15 Things Your Human Farmers Want To Thank You For.....

May 31, 2023
1. Thank you for not thinking
2. Thank you for reacting instead of gathering information
3.  Thank you for making decisions based on how you feel instead of assessing the consequences of your actions. Emotional reactions are the opposite of logical reactions. Thank you for being guided by your irrational emotions.
4. Thank you for thinking about short term gratifications instead of long term outcomes
5. Thank you for thinking of yourself instead of future generations
6. Thank you for being weak instead of strong
7. Thank you for always doing what's easy instead of what's right
8. Thank you for attending school and getting great marks, which made you more obedient to our command. We run the schools ourselves of course and teach you obedience as the primary modality of training, so thank you as well for never figuring that out.
9. Thank you for seeing the dots yet never connecting them
10. Thank you for believing someone else is coming to save you
11. Thank you for living inside a fake feel good illusion, which we designed of course. Thank you for not seeing the mouse trap we built around you.
12. Thank you for believing poison will make you healthier, really, thank you........this is the foundational cornerstone of us tricking you to destroy yourself, so again, thank you so much.
13. Thank you for drinking enough coffee and booze, smoking enough weed and eating enough junk food to the point where you're too sick, overweight or brain damaged to react. If you were healthy, strong and capable adults....we could have never pulled this off. Thanks for giving up long ago. Thank you for only caring about your next good time.
14. Thank you for believing our fabricated news stories. Some were so staged, we thought for sure you would catch on. Wow, great work for buying into that level of lie-ahria.
15. Thank you for watching the false narratives on your screens and thank you for ignoring the reality you witnessed daily, with your own two eyes. Your weakness is our strength. We're all in this together.
BONUS 16. Thank you for lying to yourself as hard as you do, that can't be easy
We couldn't grind you into hamburger patties without you helping us get there. This is and always has been about teamwork. We couldn't blast you off the planet without you doing your part. Lying to yourself, lying to your friends, looking the other way, not resisting.....you worked around the clock making our dreams come true. We're all in this together...and what that really means is simple. This is one big stage show but unfortunately your character is no longer required in the stage production. Thank you for everything. You're the best obedient drone bots anyone could ever ask for. Tricking you to destroy yourself, your own families, your own economy and your own communities has been our absolute pleasure. 


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