Nov 18, 2021

Medical doctor explains how he was lied to about vaccines in medical school – https://bit.ly/2kGzUTD

Medical doctor explains that she learned nothing about vaccines in medical school, even though she was eventually placed in charge of an entire pediatric unit at a major US hospital – https://bit.ly/2LOud2d

Another medical doctor again explains that he was lied to about vaccines in medical school – https://bit.ly/2wyQtWD

Yet another medical doctor explains that what she was taught about vaccines in medical school, was easily verified as lies with a little research inside her medical library. Her med school professors were lying to each medical student openly about vaccines. The medical school professors claimed “vaccines were safe and effective” yet the medical studies in the med school library said the opposite…..that vaccines were unsafe and ineffective. https://bit.ly/1Ip0aIm

Journalist discovers that doctors don’t learn anything about vaccines in medical school, other than the phrase “vaccines are safe and effective” and when to give them…….and now doctors also learn how to lie harder to parents who question the vaccine poisoning of their children. https://bit.ly/2J7pOpf

At this added link we hear another medical doctor explain that all medical doctors LEARN NOTHING about vaccines in medical school other than when to give them to their patients. Once you reach the page, please scroll down to the podcast interview with Dr. Tenpenny. Go to minute 37 to hear it directly yet it’s best to listen to the complete interview regarding the truth about vaccines being hidden from the public. Interview episode #11 on the list.  

If you’re doing anything based on belief instead of fact, it qualifies as a religion or simply as dogma. Dogma comes from a word that means “a false and fabricated belief held by perceived authority that the average person is AFRAID to speak against.” And this vaccine poison based religion isn’t even a religion of fraudulent science or corrupted medicine…..this is an ancient religion of child sacrifice that people today insist on perpetuating because they’re simply afraid to question the dogma. When your doctor tries to tell you about vaccines being safe or effective or how they are the “local experts” in such matters…..remember the videos attached here. The liars always be lying. Protect your children. The wolf is in the hen house.

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