Word Magic And How It's Used Against You

Aug 17, 2023
A confused mind is easier to mind control because a confused mind shuts down rational and logical thought processes. A mind that shuts down rational and logical thought processes (because it's confused) transfers care and control of the behavior system over to another part of the mind that finds safety in doing what it's told and being compliant to authority or group pressure. That means if I can confuse you, you're more likely to do what you're told and you're more likely to do it.....even if the command is irrational, illogical or even if it goes against your genetic programming of self-preservation. Think of what happened during COVID. How much illogical and irrational behavior did we see from the public during that 3-year stage show?
Think of COVID when the bottle shops, weed shops and fast-food restaurants were open during a health crisis.......yet the gyms and holistic care centers were shut. Think of people forgetting what a woman was. Really, you don't know what a woman is? Confusing right? Think of former political leaders in the US (like Arnold Schwarzenegger) telling the public to "screw your freedom" when the very foundations of political success in the United States used to be based on adhering to freedom-based ideas, beliefs and behaviors? How confusing was that? What about police arresting people for walking alone in nature reserves but allowing BLM to torch and burn to the ground entire neighborhoods in order to blow off some steam? That doesn't seem right. Did any of that make any sense to you? Of course not because it was never designed to make any sense because COVID was a psychological operation, as I describe clearly in this presentation below to the EU Parliament. Confusion was purposely weaponized against the public, to make them do what the TV told them, which was to inject a non-vaccine medical experiment, in order that the US Department of Defense execute a counter measure strike against the population.  I am sure that truth may also be confusing, that the government is trying to kill its own people, but that just makes the public easier to kill because that idea is extremely confusing for the public to process.....even though it's happening right in front of them daily.

You may be thinking, what does this have to do with word magic? It has everything to do with word magic because there's a particular genre of word magic that confuses the mind.....therefore making the mind easier to control and make compliant to command. One example of confusion-based mind control inserted into the English language are homonyms.  Homonyms are words that sound the same but have different meanings......like too, to and two or pitcher and picture. Not only do the words picture and pitcher sound the same and have different meanings but the word pitcher itself can have two different meanings as well.....even though the spelling is exactly the same (like a pitcher of water or a baseball pitcher). This confuses the mind even more because the person learning the language (usually children or immigrants) have to focus on "remembering how to use the words", which is the opposite of thinking things through in a logical or rational way. Homonyms like their and there or flower and flour shut down thinking in the mind and train the mind like a circus animal, conditioning the user to "just follow the rules" and to simply "repeat the right answer" instead of trying to think things out to their logical conclusions.

A person using words like piece and peace or see, C and sea......just have to throw their hands up in the air (mentally) and declare "that's just the way it is I guess, it makes no sense, but I guess that's just the way it goes......stop thinking, just give the right answer".  This sort of mental gymnastics can easily change the neuroplasticity of the brain to become more of a "go along to get along type" or a "compliant non-thinking order follower type" for reasons that should be obvious. What we do over and over again in the mind becomes facilitated, which means our thought pathways go from being a dirt road to a paved road, the more times we use that road. The more times we just do as we're told, without logical questioning, the more apt we are to do the same thing again in the future. Sounds great when you're in the ruling group, to even use our language to train the slave class.....in order that the slaves follow and not think things out too much. Have you noticed anyone not thinking things out too much lately? Like injecting poison into themselves, demanding their freedoms be taken away or that they chemical castrate and sterilize their own children? Word magic and mind control are indeed that powerful. Our society is under a dark spell because the dark people ruling us are using black magic on us through their dark media. 

This is only one aspect of word magic of course. There are many more. You can discover a little bit more about word magic in this article or in this book. The people who are attempting to rule us tyrannically in our modern age know how to use word magic against the population in very clever ways.  Have you ever noticed the words JUST and TRUE and even the phonetic DOE.....in Justin Trudeau's name? How do you think those hidden words effect the uninformed voter? Sounds like a pretty good word magic name for a politician in a country where the public has been programmed to believe that they're all about justice, truth and softness.....like a female deer (a doe). What about the hidden sounds ROCK and BOMB in the name of Barack Obama. A pretty strong word magic impact on a population programmed to be obsessed with war and strength, don't you think? And of course, everyone should be aware that Barack Obama was never who he said he was and that Barack Obama wasn't his real name, regardless of who he really was in the first place. But I digress. 

Have you noticed the words CHRIST and FREE in the name of Chrystia Freeland, Canada's extremely evil WEF funded Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister?  Freeland gives psychopaths a bad name. And yes, I know her first name is Chrystia but with the use of vowels (another word magic application) it means all the vowels are interchangeable. With some basic vowel word magic, the word CHRIST is definitely in her name. People are attracted to the words CHRIST and FREE, which makes her appear softer than she really is. Let me explain the word magic of vowels.

The word "vowel" means a VOW to EL or a vow to the electricity, as EL stands for electricity or invisible magic in the realm of word magic. The vowels are magic and are designed to sound exactly like each other, if taught in that manner. A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y are the vowels......the vows to the magic electricity, or the vow to the emotional impact the vowels have on the uninformed reader. The word "emotion" means e-motion or electricity in motion. Look at Barack Obama's name for some word magic VOW to EL impacts on your consciousness. His name is BA-RACK but you've been taught that the vowel A is the vowel O. You've been taught it's pronounced BA-ROCK. There's your VOW to EL magic right there. And his last name is another example of VOW to EL magic. His last name, if pronounced correctly is O-BAM-A. Like BAM BAM from the Flintstones. But again it sounds much more powerful if you get the vowel magic going and replace the A in BAM with an O and even add an imaginary B to the entire thing.......O-BOMB-A.  That's a much better name in a country that's mind controlled to seek strength and war etc. Did his fake name help him get elected because the public knows nothing about word magic impacts on their consciousness?

if you want to get strong, so you don't fall for the tricks of the people who rule you from high atop the corrupt ruling pyramid, you have to execute a couple key rituals in your life. If you're interested in this knowledge and you don't want to be placed under their spells, my new program listed below is a good place to start. My name is Jason Christoff. Thank you for reading.



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