Becoming What You Hate

Jul 03, 2023
When I was a kid, I used to get beat up and bullied sometimes. I knew it was unfair and I wanted it to stop, so I started lifting weights. I really hated those bullies. It took a couple of years of weight lifting but I got strong and powerful.....and sure enough I found those bullies one day. I grabbed them right by the throat and said, "do you remember me?". They apologized for their bullying and ran away. I felt powerful but little did I know I had just completed one of the most dangerous cycles in all of human psychology........the process of, "becoming what you hate". I hated the bullies and had become the bully. I had become what I hated. One of my mentors Paul Chek tells a similar story on the HERE FOR THE TRUTH PODCAST.
I know a guy who was cheated on by his wife many times, so he went out and cheated himself to even the score......becoming what he hated. I know a young man who was pulled over several times and mistreated by the police when he was young. One police officer was rough with him at a traffic stop and was threatening, using the power of the police against this young man in an abusive way. This young man then became a police officer when he grew up and mistreated people that he pulled over........becoming what he hated. I know a girl who was belittled constantly by her teachers in public school. She grew up to be a teacher, who mistreated her students.........becoming what she hated.
This story is taking some odd and ugly turns in our modern time as well. I also know a mother (as a young woman) who grew up in a household that didn't respect women. Men were the super stars of the home, regardless of if it was the husband or the brothers. (this subconscious belief often has to do with the idea that God is a man so men have to be better than women etc etc). Women were second class citizens inside the family home, men were the ones who could do no wrong. As a female who was born into that home, this lady grew up into a woman and moved eventually have a daughter of her own. That daughter felt the mother's programming, feeling like she could never measure up to men in general. The daughter ended up hating men for always getting the limelight, as she was pushed into the proverbial corner her entire life. That daughter grew up hating (or at least disliking) men for this constant irritation in her life, given her mother often looked at her like she couldn't make the grade. But guess what........that daughter grew up, moved out of the house and now has transitioned into a man, in order to try and potentially gain her mother's attention and affection. This daughter, who disliked men, has now become a man herself.......therefore becoming what she hated. 
If you think this couldn't get any bizarre, hold a bad infomercial.......wait.....there's more. This story of becoming what you hate is now going nuclear in our society. Men, as a gender, are completely on the ropes these days and have been for decades. Men have been marginalized, attacked, vilified and made the scape goat for everything wrong in the world. Of course this is a psy-op all on its own...but that's an article for another day.
Regardless, men have watched their jobs, their reputations and their power transferred over to the female. For better or worse, this is fact. Even if you look at the average male/female relationship in our modern time........the men is more times than not framed as the bumbling buffoon, who wouldn't make it in life without their head strong and well-organized female counter part. Because of this psy-op men have started to unconsciously despise the female (which has always been the goal of this psy-op) for decades. These are all subconscious and unconscious under currents, which again are showing themselves inside this ugly cycle of becoming what we hate. Men now are becoming per a couple pics below. I could make this picture parade thousands of pics long and no one would argue with this point. Men are now longing to become women and are now bullying women inside their safe in female's sports games, in their bathrooms and at public events reserved just for women. Men as a gender are also becoming what they hate.......and there are concrete psychological reasons that can explain this transition. If not outright dressing like women or destroying their male parts through transition surgeries, many men are just becoming more feminine or even entering the gay community looking for some safe haven from the attack.
Now just below is a video, of a very obvious man demanding that he be referred to as a woman......for potentially the same reason I have alluded to above. He's caught inside a very old and well-known psychological cycle of becoming what he hates. There are clear and very easy to understand psychological motivations for this behavior as well, which I describe below.
Humans participate in such behaviors simply because they download the idea that the abuser is the safest position to take, inside the abuser/abusee relationship. The human is a biological animal, which has developed safety adaptations, in regard to what cues a human picks up in its environment. The human body, down to the very function of every cell, is designed to seek safety at all times. If becoming what you hate makes you safer, inside the abusive environment in which you live, the human nervous system just goes for it. There are other factors that make this transition into the safe zone mental, physical, spiritual, intellectual and financial weakness. Saying all that, this transition toward the safe card in life is automatic in the human nervous system. 
Because we are hard wired to take the safest road (to become the abuser instead of the abusee) we often become what we hate and pay the dis-empowering cycle forward without our knowledge. Today I no longer strive to abuse others as a way to find safety in my abusive environment. I can defend myself from any bully regardless, I'm older now and I'm no longer afraid. I have also developed financial, physical, intellectual, and spiritual strength (the 4 pillars) so I don't feel the immense pull of my natural nervous override morality and become what I hate. We need to find inner peace by improving our 4 pillars of strength, so we never become what we hate. I actively struggle to become a better person daily and to break the chains that bind me to my traumatic past. You can do it as well. We all can do it.
Many people today are being thrown in one direction or another because the media and government purposely paint one area, personality, or activity as the safe zone to participate in. This triggers the human nervous system to follow these trails of "safety based" breadcrumbs. This is called social engineering and it's currently being used for devilish purposes at the moment, as hundreds of millions of people are being programmed to run east looking for a sunset, based on this psychological sleight of hand. The people who rule us know that we're not logical or rational animals and they're using this knowledge against us......tricking us to destroy ourselves at every turn. 


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