The symbol for G-MAIL is the same as the masonic apron. The masonic apron can be traced back to the ancient Pharaoh’s of Egypt and is visible on most statues and carvings depicting them.

The G itself represents the 7 in the phonetician alphabet they gave us, one which is based on obedience and not thought. (that’s another post altogether, the English language is the language of the slave) G is the 7th letter of their alphabet and 7 represents the 7 visible planets, recorded as far back as the Babylonian culture, which proceeded and gave rise to other advanced cultures in Egypt, Greece, Rome/Italy etc This cult was pushed out of the Middle East several times throughout history and for good reason. This cult is the origin of all evil on the planet. More on that later……

They honor the 7 planets (the Freemason G in the Freemasonry logo) because by following the planets they learned how to measure the sky and with their measurement skills fine tuned (and complex equations discovered) they turned their math skills onto the physical world via their advanced architecture and then oddly enough they started measuring human kind itself. The secrets are in the numbers, so they say.

This ancient group likes to mock their victims, as is customary and “sport” inside their cult. The masonic cult is a male cult, they are the G-MALES, the G-MALE. (G-MAIL) So they use their apron as the symbol of gmail and honor themselves as the G-MALES, who now study the humans even harder, through the internet habits and communications of the human livestock. Everything is recorded, data minded and analyzed……to better manage and manipulate the human herd. Your farmers are ancient and you are indeed being farmed without your knowledge. A biblical battle is on the horizon between the human spirit, which needs to be free, and these sinister forces from our ancient past, who intend on making this the final enslavement of the uninformed masses. The fox is in the hen house….

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