Are You The Manchurian Candidate?

Aug 27, 2023

In 2004 there was a movie called The Manchurian Candidate with Denzel Washington. It was an expansion on an old idea where a person could be placed under mind control with dormant programming. This dormant mind control programming could be activated by a "trigger" word or phrase, in order to have that person unconsciously act out the dormant commands planted into their mind. Those dormant commands could have been inserted into the mind control victim years or even decades earlier. The assassination of John Lennon, Robert Kennedy and even the assassination attempt of Ronald Regan were tabled in certain circles as dormant program and trigger word/phrase operations, which were quickly covered up by the organizers of various mind control programs running inside certain government organizations. 

If you believe that mind control programming operations are just rumors, you best watch this documentary and this interview......and even this interview, which will help you understand that controlling human behavior in these ways is very real. Here's also a very good presentation I conducted for The Medical Doctors for COVID Ethics, where I describe the base foundations of mind control. The presentation is short and very easy to understand, for anyone who takes the time to watch it. if you also click here, there are several dozen mind control documentaries (and real-life examples of mind control) that you can explore yourself, at your leisure. 

As someone who researchers mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification and psychological coercion for a living, I can tell you that you can indeed program people to murder using very simple mind control tactics. I know that as fact because someone's already done it and filmed it as well. It may not be exactly what you're thinking but the point remains the same. Click here to watch 3 out of 4 people (in one experiment) murder another person, based on simple mind control tactics.

Now what's even more odd is that many people in the world had their dormant programming triggered from 2020 onward, where they become activated Manchurian Candidates themselves. Certain dormant programs were installed into the public decades prior with over 300 movies about viruses, zombies, death, destruction, fear and panic........only to have those movies or TV shows end with the idea that injectable vaccines would save the day. With that dormant programming lying in wait, all the public needed were their preformatted trigger words, which would trigger each programmed person to execute their prior downloaded behavior. The word VIRUS obviously was the primary trigger word, TRUST THE SCIENCE or just the word SCIENCE were two more triggers, MASKING, SOCIAL DISTANCING (the exact same phrase used in the movie Contagion) and obviously the phrase SAFE AND EFFECTIVE VACCINE triggered the Manchurian Candidate in a good mass of the public. Unfortunately, the injections in 2020-2023 didn't met the definition of a vaccine and weren't tested for safety or effectiveness whatsoever. The more injections you took, the sicker you got and the quicker you died. The COVID psy-op was exactly that, it was a preplanned ambush using psychology as the primary weapon.

The Manchurian Candidates of 2020 were not in fact programmed to kill other people, in most cases. These Manchurian Candidates of the COVID psy-op were programmed, using tried and true mind control tactics, to assassinate themselves for the most part plus members of their own families (often their own children unfortunately) and also to pressure others to murder themselves by an injection that was fraudulent on every level imaginable. I also refer to this as Kamikaze mind control programming. Many people became mini-Jonestown cult leaders, due to their dormant media programming, and were triggered into action......going so far as to demand their own death, the deaths of their loved ones and the deaths of anyone else who wasn't part of the science trigger word cult. Anyone who wasn't carrying this dormant mind control programming and who refused to react to the trigger words, were attacked in every way possible, in order to try and trigger these "cult deniers" to follow suit. As the Manchurian candidates of the COVID psy-op were triggered in 2020 to Kamikaze themselves off the planet (via the use of the trigger words inserted into them) they in turn also tried to use their own trigger words (like conspiracy theorist, science denier and grandma killer) to get the non-brainwashed in the tribe to inject the poison. That's how powerful mind control can be and that's why ancient ruling families, who masquerade as our altruistic governments, use mind control against the public daily. Mind control is the most effective weapon in the government arsenal and always has been. 

In the end, everyone needs to review the links in this article above, so they don't get tricked again to Manchurian Candidate themselves and their own families into perpetual slavery or into the graveyard. More rounds of mind control and mind control triggers are now coming around the corner. Stay safe and I don't mean "safe" as in injecting poison under your skin. I mean the real definition of the word don't die and don't kill yourself because you're under mind control. Knowledge is power. Power up and educate yourself before you get tricked, by this very ancient ruling group, to take yourself out. The Manchurian Candidate is most often you, oddly enough. You're the perfect assassin to yourself because you would never believe you could ever be put under this form of mind control. Explore the links in the article above so you understand that this is not only possible, hundreds of millions of people have already assassinated themselves in this way since we were all mind control attacked in 2020 onward. 

The picture below is a new offering where I will teach you everything you need to know about mind control, brainwashing and breaking out of your own personal self-sabotage, which is implanted into you using the exact tactics discussed in the above article. If you want to stop hurting yourself and you know you have something more to offer than destroying yourself as Olympic Sport, this is your chance to find out all the tricks they use on you, in order that you keep running east looking for a sunset. It's time you find out everything there is to know about the people who rule you and how they trick you daily to give them money, so they can use that money to enslave you in perpetuity. It's time for everyone to rise up and that's going to start with you learning what's really going on. 


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