10 Modern Inversions of Christ Consciousness

Aug 04, 2023
1. Governments used to be public (fully transparent) and the citizens private. Now the government is private and the matters of the population are public.
2. The media used to provide the truth. Now the media only reports untruths, half-truths, and 24 hour lie-ahria.
3.  People who avoided poisoning themselves, in an attempt to get healthier have now made way for people ingesting and injecting poison, in an attempt to get healthier. Both groups can't be right. One group is wrong and that's becoming painfully obvious who that "wrong group" is. Poison can't heal or make someone better or healthier. Poison doesn't work like that.
4. People who thought for themselves and led by example for the tribe were considered the smartest and bravest in the group. Now the "media/gov-love machine" saves the intelligent and courageous limelight for people who follow and repeat what the TV tells them. If you say "trust the science" and inject poison into yourself, you're celebrated like you just won a Noble Prize. This emotional bait, to gain fame and attention for getting involved with what can only be called Kamikaze Mind Control, has ensnared many uninformed members of the public. 
5. People used to place morality over money and now it's money over morality. Hospitals actually murdered patients on behalf of a very ancient evil force, for large payments of money. Click here and here to explore that fact. Evil laughs as humans will kill each other for money. Many other people injected poison into themselves to keep their jobs, which again is getting paid to murder yourself instead of others. Many other people simply poisoned themselves because they would be liked and admired by the other people who poisoned themselves. It was a Luciferic Love In.  The ant-Christ isn't one person. it's a very wide set of actions. Billions of people in 2020-2022 took on and adopted anti-Christ principles, which means death was embraced instead of life....as I discuss in this FB walk and talk.
6. The majority used to place the most pressure on a society to take one path or the other. Now we cater to a 4% minority (known as the woke mafia) whose sole aim is to destroy the majority because they believe life isn't fair for them, so they're going to flip over the entire chess board in protest and catch the entire world on fire. The woke left want to escape back into the womb and want nothing to do with contributing to the tribe. They want to be catered to as children for the rest of their lives, which again is a complete inversion of Christ Consciousness. 
7. We used to put effort before pleasure. Effort was first, pleasure was reserved for a time where effort and goal attainment were satisfied. Now it's pleasure as our culture's first amendment right, where no one wants to put out any effort to preserve the society.
8. People used to defend their children like their very genetic lines of existence depended on it. Now the average person sacrifices their children to the system, so they can get back to their first amendment right of pleasure. We live inside an ancient child sacrifice cult, as I recount precisely in this article
9. Government used to, at one time, represent the people. Now governments represent evil forces, which hide behind corporations (a word that means corpse), while the government officials simply hope that their terminations and state murders happen last inside this society wide con job euthanasia event. Everything revolves around who has the most pleasure in their last days, as they conduct pure unbridled evil. A complete collapse of Christ consciousness in the collective. Click here for the best interview I've ever done, which explains these issues and most other issues involved with our ever expanding anti-Christ society.
10. Church leaders used to remind people that their bodies, souls, and free will were gifts from God. Now the churches can't leapfrog each other fast enough to cash their pay cheques from the darkness and remind their congregations to get on board with evil, as the quickest way to get to the newest heaven run by the biblical trickster himself. Church leaders need to all sound exactly like this talk, as his words are a simple reflection of The Christ Principles.


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