Top 10 Foundational Problems Today In The Modernized World

Nov 02, 2022
1. The average person believes that the TV and movie screens are entertainment devices but these technologies are documented military grade weapons being used against the public, proven to modify the behavior of anyone who looks into the screen. Please watch the documentary, "Pseudology- The Art of Lying" for verification.
2. The average person believes that psycho-active compounds like caffeine (coffee) and alcohol are simply part of the societal tapestry, when in fact these substances have been hand picked for normalization throughout our society....simply because they enhance the ability of the media screens to change the behavior of the uniformed citizenry. Basically looking into a screen will change someone's behaviors, thoughts and ideas. That's proven. If said person is polluted with a wide array of psychoactive drugs, this effect is increased and the process is simply streamlined. Coffee and alcohol bottle shops are every 1000 feet for a reason. This isn't the free market and this isn't what makes a society healthy, happy and motivated.
3. The average person believes that the children will somehow turn out happy, satisfied and healthy when placed on the same conveyor belt system that the parent rode upon during their life......when the parent is most often unhealthy, depressed and unsatisfied themselves. The average person is having children only to hand their children over for state sacrifice, to be indoctrinated and certain groups on this planet can have perpetual access to a never ending supply of lost, powerless, dependent, depressed and reflexively obedient order followers. Being a battery for someone else's dreams, because the system dumbed you down purposely, isn't going to make anyone happy.
4. The average person believes that the big corporations that "serve" them are all independently run and react to standard economic principles of supply and demand.....where the public and the market are in control of what's produced and what's distributed. It should be obvious, especially over the last 2.5 years, that the companies who dominate our lives are in fact not independently run whatsoever and collude covertly (and even overtly) to shape the service/production landscape that the public interacts with daily. In short, what we want as people and what we need to happy, healthy and satisfied is soon going to be the exact opposite of what's offered for sale throughout the world. My business was closed in 2020 and 2021, while another business next door was permitted to stay open and thrive. Follow the money and sees who benefits....and you will ALWAYS find who's organizing the plan.
5. The average person is told that they're depressed, without hope and without direction because there's something wrong with them as an individual. Unfortunately the opposite is true. There's nothing wrong with people as individuals. We're all being farmed by groups (NGO's and ancient ruling families) inside an ancient human farming structure where the chances of hope, happiness and satisfaction are fleeting at best and non existent at worst. We have been engineered into a collective goo of smiling depressives, doing things that can't bring happiness for any human. There's nothing wrong with us. We can't be happy as factory farmed livestock. We can only be happy as free range, creative and self directed human BEINGS.
6. The average person is being accelerated through a system of ideological subversion, without knowing what that is or how dangerous it is. Ideological subversion is simply about using "the screens" and "the psychoactive poisons" to change people's behavior in an accelerated way and then to normalize inverted word definitions society wide. Without proper word definitions, a society can be thrown in any direction our handlers wish and the entire process can then be advertised as the exact opposite of what it really is.....because people no longer have logical or rational language foundations to analyze the situation. Ideological subversion has moved into an area where I can't even mention the real definitions of real words anymore or I'll be thrown off social media. This all started long ago though. In the last 70 years the biggest ideological subversion has been the engineered belief that poison is healthy, that we need poison to get healthier and that anything that's natural (and that makes us healthy) isn't as healthy as the poison that makes us sick. It's the opposite of truth, it's stupid, it makes our lives worse......and that's why they do it.
7. Everything on this list, obviously being weapons used against the public, is actually funded by the public themselves. All this is energized by us. That's another foundational problem. It's shown that everything from LIVE AID to The Iran Contra Affair and from the local disease charity BBQ that serves disease causing hots dogs, pop and potato chips to the very taxes we're told to pay in ever increasing amounts...act as the very seed money to fund all these attacks on the public. Not only are we being railroaded, we paying for the railroad, the engineer and the locomotive ourselves and then cheer lead the entire process because we're weakened mentally from our screen content and weakened physically from the normalization of mass poison consumption. We go along to get along because we're too weak to resist but we're being weakened purposely so we're too weak to resist. It literally looks like the Hindenburg crashing into the deck of the Titanic every single day.
8. A massive increase in government employment was purposely organized for decades and decades to produce a split personality in the government work force. Most government workers now understand that what their employer is doing is illegal, unlawful, unethical, immoral and will only end in complete disaster for all of society.....but they also know that for them to get paid and receive their pensions (which are never coming by the way) the abuse and enslavement of the public must continue. The size of the government work force has been increased purposely over decades before the most recent attack, so there would be millions of very quiet "YES VOTES" to what's happening and for the continued abuse of the public.....even though the corruption will eventually swallow everyone whole, regardless of any other factor. Look up the story of "The Scorpion and Frog" on YouTube. That's what's coming for the vast majority of government staffers and they have been frozen into inaction using a very old psychological trick. Evil spares no one, not even her loyal foot soliders. Read a history book.
9. The government school system. I hope there's still no need to really expand on what the issues are here. If you still don't know why this is a foundational problem in our society, please read John Taylor Gatto's book "Weapons of Mass Instruction". It's free on the internet and you only have to read the first 40 pages to fully understand the incineration of human potential, hope and happiness that this system is designed to initiate.
10. On going censorship of course is tied directly to everything listed above, simply because if you were permitted to seek the truth without the hand rails that the censors want you to hold on to, you would actually burn this entire human farming operation down in less than 24 hours. The people currently running this system make the hairs stand up on the back of Satan's neck. They're not good people and they don't want you to know that.
All my programs that I author or present are based on 1 simple principle. You will need to develop your 4 pillars of strength to be your best inside a farming system that constantly influences and guides you to be your worst. You need to develop your financial strength, your intellectual strength, your spiritual strength and your physical strength to keep vectoring skyward in your own life.
Jason Christoff Nov 2 2022


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