Top Supplements To Detox The Jab

Jan 14, 2024

I won't make this too long. I have done many podcasts explaining what was in the jab, which sometimes can be a little pressure packed for people who have volunteered for this medical experiment. It actually wasn't a medical experiment, as the evil forces behind the psychological jab operation had experimented with the jab ingredients for decades before this genocidal operation was rolled out en masse to the global population.

If you want to know the finer details as to the motivation behind the propaganda, mind control and brainwashing that tricked people into waiting in line and demanding they be poisoned........then click this link, where I compile the best 12 videos on the subject. In the end, you don't have to watch the videos in that article. It's just important to get the body clean of these space age and life destroying chemicals that were included in all the fake COVID vaccines.

Everything about COVID was a fraud, front to back, no exceptions, as can be learned at this added link with nearly 100 documentaries proving this fact. The testing was fake, the virus is fake, the injection wasn't a vaccine, masking was designed to accelerate the government backed euthanasia, isolation was designed to do the same, ventilators, remdesivir and various eugenic hospital protocols were designed to murder patients for cash rewards......all organized and administrated by evil forces within media, government, banking, science, the military and medicine. It was and still is to this very day a mind control democide operation. Nurses, doctors, politicians and even the people who waited in line to inject the poison voluntarily were all tricked into doing so via extremely simple and basic mind control tactics. Everyone did their part in killing or injuring themselves, their family members, their neighbors, their communities and most were proud of it. Remember all the people with their social media badges, proudly declaring that they were vaccinated? If you want to learn some of the mind control tactics used to make people proud of injecting poison into themselves and their kids, click here or watch the same video below. To survive the next psychological attack, we all need to educate on the subject of mind control.

Like I said, people were proud of injecting poison into themselves and their kids, that's how efficient mind control can be. In the end, it's time to get these genocidal poisons out of the blood stream and out of the tissues. Your quick list of supplements are below. 

Detox supplements instructions - if you have not taken the shot, use daily at recommended dose - if you took the shot, double the recommended dose - ZINC only take 4 days on/4 days off - regardless of vaccine status.

I would conduct 45 day supplement cycles, which are broken up by 2 weeks without any supplements and keep cycling until your body gives you a signal that all is good. That means take your supplements for 45 days... and then take a 14 day break from all supplements. After that connect with your body and see if you should reduce the dosage down to the recommended doses on each supplements, stop altogether, continue with another 45 day cycle at double the dose etc., etc.

Also read the book by Paul Chek, called "How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy" in order to learn what it means to live a truly healthy lifestyle and to develop truly healthy habits. Also clean up your household environment of toxins and other metabolic insults by following the advice at this added link

Astaxanthin – 
NAC – 
Glutathione powder – 
Quercertin – 
Vitamin D –  (sunshine is best)
Milk Thistle – 
Melatonin –
Proteolytic Enzyme- Nattokinase - 
Multi Vitamin – 
Fish Oil – 
Vitamin C- fresh orange is best - 

Zeolite spray is also essential for detoxing pollution - Welcome to The Good Inside | Touchstone Essentials | The Good Inside at Touchstone Essentials (find the ZEOLITE spray on this page)

Also good for removing glyphosate is Biome Medic from Purium - if you don't know a distributor please contact my friend Sarah Brandow at - [email protected] 

A good green drink, which you can take daily, can be found at Organfi - Organifi | Plant-Based Superfood Blends – organifi ( (use JChristoff at checkout and get 20% off your order) 

Coffee Enema Instructions and Company: Basic Coffee Enema Procedure and Recipe | S.A. Wilson's Gold Roast Coffee ( - please conduct twice per week if you've taken the shot - once per week if you have not taken the shot Basic Coffee Enema Procedure and Recipe | S.A. Wilson's Gold Roast Coffee (

In order to survive the next psy-op and government attack, you're going to need to educate and gain mentorship from people who understand what's really happening out there in the world today. If you're looking to understand psychology, human behavior, how this control grid really works and how to start a side hustle teaching others the same....there's only 1 days left to enroll for the last remaining spots in my course starting Jan 14th 2024. This is about you getting as independent as possible, on all fronts, so the government can't strong arm you into doing something that will hurt you and your family ever again. This is about your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Anyone can afford the payment plan for this program. You can work online with me from anywhere in the world. You work with me and your new tribe 3 times per month for 5 months. Classes are 1 hour each plus a 1-hour Q and A, if you want to stay on the call. I'll teach you how to run a business and run your entire life as a business, so you're successful, independent and powerful on all fronts. You get every program I've ever released at no charge, including my famous POWER IN YOU PROGRAM. I credit anything you purchased from me already toward the cost of the program. I'll teach you how to overcome all your addictions and self-sabotage, plus coach others how to do the same. I also teach my students how to eat and exercise properly, so they can reverse disease, lose weight and feel fully energized. There are only 2 spots remaining of the original 100 offered. Come join us. Click here. Only good things will happen. I will see you on success and happiness mountain. Let's start climbing together.


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