Nov 17, 2021

Before you read my article below, please click here to read the CBC article I am referring to. The Canadian Government is purposely coordinating the historical steps necessary for society wide genocide, as is every other government on this planet. Also pay SPECIAL ATTENTION to the picture above as well. Look it over carefully and see that this is all a historical pattern.

Saying that your government is trying to kill you is a powerful statement so lets really look at this and look at how genocide works. The word DEMOCIDE is a word used to describe when someone’s own government organizes to kill large tracts of its own population. Why governments do this on a regular basis is well documented and how they do it is also well documented. You simply use media and government schooling to convince a population that the government would never do such a thing and then you just do it, step by step. The government that ends up culling its own citizens uses small incremental steps, framed in phrases like “for your safety”, which eliminates resistance in most people. The ones who do resist and who also try to warn the others, are often jailed or removed. Compliance is rewarded in the media, which causes more confusion in the herd, as everyone who complies and repeats the government lies are eliminated quickly as well…usually by starvation, in conjunction with that starvation coming in the coldest months. Preplanned food shortages and cold weather are the weapons of choice for the democide around the world. Fabricated wars are also a weapon of choice, to reduce the numbers.

The people programmed to embrace government as “friend” or “protector” end up suffering in psychology what’s called a “program malfunction” as their fear paralyzes them from defending themselves, as they’re culled by their own government who they thought would always protect them. The government work force are often the most confused, as most of them hedged their bets working for the butcher…yet in the end, they end up hanging from the meat hook as well. The genocide of course is framed as uncontrollable events with every additioal step toward the culling being framed as “for your safety.” Order followers, produced by government schools, ALWAYS carry out the euthanasia. In the end the government employees who carried out the immoral and illegal acts are often removed as well, to clear the history books for the next generation.

The Spanish Flu was a prime example of this. It wasn’t Spanish or the flu yet millions died……from a purposely designed toxic vaccine. (sound familiar?) At that time as well the same orders were given for everyone to stay in their homes, gatherings were limited to 10 people maximum (because families were bigger) and business were closed. (sound familiar?) The vaccine was recommend because it was about genocide and nothing else. As the super toxic vaccine killed tens of millions, the government purposely started to restrict the food supply, to increase the death counts. Democide. All documented. How’s your program malfunction shaping up right now?

The Canadian government has already started with the propaganda to shut down food supply. The Canadian Government says food suppliers must be shut down because workers tested for CV-19 but the tests for CV-19 don’t work and aren’t accurate. Please explore that documented fact and others as well at this added link, proving conclusively that your government is lying to you…….and they’re lying because lying is what it takes to set up the democide. The government already knows that the test for CV-19 isn’t accurate because removal of all the adults and seniors is the sole purpose of most democide operations. Young children are spared as to seed the next generation with the lies. The lies surrounding this democide will be that CV-19 killed everyone, when again it was just a regular farm based culling because the current human cattle became too numerous and too intelligent to farm efficiently anymore.

The people who run all world governments of course see the earth as nothing but a farming operation and similar to any other farm, the herd must be thinned from time to time to maintain the quality of the product. Their highest quality product is weak , poisoned and uninformed humans who can’t defend themselves. This is why the 5G surveillance gird is rolling out, why the toxic vaccines are coming and why all world governments are using a fake virus that doesn’t exist as the seed for financial collapse and starvation type scenarios. It’s all about using a problem that never existed to created problems that will for sure exist in real time… economic collapse, food supply shortages, rioting, camps, slave on slave violence etc. This is why you can’t come out of your house because in just a couple more weeks of businesses closing, the economy will completely collapse to get everything rolling. My advice is to remove your money from all stocks and bonds as well immediately because the completely financial meltdown is only about 4-6 weeks away. If you want to know what to do with your money, follow Jeff Berwick at this added link. I do not know Jeff personally, I receive nothing from him, although I have spoken at one of his conferences once. This entire article and the other 3000 articles on this site are here to help you protect yourself from this very dark, ancient and miserble religion of government.

If you want to know who owns the farm, you need look no further than this short video of Canada’s Prime Minster being sworn in. Who he vows his allegiance to is the country’s true owner. There are 58 commonwealth nations. All leaders of those nations pledge allegiance in the same manner, as does every judge, every lawyer, every solider and every police officer. Your government schools have always been lying to you, so you sit on your couch, not knowing what always has been coming. As for all your political leaders,….they are actors, paid handsomely to maintain the illusion for decades or years before the regular culling. That is why they all turned on you at once, because their party names are all fake, the flags are fake, the borders are fake, the countries are fake and all the debate about issues are staged to make you think there are different choices, different leaders, different countries, different political parties and different outcomes. It’s a stage show, so you cheerlead and build the very abattoir that surrounds you. Once you see it, you can more easily defend yourself from it.

In fact the person who invented this testing protocol for CV-19 (that the government is using) publicly stated it should never be used to confirm disease….ever. Then we see the Canadian Government in the CBC article trying to convince the public to allow it to activate the “Emergency Measures Act” so they can “force workers to keep the food supply moving“. If the government wanted to keep the workers on the job folks, they wouldn’t use a fake test to shut the plants down in the first place and they wouldn’t be using fake disease numbers to shut the rest of the economy down as well. The Emergency Measures Act permits the Government to go lawless and it’s this martial law action that permits democide to scale up historically into the stratosphere. In fact, if the public can be tricked into giving the government power to become lawless, each citizen can then be asked to take a vaccine or forfeit their house, their bank account, their children and their freedoms…….or they will be thrown in prison for refusing. The government knows what happens here of course and wants large groups picking each option. This is called double bind mind control in psychology. A perfect back drop for democide, as either option ends with the public perishing. The people vaccinating will perish and the people in the camps perish as well. It’s how democide works. Death or death? What’s your choice?

So yes, you can either resist, speak up and spread the word or you can suffer a program malfunction as you see all this roll out step by step. At what point will you understand what’s happening? You’re not coming out of your house folks until you remove your corrupt government….as they will start giving you every excuse in the book to shut off your food, your water, your electricity and your gas in the middle of your winter. Not too sure people will put this together so of course gather food, seed, wood stove, firewood, extra water, canned goods, vitamins, emergency supplies and self defense modalities….as to protect your family from others who won’t know how to handle their program malfunction. And you don’t have to worry about everyone else doing the same because they’ll still believe the government is their friend….so you have lots of time. This article will only be read by 1000 people at most so you have lots of time. Prepare and make contracts with other awakened people in your area, to potentially share supplies, shelter and the basic necessities of life. Spread the word in order to shut this down, as many democide attempts have been defeated throughout history. Lets make sure we don’t fail doing it this time. Educate and ask logical questions to open the minds of the audience. Yes, it’s a grim outlook but not as grim as being confused when your own government blames CV-19 to starve you, poison you with toxic vaccines and to cut off your electricity, water and gas supply. Everything your fake government will do from now on will be blamed on CV-19 and reframed as “for your safety.“…..when CV actually doesn’t exist. Not knowing how this works is much more grim, even though billions will perish chewing on that illusion. Beware the order followers in times like these……they are humanity’s biggest threat and always have been.

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