Nov 18, 2021

Today I received the noticed below regarding a deplatforming of my entire Facebook page.

What exactly is “misleading” people? Well, we already know. It’s leading the public away from the control grid and not further into it………and that’s enough to get you removed from social media and eventually will most likely get you removed from the planet over the upcoming years of growing government tyranny. The great awakening will continue to happen regardless, as evil comes above ground to make itself obvious for everyone to see. Evasive action must be taken none the less…..so the information can keep getting out.

Now, the key moving forward is making sure you’re on my email list, which you can register for at the bottom of this page. Tomorrow I will release the following information by podcast (which will be emailed to my private email list) and of course cited material will be linked in the show notes to firmly validate the most important points discussed during the talk.

– how to maintain your wealth during the upcoming financial collapse
– where I purchase my gold and silver in Canada (and this bullion house just got in a good load of silver for beginner investors)
– what special products you will need to maintain your nutrition during the upcoming food shortages (the exact products and brands I have personally stocked up on)
– what crypto currency exchanges I personally use
– when the fabricated second wave will be executed upon the public in the Northern Hemisphere
– what countries are the safest to escape to
– what areas of your own country are the safest to live within
– what social media channels can you count on to get accurate reporting
– what financial social media channels are the best for thriving during the upcoming economic collapse
– how to use the dark web to side step government tyranny
– what our social engineers have planned for certain school children in the fall of 2020 and spring of 2021
– what pedophilia has to do with our current situation
– what COVID is being used as a cover for
– what the RT-PCR test is really testing for
– what the government is planning for their own government work forces
– why a strong family unit is needed now more than ever
– how to start producing money on line very quickly, as certain groups hiding behind government orchestrate a full demolition of the world economy
– why you should expect your stock portfolio to be cut in half by the start of 2021
– why the stock market continues to grow today even though unemployment is at record highs and corporate profits are at record lows
– when and how the government is planning to rifle your personal bank accounts without your permission
– why the ruling forces want to phase out professional sports altogether
– how the public is being brain washing through media censorship and government propaganda to beleieve in the new invisible threat….(just like the devil, terrorism, the red scare and now COVID……as real and visible as Santa or the Easter Bunny…..our human farmers are masters of using the invisible threats to generate the most fear and cmpliance)……………lots more will be discussed

Go to the bottom of this page and drop your email in, in order to get this podcast because Facebook will not permit it on their platform. It’s a war of information. A war for the minds of the public. The public is being psychologically manipulated into a full extinction event. In most historical cases like this, the organizing forces kill tens of millions or even hundreds of millions…….and then back off before it gets too obvious. The key to staying alive is making sure you’re not the lowest hanging fruit on the tree of social compliance, which will be harvested first in the fall of 2020 and the spring of 2021…..via a kill shot/infertility vaccine, starvation or other forms of medical/state euthanasia. Make no doubt, we are inside a fabricated COVID plandemic, leading up to a holocaust system depoplation event……with the fabricated COVID issue as the hammer to make the circle toy fit into the square hole.

The podcast gets sent out by email Thursday Aug 27th. Get ready, stay positive and stay healthy. Surviving what’s coming will be a game of inches for many people. It’s like when a grizzly bear attacks a group of campers….you don’t have to run faster than the bear, you only have to run faster than the person next to you. Gain every advantage you can because evil is hungry and the evil hiding inside government, medicine, science and media seems very intent on gobbling up as many sleep walking/gov love TV watchers as possible within the next 8 months. Get all the odds stacked in your favor. After that, sit back and let the chips fall where they may. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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