10 Predictions for 2024 And The Solutions

Dec 27, 2023

If we know what's coming, it's easier to make logical and rational decisions. It will indeed get worse before it gets better, down here in our real-life death cult. I guarantee you that if you use reality (and not feel-good sedative illusion) to navigate this death cult.......you can indeed sidestep this ancient evil religion and avoid becoming sacrifice (or tribute) down inside our real-life Hunger Games society. Let's build a better world together by dealing with reality head on and being brave enough to take action. Here are my 10 predictions for 2024 and how we can build the world we want, instead of evil building the world it wants. You may want to wear your brown pants when reading this list (so as few people as possible can see that you may have soiled yourself due to my predictions) but please also focus on the simple solutions. Please focus on the solutions folks. The titles make look scary but there's also a solution for every point. Here we go...

1. THE COMMUNIST TAKE OVER of the entire world (really a takeover by evil spirits) will continue to weaken and slow down, as more people awaken and remember their personal power. The general public will continue to grow their just distrust of medicine, science, government, mainstream media and all the other related parties who colluded to destroy the public where they stood over the past four years. It has to get worse before it gets better, because the worse it gets, the more obvious it becomes. Sitting on the couch watching TV and doing nothing isn't an option anymore, Millions more people in 2024 will take action against their corrupt governments. We are indeed having victories. With every obvious satanic implementation of policy by our corrupt governments and their personal advertising wing (the lamestream media) they destroy themselves by their own hand, by giving the public greater and greater reasons to take action against them. Freedom will reign supreme once again in the next five years but you must do everything you can in 2024 to get as independent as possible, in order for you to make it to the other side. Your solution here is to get out of the stands and get out on the field. Take action and spread the word.

2. ISRAEL WILL CONTNUE TO DESTROY ITS OWN CITIZENS, in a myriad of different ways....and there's some ancient reasons for this. Israel was maybe the most aggressive with its own citizens regarding the death cult injection of COVID poison, as the statistics prove. The fake COVID vaccine destroyed large tracts of the Israeli public, via instant death or accelerated disease. The extremely evil Israeli government (not run by the people the Jewish people believe its run by) have now baited a black magic trap for the ages. The forces inside the Israeli government (which do not represent the interests of the Jewish people, either in Israel or worldwide) appear to have not only planned (or permitted) the Hamas invasion but the same forces inside the Israeli government are currently leaking every video on the planet, which paints the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) as evil to the nth degree (which is pretty easy at the moment). Plenty of what we're seeing (most but not all), including the massive rise in antisemitic energy, appears to be planned and accelerated from inside the evil Israeli government.......and the end goal here is a massive sacrifice of the Israeli people, at the hands of the rightfully angry Islamic nations. Oddly enough, in this war on humanity worldwide, each country is charged with the task of taking out their own citizens, in order to gain traction through confusion-based compliance. No one seems to take action, when their own government is charged with destroying them, which is odd......because governments killing their own citizens is the #1 cause of premature death over the last 100 years. The US Army as well has been destroyed through many different vectors (including the toxic injections). The US forces are also being pre-planned for sacrifice inside this very ancient area in our world. If you live in Israel, think of getting out or think of warning others about the evil forces currently steering the Israeli government. Murdering Palestinians in plain sight, in the middle of the Islamic world (and televising it, in order to gain maximum hatred of the Israeli people), will never work out for the average Jewish person....and this appears to be the exact goal intended. If you're in the US armed forces, avoid getting sent to the Middle East for the ancient desert sacrifice and detox if you've taken any of the death cult injections of poison. I could write much more but let's leave it there. In regard to most world governments at the moment, nothing is what it seems. A great cull is upon us. 

3.  MEN ARE DYING FROM THE SHOTS MORE THAN WOMEN. As I have witnessed, and what Steve Kirsch has verified, men are dying from the shot (years after their last injection) and females are dying as well, but not in as great a number. Saying that, females who took the shot appear to be experiencing great leaps in general infertility and the inability to carry healthy offspring to term. I believe we'll see the same trend in 2024, which means everyone who took the shot has to get as healthy as possible and detox right away. Make the book at this link the foundation of your health improvement journey out of the death cult. Anyone who has taken this shot and who are still drinking, partying and eating junk like they're in Prince's 1999 video, will most likely end up a statistic over the next 5 years. Health needs to be the focus in 2024 for every single person on this planet.......which basically means doing the exact opposite of what the government and media tells you and your family to do. 

4. MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES ARE PICKING UP AND LEAVING the former Anglo country strongholds and getting out of Dodge (these former Anglo strong holds are the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the EU). The evil governments organizing the destruction of our societies in the former white Anglo strong holds, have warned their rich brethren to get out before the controlled demolition occurs. In Canada, the communist's #1 takeover target on the planet, even the poorest migrants are also leaving. When the final demolition button will be pressed for the former Anglo nation states, I can't say because it should have happened years ago. This trend of wealth leaving the former commonwealth countries will continue. The solution is to consider organizing the sale of current assets before the entire house of cards collapses (and renting) and then potentially organizing a second residency elsewhere in a country, which is currently way behind the curve in regards to destroying its own population......like Mexico for example. Yes, this point is very hard to navigate for sure but at least start an online business and gain some fraction of independence, which draws income from a world population, as opposed to being tied to a local occupation and local income inside one of these countries slated for a controlled demolition. You can start with my online business offering or pick another, but just start. Take action first, think later. People sitting around and doing the "same old/same old" (watching TV, vaping, drinking, eating take out and working jobs that depress them) won't fare too well in the stormy seas ahead. Saying that, the coming storm will indeed break and if you can be just a little more independent when the storm starts, the future is bright for anyone who learns how to navigate the high seas. Adults who act, talk and think like children will continue to suffer and perish. I can't soften the edges around that fact. There's nothing you can do for people like that right now. Save yourself. Save your family. Help people who have an open mind and who want to learn. Start today. 

5. SENIORS WILL CONTINUE TO BE EUTHANIZED EN MASSE in care homes across all former Anglo nation strongholds. The reason seniors are high value targets is because they are takers of resources and not providers of honey, down on the human honey farm. The corrupt governments never intended to fulfill their social contracts involved with taxing the population into oblivion and then supporting social services with that tax revenue, as was promised. The forces behind government have stolen the taxpayer's money and have absolutely no intention of paying out on their promises, especially to the seniors. Because of this open criminality, the seniors are being removed, in order that their murders free the government of paying the seniors their pensions, social security, hospital care, etc. The solution here is simple. That solution is to be found in the past, with our parents living with us until their final days. Keep your parents and grandparents out of these medical abattoirs called care homes, no matter how altruistic the disguise. If we participate in the murdering of our parents and grandparents, we risk losing our souls (a word that means light) and we risk becoming a fulltime member of this satanic death cult. If you know a senior in a care home and you're the child or guardian, make sure the smiling assassins in the white lab coats or blue scrubs don't give them any "vaccines". At least do that, because the vaccines (regardless of name) are the genocidal instruments that usually kick start a senior's death spiral.

6. MORE FAKE ELECTIONS WILL UNFOLD where the outcomes are determined long before the elections even take place. Don't be fooled. This group we're dealing with are masters of dressing up their next prostitute as the belle of the ball, who will finally reel in all that nasty government corruption and deliver more freedoms to the people. If you believe that, you're suffering from a lazy infection of outsourcing your personal responsibly to criminals, because it makes your day easier in the short term.....and makes everyone's day a living hell longterm. Anyone believing that government will fix government is literally a dead man walking at this point in time. Government can't fix government and to try is akin to stapling water to a tree. It will require lots of effort but failure is already baked in the cake. All government political parties believe in 2 things............1) each politician believes they have the right to steal your money in any amount and at any time, regardless if doing so kills you and your family and 2) the more diseased, depressed, dysfunctional and disoriented you are, the less likely you are to resist the pirating of your personal wealth. This is why each political party makes it their full-time job to poison you and your loved ones back into the stone age, so you never break out of your dysfunctional comfort coma and hang these historical criminals from the nearest tree. The solution here is simple. As the masses are masturbating in the corner to their election fantasies (based on what lies their red or blue party prostitute is telling them) you get busy working hard behind the scenes to get independent on every level possible. You have time. Build your 5 pillars of strength and step outside the slave-based rituals and customs that most others openly participate in. 

7. MILLIONS MORE CITIZENS WILL CONTINUE TO REPORT LIVE, VIA SOCIAL MEDIA on the government corruption surrounding them and their families. This is needed. The reporting of the world government's high crimes is the only thing that keeps a full genocide of the public at bay. That fact is documented by psychologist Dr. Mattias Desmet in this interview. The more people are made aware of the real-life counter narratives (that everything COVID is pure lia-ahria, in order to orchestrate the biggest theft of wealth in recorded history) the quicker we'll get out of this mess. This is why getting involved is no longer an option, it's an obligation. The solution here is to get involved on some level, with spreading the truth........even if it's supporting groups or people who spread the truth as a full-time occupation.......like Dr. Mark Trozzi, Dr. William Makis or Vaccine Choice Canada etc., etc. Give a little bit of your money/energy to those three (for example) and they can push hard against the evil on your behalf. Give some fuel to the fighters on the frontlines, pushing back on the biblical evil we're all facing. Those 3 could really use your help. If you give to any of those three, please contact me personally so I can thank you myself. 

8. THE CONTINUED DESTRUCTION OF THE FORMER WHITE ANGLO STRONGHOLDS WILL NOW SWING OVER into other infiltrations, beyond the genocide based COVID injections. The migration-based destruction of these countries is ramping up, as is the inflation-based destruction of the middle class......who at this point, are not only out of money, they also insist that partying and self-gratification are equal in priority to food, shelter, heat, etc. 72% of Americans have their credit cards maxed and the defaults on debt are growing by the day. Hedonism-based Babylon is about to implode. Canadians have been brainwashed to think that destroying their own country with migration will get them a VIP ticket into woke left heaven. It's all coming to a head and again the solutions are pretty consistent, regardless of the problem. Build your 5 pillars of strength. Start with your physical strength, then move to financial strength with a new potential side hustle working with me....and then start fortifying the other 3 pillars of strength, which are.......spiritual strength (knowing why you're here), emotional strength (knowing that you can stay calm and keep a level head inside any crisis) and intellectual strength (knowing that your government and media are paid liars, intent on harvesting you as beef cattle down on the human farm....if you take it upon yourself to reeducate out of this poison and lie based matrix that's intellectual strength)

9. MILLIONS MORE PEOPLE EVERY YEAR ARE STARTING TO UNDERSTAND THAT REGULAR HUMANS WERE TAUGHT TO BE EVIL AND WERE TAUGHT TO FOLLOW EVIL ORDERS, WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOL SYSTEM, WHICH IS ABSENT OF MORAL OR ETHICAL COUNTER NARRATIVES BECAUSE OF ITS EVIL DESIGN. Government school is a slave obedience/order following indoctrination camp. When you look out into the world today and see the evil that the average person is doing (including injecting poison into themselves and their own kids), it's because the government school system has produced this army of reflexively obedient order followers. Doctors and nurses are injecting their patients with poison because they were told to. Politicians are attacking anyone who doesn't want to comply with the poisoning, because they were told to. Anyone who injected the poison into themselves or their own children.....did so because they were told to. This system of "I will do whatever I'm told, without moral or ethical review" is the government school system in a nutshell and that's why ethics, morality and justice have left the building.......because those foundational cornerstones of our advanced civilization are "mysteriously" absent from the government school curriculum. If you're sending your kids to government school, please understand that the curriculum is designed to make your kids hate everything about you, everything about your lifestyle and everything about the freedoms that our society needs to evolve, progress and put smiles on our faces. Government school is a communist slave training camp. If you send your children to government school, please don't be surprised when they grow up to loathe you and believe that the world will be better off without you and your old fashion ideas of freedom, choice and individuality. Your children are being mind controlled to believe that humans are the biggest problem on the planet and that a new utopia will magically appear on the horizon if we all live inside 15-minute cities eating bugs and killing each other for a government pay cheque. Start your unschooling journey with one of the best unschooling coaches on the planet....Tasha Fishman. That's your solution right there. Stop programming your children to be the government assassins of the future. Get them out of the government school system as quickly as possible. 

10. THE FINANCIAL MELTODOWN - I don't know when it's coming. No one does but it has to come and it's being purposely held back at the moment, in order to put together some other evil parts of the puzzle in advance of the financial crash. Regardless of what's coming, get your financial house in order. For people who still have any budget for junk food, booze, weed, cigs, alcohol, narcotics, a bigger TV, toxic personal care products, cosmetic surgeries, steroids, the popular poison of the day or they're still buying meaningless things to decorate their empty and soulless lives.......this type of person will be ground into financial hamburger patty as their need to self-gratify, sedate and pleasure themselves to death completely inverts the natural laws of the financial world. It's going to get really tight for many, especially if the government starts printing trillions of dollars again out of thin air, and giving it to people who don't provide any value for the society at large. For people who sedate instead of taking action, things will get tough very fast in 2024. Food or cigarettes? Food or booze? Food or vape pens?  Real food or junk food? See it doesn't matter what happens, if you've already mastered radical discipline before the storm arrives, you'll always survive as others struggle to get their footing. Again, the key to overcoming any crisis is developing your 5 pillars of strength, knowing that those 5 pillars can see you through any storm. 

If you click here, I can help you learn how to increase all 5 pillars of strength plus start your own business, As I teach you how to master the fine art of business......you will also learn how to master yourself. Learn how to overcome your current programming, which holds you back, then start a side hustle showing others how to do the same. Make a move. 2024 belongs to the empowered, healthy and independent adult. Come join our tribe of empowered, healthy and independent adults. 


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