What Were You Like When You Were Young

Nov 03, 2022
I was interviewed by 3 amazing healers a while back and one of the questions was, "what were you like when you were young......???" The story below represents a pretty good example of what I was like when I was young. Every master was once a disaster....
"Last year a guy rides by me and my daughter on my street, as we're playing badminton outside. He's riding his bike with his son, and I overhear him say to his small boy, "hold on son, I need to talk to that guy, it won't take but a minute." And of course, I have my guard up given many things about my current life as a truther PLUS my extremely foolish yet colorful past. The guy walks slowly toward me and explains that one evening he was in Montreal when he was 16 and he was getting mugged at about 12 midnight in the downtown core. He continued........"and it was you Jason who stopped the muggers, took our money back out of their hands, gave it back to us and told the muggers to get out of there before you gave them a beating". He said that I was by myself and that there were three muggers. (I was most likely drunk and high, so maybe picture more like Captain Jack Sparrow on steroids, saving the day) He explained that he had made a promise to himself, that if he ever ran across me again, that he would stop and thank me in person. I had no idea and have no recollection of the incident. I was very messy in my youth of course, being a product of the system myself for the first 25 years of my life.
This event he was talking about in Montreal took place 30 years prior. I didn't know what to say but at that exact moment (if only for a few seconds), I felt like Thor, King of Asgard. It was a very emotional moment for myself, where someone thanked me for doing good in this world....in front of my daughter and also in front of this man's son. As he peddled away, I wished him a good evening and replied, "always a pleasure, it must have been fate that night." It was a good way to end a beautiful sunny afternoon. I can just hear my mother now...."Jason, you're lucky you're alive after all your shenanigans when you were younger, but it appears you did some good that night...so well done." My Mom still reads all my posts. Love ya Mom! Still saving people Mom, just in a different way now.... but I had to save myself first before I could begin to do my greatest work. Thank you to everyone who have turned their lives around and who have made this world a better place: I did it and so can you. We can all clean up, do better and lead by example. That night I wasn't my best, but I still managed to drive back the darkness somehow. Angels have always had my back for some reason. Now I know why...."


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