Why Did They Roll Out The Fake Aliens In Mexico?

Sep 16, 2023

Why did the Mexican government roll out fake aliens for the world to see? The answer to this question is simple. Confusion. Confusion is a very efficient precursor to mind control, as Dr. Joost Meerloo describes in his book on mind control and death of an individual's thought processes. When the conscious mind is confused or bewildered, it actually shuts down due to the confusion. This "shutting down" effect transfers care and control of the decision-making system to the subconscious mind pathway. The subconscious mind pathway runs on programs and not logical and rational thought. Old programs such as "do what the government tells you", "the government knows best", "obey and you will be safer". "Who am I to question a doctor", "it's safer in the majority" or "the media always tells me the truth" etc. etc. The more confused you are, the more you act like it's your first day on the planet. I talk about the subconscious and this confusion based application, proven to increase the efficiency of mind control in my  May 2023 presentation to the EU Parliament in Brussels. That 10 minute presentation is below.....



When the mind is confused it reverts back to fail safe programs of behavior that were installed when we were children. Most of these "behavior programs" fly in the face of logical thought, rational analysis and everyday personal observations. The media hasn't told the truth to the public in some decades and unfortunately the government has openly engaged in a state sanctioned murder campaign under the guise of COVID. That's the truth but when you want the human mind to ignore the truth and react using child IQ and infantilized illusion........you roll out the two most efficient ingredients to accomplish that goal, which are confusion and fear. 

Applying confusion first and then fear second works best. Unfortunately Mexico has been handpicked for this application of documented mind control, simply because Mexico has become a haven of freedom advocates during the first round of state sanctioned murders from 2020-2023. In Mexico, the public are much harder to control and much harder to corral, compared to the public of other nations. Freedom runs wild in Mexico at this point, compared to other cabal targeted areas and therefore Mexico will have to be bitch slapped into compliance during the next wave of state sanctioned genocide.

Unfortunately this roll out of fake aliens inside an official Mexican government forum doesn't fare well for Mexico, regarding what's being planned for this country in the next attack. Mexicans at their very core have been colonized mentally and physically. They are a happy, smiling and hardworking people for the most part, due to generations of slave like obedience, which increased their chances of survival since they were invaded many hundred years ago. I live in Mexico and know how to read the people of any given area or country, from a psychological point of view.

It was the same cabalistic force that invaded this area in the past, who are organizing the COVID vaccine genocide currently. Same group, same families, same goals. This means when a central authority figure announces a command through the media, the native inhabitants of Mexico are very likely to obey. Mexico at this point has been flooded by freedom advocates from all over the world. These freedom advocates have been teaching the Mexican people that their government is indeed engaging in the exact same state sponsored euthanasia that's being applied to all other developed nations across the world. Given confusion is the first step in tyrannical mind control applications and given everything else I know about Mexico, I would say that if the cabal attacks again, Mexico is going to get the business end of cabalistic obedience stick. Saying that, I don't think Mexico will be broken by any attack due to other social-economic factors, which I describe in this presentation I provided earlier this year. 

Unfortunately I am on the verge of announcing that a second wave of state sponsored genocide is rolling out this fall. I predicted in March that it was coming but held off on an official announcement. If I see just one more signal floating in the tea leaves that the cabal is going to attack again, I'll be forced to make the official announcement and also describe what action steps are required to keep yourself safe once more.

A New Jersey hospital has now announced that the next round of euthanasia-based lottery kill shot COVID injections are now mandatory by Nov 30th. The CCP agent in Canada Teresa Tam (most likely a transitioned male) has told Canada to have their masks at the ready. Some public-school indoctrination and brain washing centers in Texas and Kentucky have closed due to a rise in cases. The cases of course are based on a fraudulent test for COVID, which can't test for COVID. COVID has never been proven to even exist whatsoever......so that's pretty important. The RT-PCR tests are random number generators, which can be adjusted to give any number of false positives desired.

We see the confusion and fear ramping up unfortunately, which means that humanity still hasn't learned its lessons and that most people still need to be reminded that they'll indeed have to fight against this evil or they'll die where they stand. It's that scary but it's also that simple. God wants you to fight the evil to prove something. I'm not sure what God is wanting you to prove but if you hide from this evil and if you allow the evil to consume you and your family without resistance, that's exactly what it will do. This is the force we're dealing with. You won't be able to gingerly sidestep this fight. You'll have to fight, speak up and get involved. The evil we're dealing is well aware that the majority now knows the injections are toxic, the testing fraudulent, the news fake, the government captured by pure death cult philosophy and that the world is a complete fabricated illusion. This evil knows that. this evil knows that you know. It just thinks you're too weak, addicted and lazy to actually fight back. This is really a test to see how weak, addicted and lazy we all are. So far most are failing that test but I do see more people gathering their strength and power daily. Evil can't stand weak, overweight, lazy and addicted people.......it wants to fight. 

In conclusion, this is why the Mexican government endorsed a very laughable form of propaganda, regarding these fake aliens. It was done to instill confusion in the media viewers. Fear will be next I assume and then the table would be set to trick millions more to wait in line voluntarily, in order to demand that them and their children play the government euthanasia lottery with the fake COVID vaccine. As usual, the developed nations are the high value targets. If you're in Canada, Australia, the EU or the US.............just know that your fake countries are the prized assets that the cabal wishes to steal outright. People in these countries are urged to get involved and use their voices or their lack of action will most likely result in a tombstone with their name on it. Our governments are systematically killing the people and it's about time people stopped ignoring that fact. Most of the public believe that if they play the game of "I just hope the wolf eats me last or maybe the wolf misses me altogether..." that they should be fine. Unfortunately, this is a gamble that will only accelerate a guaranteed death at this point. Start a blog, start a vlog, organize community meetings, attend local political events and push the issues etc etc. If not, this won't end well. That I can assure you. 

I even told every Government employee to start their own business over the last 3 years, just in case the cabal attacked again..........but many didn't and got cozy again inside the pleasure dome illusion. This means the same pressures will apply inside the nervous system once more, if the cabal attacks. The pressure of "play the government's euthanasia injection lottery" or "lose your job". If you want to get self-employed, as fast as possible, come work with me starting Sept 30th. If the attack comes, I'll be able to walk you through the entire operation in this BRAND NEW 10-week program. Click below to investigate. If the cabal does attack, which it appears they might, this program will indeed become a lifeline to everyone who jumps into this new empowered group.



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