its this effect that increases the efficiency of the human farming operation for the ruling 1%. What does coffee do to your brain? Watch the video below.
5. In this movie trailer and this one we see coffee drinkers and the famous movie coffee mugs. Try looking for these items in the movies you watch.....a coffee mug, a coffee takeout cup, a coffee machine on a counter in the background or a coffee shop. Make a game out of it. I guarantee you that you'll find it very interesting. 
6. In the book Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, he describes the drug called SOMA. A drug sold everywhere, which makes the masses smile even though they're miserable, enslaved and soulless. Think deeply here and start connected some dots. 
7. In the book Caffeine Blues, author Stephen Cherniske reviews every caffeine/coffee study ever published. His conclusions are firm... a) caffeine has zero health benefits, only detriment b) caffeine does sedate the nervous system tremendously, therefore distorting reality c) caffeine/coffee destroys health and d) all research studies claiming caffeine or coffee as "beneficial" were investigated, proven fraudulent and funded by one corrupt group called The Coffee Lobby.
Can you connect the dots, regarding what the real SOMA is? Do you know what's going on? Are you sure? If you're looking to understand what's happening in our society at the moment (which is very close to what's been happening down here for thousands of years) maybe investigate my latest offering below. If you want to stop being a slave......come with me.


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