What Is Soul Harvesting?

Dec 06, 2022
I'll explain my understanding of soul harvesting in only a couple of paragraphs. The word soul is also the same as the word sole, as in the sole of the foot. I believe our soul may in fact mean our sole of the foot, which basically means we take physical shape here on the earth. If we take physical form from spirit and place our physical feet here on the earth (the soles of our feet on the ground) we may therefore qualify as having a soul. So, the spirit is what we came from and then we take physical form from spirit and that's how spirit transfers into soul/sole, because we are physical beings having our feet here on the ground.
Now the battle for the soul or soul harvesting may be a battle to keep us here on the earth, as a physical "boots on the ground" human beings, to be forever enslaved by the dark entities that masquerade as our altruistic governments....as they need a work force of physical humans down here to execute their evil agendas and to keep their soul/sole harvesting operations going (remember the fallen angels cast down by God for wanting to become physical beings and for wanting to have physical fun at all costs). So soul harvesting may be a battle to make sure we never return to spirit and leave this world, breaking our slavery contracts with the dark entities that appear to rule this area we call earth. If you can't see how evil our governing forces are currently (as the masks are now off planet wide) I can't really help you at this point. The evil is there, that's concrete and it's 100% not debatable. Evil is walking above ground.
Now there's something in ancient scripture and texts called "The Ring Past Not". Many different and separate cultures described it as an invisible dome structure over the earth, which spirits can pass through.... but only if they have the proper vibration, frequency or signature to get through. The only way to pass through "the ring past not" and re-enter the spirit world (from where we came), instead of being a sole/soul harvested slave....is to follow certain living principles on this planet, which brings you to the proper frequency or vibration where you're permitted to leave and break the soul/sole control/contract with the evil human farmers who make you their evil slaves down here on the earth. It appears from my research that the "new medicine" pushed under the skin is in fact designed to change the frequency and vibration of the body, so the soul harvesting is up regulated, and spirit is recycled back into this physical realm (blocking your exit via "the ring past not") ....so the evil entities down here can also have an adequate supply of soles on the ground to do their bidding. This is also why the people who rule us have pushed on us all types of immorality and unethical practices, ceremonies and belief systems over the last 100 years especially....as to change our frequency so we're never permitted to leave via spirit through the ring past not. You only get to return to God (the collective spirit world) if you break your sole contract (sole also means you're a single entity and not part of the God spirit collective). You only get to leave through 'the ring past not" if you conduct yourself with honor, morality, dignity, ethics and justice when down here in this realm. According to my calculations, very few people are getting through "the ring past not" at this time and I can smell a very evil plan in play, if any of this is true.
To be honest, I've done some dark things over my days here on this planet, so I'm not sure if I'm getting out, but I also see lots of evidence that people can change their frequency at any time by becoming moral, ethical and caring again....in order to escape this prison planet and get through the ring past not. So if you're being dark, unethical, immoral and basically destroying yourself, your kids, others and the planet in order to gain some brief satisfaction or pleasure in this realm.....just know that you're most likely being tricked in order to be recycled back here forever plus a day until you finally graduate as a genuine good person.....and then you'll be allowed to leave and return to what ancients call God or your cultural equivalent of God.
Most people believe that they're a good person if they're wealthy, if they follow the rules, if they work for government, if they do as their told or if some other folks down at the coffee shop say they're a good person etc. etc. You're not a good person unless you do the right thing and most people aren't doing the right thing currently, very far from it. Unless you're pushing back against the evil, it appears you never get out and the next time you come down, it will be a living hell, as evil has designed it to be. Today most people are becoming card carrying fully initiated members of this evil cult by doing exactly as the evil tells them to. That means they stay down here for an eternity. Gee, I wonder what that sounds like?
I remember a phrase from the bible that said, "they wished for death but death never came" and I was thinking, "what does that mean, that doesn't sound good at all." I think I know what that phrase means now. We're living in a period where living conditions will continue to worsen under our satanic landlords. The human slaves who will destroy our civilization for bribes and who are under pay cheque mind control (doctors, nurses, politicians, police, government staffers, pharma believers, addicts, hedonists, paid liars etc.) will not have the moral vibration or frequency to get through "the ring past not". That means they will be forever recycled down here, literally living in the proverbial hell talked about in the bible. Something to think about. Their immorality and self-centered belief systems will trap them down here and if that is true.... they will indeed wish for death, but they will simply never be allowed to leave unless they become moral and change their vibration or frequency. My advice is simple. Start now folks, I believe we still have time to save ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and our planet.... if we do the right thing, regardless of the consequence. Complying with the evil means you're never getting out and that may be the ultimate trick the devil has ever organized down here on planet mental asylum.


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