What You Don't Know About Breast Implants...

Feb 24, 2022
The first step to transhumanism was media mind control geared toward tricking women into placing artificial toxic material inside of themselves. Always a mind control program to down grade natural humanism and to upregulate a female's self hate to the point where they destroy themselves and their natural human function...while believing they are thinking and deciding matters for themselves. Mind control is always about doing as the controller wants while believing your decisions are organic onto yourself. The people tricking humanity to beg for an end to all humanity are pure evil in human form.
Side agendas accomplished by having women destroy themselves via the insertion of toxic material under their skin are as follows....
1) increase in estrogen mimicking hormones from the plastic implants, which in turn increases female birth rates in the women and for 3 generations into the future. Less men is another side agenda of cabal-co. With no alpha males remaining (and only betas working in government, media, science and medicine) the children and women will be enslaved and raped by this evil force forever plus a day.
2) plastic from the breast implants pollute breast milk and create hormonal imbalances in the children, which increases feminine traits in male offspring and premature disease genesis in both genders
3) relieving the slave class of their financial wealth and funneling it into the medical industrial complex, which keeps the slave class in perpetual debt cycles while poisoning themselves into an early grave and premature disease state
4) women under this black magic spell of self destruction and self loathing will be the first to volunteer to give up their human bodies and enter the artificial computer generated virtual realtiy meta verse simulation where their hair is always the right color, their breasts always the right firmness and their make up always perfect etc. Why be a flawed human when the Metaverse computer simulation can remove your humanity and make you perfect everyday?
Humanity is being hunted into extinction by an evil force very few could ever comprehend. Stop being tricked into begging for the destruction of self, the children and all of humanity. It's time to stop these cycles now.
You can't fight the system when the system is inside you.....
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