14 Questions About Hamas Attacking Israel

Oct 24, 2023

I have summarized everything talked about below, in one article, which you can find by clicking here. In that article there are cited links, which provide evidence as to why these questions exist.

Frankly, within only days........myself and most others around the world, understood that something was very odd with the reports coming out of Israel, regarding the Hamas attack. It's important to never forget the first few days after any attack like this and the media/government claims that were made within the first 48-72 hours.....as the propaganda of war is known historically to be the most dangerous form of propaganda.

The propaganda of war is always weaponized to be highly emotional, simply because the emotional part of the human mind is the least logical and least rational. When a propagandist wants a target population to back irrational and illogical policies, the propagandist is best served to make sure their propaganda is as emotional as possible, in order to drive the target audience into the greatest emotional lather imaginable. If this can be done, the target population actually loses the neurological ability to question the propagandist and their new policies, which are policies usually set out in a board room months or even years before the propagandized event was launched. 

Logic and rational analysis are very important in times such as these. Questions can open the mind and of course statements can close the mind. I do believe Jewish people lost their lives in this attack and it is for them (and all other victims of any crime against humanity) that I make this list of questions. 

1. Why did the Israeli government ignore warnings of the attack, which were forwarded to them by the Egyptian secret service and other middle eastern secret service agencies?

2. Although the story of "beheaded infants" was marched back within 48 hours, by the reporter herself and Israeli officials, why is this narrative correction not being publicized as widely as the original story? Was the fabricated beheaded baby story our first symptom of war propaganda?

3. Why was The Freedom Concert moved only 48 hours prior to its start time, to its new location along the Israeli side of the wall? Who decided to move this concert into harm's way and what pretext was documented for the move?

5. Why aren't claims by Jewish settlers that the Israeli army shot and killed both Hamas intruders as well as Jewish witnesses to the invasion, not being investigated more thoroughly? Yes, there are Jewish people claiming that Jews were also slaughtered by Israeli forces. Some witnesses have stated that it appeared that a greater death count (the propaganda of war) was something being sought by forces inside the Israeli government. Who's investigating these claims or even protecting these potential whistleblowers? More information regarding Israeli forces killing their own citizens

6. How does a bulldozer get near the wall between Gaza and Israel when Israeli security force insiders say that the slightest vibration of the ground near the wall, would require immediate investigation.....and that this standard response time is claimed to be under 1 minute, if not in seconds? Are you aware that there's a wall underneath the above ground wall in question, and that the ground around the wall is loaded with vibration detectors? So how does a bulldozer and armed Hamas militants get near and through the wall without any resistance? Think about even a bank in your area getting attack by armed robbers, using a bulldozer? How long until the police arrive? Think about it. 

7. Who gave the command that sent the security forces away from that exact part of the wall before the Hamas invasion began? 

8. Who gave the command that kept those same security forces from returning to that exact part of the wall FOR 6-8 hours, after Hamas started to slaughter Jewish citizens? While answering this please remember that a breach in any part of the wall (according to standard operating procedures for security breaches) requires a less than 1 minute response time. How does a 1-minute response time turn into a 6-8 hour response time?

9. Who gave the command for the Israeli Airforce to stand down, as standard protocol for a wall breach is a 10-minute scramble and arrival time, to the breached area? Again, security forces were missing for 6-8 hours which maximized the death count. 

10. Where did Hamas get parachutes from and what aircraft did they parachute from, given Hamas doesn't own any aircraft? How exactly did the Israeli Airforce allow any plane to fly in some of the most secure air space in the world, without interception? What about the iron dome? Why tax the Israeli citizens back into the stone age for security, when the security they pay for fatally fails them? Is there something else going on here? 

11. Why did the Israeli government move from making it mandatory that each citizen carry an M-16 assault rifle in their home only 40 years ago, to the point where government gun control made this slaughter possible? When some people who want to kill you (some....not all) live on the other side of  a wall (right next to your house), does it make any sense to disarm the Jewish population? Why is it that the Jewish people were told, "you don't need guns, the armed forces will protect you", while at the same time it appears that the armed forces were commanded to step away from said protection? Isn't it obvious why we should never trust the government with anything minor, let alone our very lives?

12. How is that killing infants on one side of the wall is the worst crime in the world (which was a fake news story - a propaganda of war piece) but killing innocent people (and infants) on the other side of the wall is justified? Where is the logic or rational analysis in this narrative? 

13. Why did the Israeli government warn Palestinians to leave Gaza yet bomb the escape ports of exit, which the Israeli government said to use? Why is Israel telling Palestinian citizens to escape using certain safe routes, and then bombing civilians who are using those safe escape routes? Did the world just give their permission for governments to murder at will? Do people believe their own government would not murder them, once given this murder at will blank cheque?

14. When the Israeli government said that Palestine will have no food, no water, no electricity and no movement........how many people in the world understood that living conditions such as these are exactly what The World Economic Forum is promising for most countries around the world. Do people watching this understand that they are next for no food, no water, no electricity and no movement..........based on a climate change narrative already proven fraudulent on every level, no exceptions? As we cheer on such conditions for others, are we getting programmed neurologically to also accept such treatment for ourselves and our loved ones? Do you understand that all world governments are now clearly gearing up to exterminate large tracts of their own populations, so that government criminality can occur in perpetuity without interference or resistance?  

Again, for the citations that provide what you need to investigate these questions, please click here for the first article I wrote on this situation. 


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