A Mind Control Application In Movies Called Psychopathic Priming

Nov 08, 2022
Our minds can't tell the difference between what's imagined, what's on a screen and what's real. This is why you jump out of your seat a little or have a faster heart beat during an exciting or scary part of a movie. When you witness a murder or death or something extremely violent on the screen, your body is proven concretely to think it's happening in real time and the body reacts metabolically like it's happening in real time. One of the real time metabolic reactions is an activation of the fight, flight or freeze system. This fight, flight or freeze response originates out of the limbic system....otherwise known as the hind brain or reptilian brain. This fear activated part of the brain is notoriously low IQ but it does have its place in your genetic defense strategies.
Your nervous system, when watching almost any trash fire Hollywood release today, would usually involve imagery to activate this fight, flight or freeze system. When a system is turned on, like this system is turned on through fear, it's called "facilitation". Your defense system of fight, flight or freeze is facilitated through fear, panic and terror etc. Facilitation just means activated or turned on. The people who rule us flood our media with blood curdling violence purposely, as a very simply mind control conditioning tool, so the audience gets used to the facilitation of their fight, flight or freeze systems......which ends with the audience members freezing or basically doing nothing to defend themselves. When your body wants you to run or fight and you force your body to sit and do nothing, you're getting conditioned like a circus animal in a very dangerous way. When you don't react logically or rationally to danger, threat or violence.....you also become de-sensitized to it and that in turn is the primary characteristic of a psychopath. Have you noticed anything odd about the public over the past 40 years regarding their moral compasses? Nothing is by accident. Nothing. Purposely changing society and chalking it all up to chance happening or random evolution is called "social engineering."
When the fight, flight or freeze system is facilitated in this way and the person doesn't act on the genetic signals that have helped us survive for thousands of years, simply by choosing to sit there on the cinema seat/couch and do nothing, that's called inhibition. If this happens over many years and thousands of facilitation/inhibition cycles.....there comes a point where that person can't react to danger any more in a natural, rational or logical way. They've watched so many terror based movies and panic based TV shows that when danger appears they freeze and do nothing or they actually do the opposite of fighting or running.......which is "people pleasing" behaviors toward the threat and trying to make friends or alliances with the very forces that are trying to devour, murder and kill them. (and their children) Anyone who complied with the obvious evils that rolled forward in early 2020 did so because of this decades long conditioning cycle.....and many other conditioning cycles of course that I can't fully disclose here. The average person doesn't understand that the movies and TV shows are forced into the fertile minds of the public in order to execute this conditioning cycle and many other conditioning cycles as well. This is why the average person today not only sits when danger is beyond obvious but they often invite the vampire over the threshold of their home or even go to work for the vampire (gov and media) in order to try and keep themselves safe from a historical threat that actually spares no one.
Either way, the reason most people today can't react properly to the obvious threats hunting them is because the groups attacking us right now arranged decades and decades of facilitation/inhibition programming on the TV and movie screens, so when this clever group did launch their pre-planned attack.......Joe and Jane Coffee Shop and their friends Tim and Tina TV Watcher couldn't mount any sort of logical response to the vampire hunting them in plain sight. This means people like this have become clinically psychopathic by definition, as well as very compliant sacrificial victims. If you'll poison yourself and your own children (plus willing destroy businesses, farms and transportation systems in your community that you need to survive), as a response to pure evil looking you in the eye.......it's safe to assume that your fight or flight system has been broken, if not completely destroyed by decades and decades of screen exposure. When you walk by your TV and when you drive by the cinema, just know that they've tricked you into dancing with the devil. They've also tricked you into investing your own time and your money into your iron clad enslavement. Who enslaved you? You did. Who paid for it? You did. If you like to get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth regarding this sort of psychological manipulation (that places you and your family at a very dangerous disadvantage in life) please email me personally. My email will be left in the comment section. Have a great day.


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