5 Designed Build Ups To The 2020 Con Job

Aug 09, 2023

Before the government attacked hard in 2020, it had to execute many softer attacks on the heavily sedated and distracted public. The infrastructure that supported the 2020 attack had to be built over hundreds of years, in order that the 2020 attack went as smoothy as possible. Below are some of the precursors to the attack of 2020. 

1. The documentary 9/11 A New Pearl Harbor explains concretely that the attack on the twin towers was executed and controlled from inside the US and Israeli governments. This had to be done in order to take full control of the airports, which were an integral chess piece during the attacks of 2020. The preplanned attacks on the twin towers also helped usher in the Patriot Act, which was designed to start the slow erosion of human rights, which in turn was a key pillar in the 2020 psy-op attack......where human rights were eroded into nothing. 

2. The documentary A Noble Lie explains concretely that the attack on the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was also organized by forces within the US government. This had to be done in order to start rewriting the laws that would mark citizens of the United States, as enemies of the US Federal Government, thus allowing the legal system to remove human rights once more......by marking US citizens themselves as potential domestic human combatants, terrorists or enemies of the state. With these changes in the legal system from 9/11 and from The Oklahoma City Bombing, the human rights violations and restrictions of freedoms during the fake COVID pandemic were easily put into motion. 

3. Good people don't just obey legal changes that are evil unless those people are processed through the government school system first, which is a military obedience and order following hierarchy based structure. In order to produce a mass of compliant non questioning order followers, the Prussian school system had to be put in place first.....hundreds of years in advance of the 2020 COVID psychological operation. The government school system literally underpins every other major foundational con... regarding the complete collapse of independence, freedom, free thought, free will, morality, ethics and justice in our modern society. The intent of the government school system is literally documented to be the destruction of a child's free will and independent imagination, in order to produce a mass of non questioning order followers.

4.  Men generally are the cosmic force on this planet charged with defending the tribe from evil. In order to remove this male cosmic force, you need to castrate the male protection principles on several levels. First you need to chemically castrate the men and turn them feminine, which was easily done with chemicals such as astrazine. The next attack on men came with reducing their populations through fake and fabricated wars and also through chemicals that abort males in the womb. You also need to use propaganda to convince males that being a man is a bad thing and that masculinity is toxic. Beyond the fake wars (organized by the same forces controlling all countries during the COVID psy-op), designed to cull male numbers on both sides of the fake borders, the militaries in all developed nations were heavily injected with the genocidal fake vaccine in 2020/2021. What remains is a tribal population where there's less men, less strong men, more obedient men and more feminized men. Men today get every form of support possible if they turn on themselves and their own cosmic design. Men today also get every form of attack possible if they try to hang on to their cosmic protective capabilities. Many weak men will comply with this very simple format of reward and punishment mind control....and seek the most cozy position in our modern time, which is THE CELEBRATED WEAK MALE who just goes along to get along. Without the strong male cosmic energetic force, the 2020 attack was executed with ease, as most men stood down and waited in line with their families to inject the poison. Just look at how weak the people are who are attacking the tribe......Trudeau, Johnson, Biden, Schwab, Harari, Macron, Ardern, Andrews etc. They're a bunch of evil nerds and nerds can only take power when good men are tricked to stand down. This anti-male/anti-testosterone con has been in play for hundreds of years. 

5. You also need to remove protection from propaganda from of the legal system. Yes, in the United States it was once illegal for the US government to use psychological warfare against the US people. Barack Obama (the YES WE CAN con man) removed that legal protection with changes to the NDAA Act, which gave the groups controlling Barak Obama the green light they needed to start using weaponized 5th generation warfare propaganda against the people, which can easily make people work against their own self preservation based programming.

This list could be at least 50 items long. This is just 5. The COVID con based attack was planned long in advance. That's also documented in this audio recording as well from 1969! Regardless, it's time to start understanding that what's happening in the world right now and what has happened over hundreds of years......are not random events. Everything is planned down to the finest detail, in order to get humanity squarely between the cross hairs. Start paying more attention. My latest program helps protect people and their families against everything written about above and more. 




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