15 Signs You're Under Mind Control

Jun 19, 2023
1. You think TV shows and movies are made to entertain you.
2. You think medical doctors are health experts.
3.  You think the government steals your money to build the roads.
4. You think that they spray poisons on your food because of the bugs.
5. You know mercury thermometers are banned because mercury is extremely toxic but you also believe mercury teeth fillings are completely safe in your mouth.
6. You think your vote counts.
7. You think the news is there to inform you.
8. You think the government is there to protect you.
9. You think alcohol is healthy for you in moderation.
10. You think it's OK to research and ask questions about a new car purchase, a new house purchase or a new appliance purchase but you also believe it's not OK to research or ask questions when the TV tells you to inject something under your skin that's killing and crippling millions worldwide. That of course you need to trust, no questions asked and full steam ahead.
11. You think a society of cowardly order followers, run by clinical psychopaths, will keep moving ahead into the future without any interruptions.
12. You think that working for the clinical psychopaths, as a government employee, is the ultimate dream job even though big brother is actively trying to remove you and your family because your pensions are already stolen and they don't want you to find out. "If I can just push one more dose of poison under my skin, maybe I can get to my pension, which is already stolen..." It only makes sense if you don't think about it.
13. You think a society of perpetual pleasure seekers, who don't want to work in order to earn their keep, will always survive and that having fun is one of your first amendment rights.
14. You don't notice that any time tyrannical authority tries to destroy you and your family... they keep telling you that it's all for equity, equality, freedom, human rights or for your safety.
15. You think poisons pushed your skin and taken into the mouth, prescribed by a person wearing a white butcher coat, is the only way to achieve optimal wellness and better health.
WARNING - side effects of being under mind control include but aren't limited to being broke, being overweight, being depressed, feeling powerless, being addicted to substances that numb you to your harsh reality, hanging around other mind-controlled people so you avoid facing your spiritual weakness and more recently...., heart attack, paralysis, myocarditis, dying suddenly and parroting the phrase "trust the science". Talk to your doctor today to see if mind control is right for you. Some conditions apply. See your local government official or TV news channel for full details of your first class/5-star ride into the abyss.


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