Turning Kids into Lifelong Entrepreneurs

Apr 11, 2024
I wrote what is below on FB 10 years ago.......and it fits more appropriately today, than when it was written in 2015.
I was returning a rented car today and an amazing group of teenagers were working the extremely busy Enterprise Rent A Car desk. Both these kids had everything they needed to actually own and run that business themselves.
The customer service skills, a calm attitude within a extremely busy environment, manners, eye contact and patience. I used to see people like this in my younger days and try to take them under my wing, so they could be business owners. So they could have a better life........but there's something I discovered along the way. I discovered that although many people could be business owners, they were cultured and raised inside societal institutions that are purposely designed to produce dependent workers and not independent businesspeople.
Yes, some people make it through our cultural institutions, to start their own businesses, but the vast majority of humans succumb to the programming that living your passion is for other people. Our cultural institutions are literally gutting our youth of their creativity and their true power, so that the ruling elite can maintain an obedient and extremely well populated work force, who simply throw up their hands and declare that working for others is the best they could ever do. There's nothing wrong with having a job but there is something extremely wrong with a system that grooms people for jobs in order that the designers of the system stay aloft in their golden balconies because they have purposely manipulated the educational curriculum of the general population.
I wanted to take each of those teens today and tell them that they had everything they needed to be big business successes but then I thought of the past, when I did that with others, and nothing appeared to scare them more than controlling their own destiny. I said nothing and left, cursing the system in my mind but also thanking everyone on my path that helped me get my business open. I will be consulting on starting your own business, in a brand-new program. I suggest anyone wanting to start a business begin with getting healthy. If you want to open a business, a healthy mind and healthy body are mandatory for long term business success. Start where you are, use what you have, don't stop dreaming.
If you're looking to help your child become the absolute best they can be, please click here regarding my brand-new POWER IN YOU PROGRAM for youth, ages 13-22. Make sure to arrange for successful leaders to be around and engage with your children. It's very important for the operation and functionality of their dream machine. This program is already half full and starts June 4th, for the youth portion. Parents are also welcome to come into the program with their children, as we want as many parents as possible in on this education program as well. I'll see you on opening day.


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