10 Signs That You May Be Under Herd Based Mind Control

Jul 11, 2023
1. You move with the herd, without thinking logically.
2. You think short term instead of long-term.
3.  You consider "how others in the herd will perceive you" instead of thinking about any long-term consequences that may impact you personally, by going along to get along and always trying to be "the great guy" or "the super nice lady".
4. When you know that you made a mistake, based on bending a knee illogically to group pressure, you chalk it up to fate, bad luck, or bad timing.....instead of understanding exactly why you went along with the herd in the first place.
5. You've been a long-time people pleaser for most of your life
6 You have a long history of doing what's easy instead of what's right.
7. You believe the news is there to tell you the truth and inform you.......even though you have no real-world evidence to validate this belief.
8. You believe the government is there to look out for your best interests and protect you.....even though you have no real-world evidence to validate this belief.
9. You most likely got pretty good grades in government school, which simply reflects your skill in taking orders and repeating what you're told by perceived authority figures.
10. You're most likely unhealthy and have a very strong trend or pattern of bad luck in your life, when really it's not bad luck at all........it's just what happens to all humans when they refuse to leave their childhood requirements of group/peer acceptance behind...and take their proper rite of passage from child to adult.
When you bring child based coping mechanisms into an adult life, bad things happen. When you bring child based coping mechanisms onto a planet now openly run by ancient evil forces hiding within government and media, even worse things can happen. You can certainly lose your life if you're not a fully functional empowered independent adult today, who will do what's right instead of what's easy. True story. Are you ready to be an adult yet.....because more is coming.


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