Top 10 Things That Will Make You Depressed

Oct 12, 2023

1. Coffee is proven concretely and directly to cause depression, as will any other caffeine product.

2. Alcohol is a depressant by its very chemical classification.

3. Working a soulless job where you exchange hours of your life for food, rent and pleasure credits.

4. Watching TV where actors shoot and stab each other, as they make millions for helping you root into the couch and make nothing of yourself, therefore you never develop to challenge the people who run this human honey farm. If you do this, you are the perfect slave.

5. Scrolling your phone where the fake lives and situations on the screen will always be more exciting than the life you're living. The more fake screen life you take in, the more depressed you will be with your real life.

6. Living out lies as truth like "doctors are health experts", "injecting poison can make you healthier", "alcohol poison is healthy in moderation", "trading your entire life in waiting for a pension that's already stolen, is worth 30 years of voluntary mental abuse" etc etc. The more lies you live out as truth, the more depressed you'll be.

7. Picking your life partner based on anything but their internal character.

8. Hiding from the sun because a person in a white butcher coat, the government and the TV told you that the sun was bad......when every living thing on the planet dies without sunlight.

9. Not getting enough sleep because you're too busy watching actors shoot and stab each other, instead of working overtime to make your dreams come true. Make your dreams come true or die trying. That's a better mission than being a perpetual dependent drain on others. Stop super sizing your slavery and get your ass moving.

10. Never growing up and thinking someone else is coming to save you. No one is coming. It's just you. Grow up. Show up. Level up and lion up in your own life. Get on with it. You know you can do better. Stop letting yourself down. Tell yourself that you are no longer going to do you that way. Move forward. Be brave. Stop fu^%ing around. It's time. You know it. 1,2, it now. GO!

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