Word Magic, Sirius Radio And Ancient Egypt

Jan 19, 2023

Sirius is the star that Egyptians honored above most others. Today, our society is awash in Egyptian iconography and symbology simply because historical records trace our current rulers all the way back into ancient Egypt. It's not just the philosophy of rule that is currently here in our modern time.....but the actual ruling families themselves.

Modern companies, still overseen by our ancient human farmers, are no different. Here we see the company Sirius Radio and the call out to Egyptian based belief systems, with the star eyed dog symbol as well. Sirius was also known as the dog star. Thus the dog, with the star in the eye, as the symbol for Sirius RAY-dio. This is also where we get the phrase "dog days of summer", referring to the hottest days in the summer when Sirius is highest in the Egyptian night sky. If you want to understand why the Egyptians (and many other ancient cultures) watched the star Sirius so intensely, go watch Graham Hancock's latest series on Netflix. Sirius was indeed a God, a God of destruction.

Our handlers also program our language with Egyptian cultural based influences, like the word often programmed into our youth culture today...the word "seriously". The word seriously is meant to flash the Egyptian gang signs into the human psyche millions of time per day worldwide. Siriusly = Seriously.....a word that asks, "is what you're saying from the true source?" and that true source for the ancient elite has to do with Sirius and some odd stories regarding that star cluster. Why did Egyptians honor the star Sirius as a God and consider it a source of wisdom and knowledge?

The word dog is actually where we derive the word God from. God is just dog spelled backwards and this is because Egyptians honored their dog star as God and also knew they had to repackage their religion to gain acceptance in different societies. When you say "Amen" at the end of modern religious prayer, you're tipping your hat to the Egyptian god Amen-Ra, who was their sun God, the sun/son of God. Most religions today are just rehashed versions of Egyptian mythology, re-branded to hide the true foundations of our culture and society in general. People who won't investigate their own beliefs, are the easiest to control. Just be moral and ethical as a way of being, that's the key to being a good person.

Who really owns this 'satellite' radio station? Well the answer is right in the word itself.........sat-ELLITE. The ELITE of course control this station and that's why ELITE is found in the word sat-ellite and used as the company call letters.......to let the other members of the club know what's going on. The word ELITE just means E-LIGHT or E-LITE......with E meaning magic and light of course meaning light. This group is always obessed with the light because light images are proven to program the mind through the eye. This is also why the sign for the illuminati is a triangle, a 3 sided shape, with the 3rd letter of the alphabet being the C or the SEE. They control you through what you C or SEE. They control you through the lite or light. They control you through the I or EYE, by what you see. What you see is what you'll be......and they have every intention of controlling every second of what you see by getting the VR goggles on you eventually and sticking you inside of the meta verse.

Sirius Radio is famous for the hundreds of millions of dollars paid to Howard Stern, a one-man wrecking crew of the key societal values (and moral structures) that hold any society together....and help it sustain itself. Stern's job was to help destroy the foundations of North American society and invert these values, turning them right on their head. A society that doesn't honor key moral and ethical values always collapses because morality and ethics are proven the key pillars of any advanced society. Stern has done a fantastic job to usher in hedonism, immorality, unethical conduct and short-term gratifications within our culture......in order for our culture to collapse into its own footprint. Evil never shows up as evil, it wears the best disguises of the day and destroys people through their own ignorance.

The first three letters of Sirius is SIR and even to this day, in Egyptian run societies (like all former commonwealth countries) we're asked to address high ranking men as "sir". Yes sir, no sir....how high sir? That has to do with the serpent (sir-pent), which means "ancient man of knowledge." This is why this group often flashes the serpent icon, meaning clever snake in the grass from the garden of Eden. From this SIR reference we get everything from circumference (sir-cumference.....a measurement of the earth) to circumcision (sir-cumcision.......a PTSD based form of slave control). The reason Sirius Radio exists is to control what the people think, what they talk about and how they behave because the great men of knowledge know how to manipulate human behavior and always have.


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