The Weapons of Guilt and Shame

Aug 08, 2023
The weapons of guilt and shame are very old and they're riddled throughout our society because of their extreme effectiveness for gutting someone of their personal power. Personal power of course is something invisible but once it's removed or damaged, the person does indeed become disempowered an all levels (even physically)......and is therefore easier to control. It could be a shame and guilt trip regarding not following the crowd off a cliff  (like we witnessed from 2020 onward) or it could be the old classic of, "you were born a sinner and the best you can do is admit you're faulty and hang your head in guilt and shame for the rest of your life." From the present all the back into the past, nothing takes a human down from the inside like guilt and shame.
When someone tries to use guilt and shame on myself, in an attempt to modify or control my behavior, a literal ball of magic fire forms around me......and then I breathe it out like a dragon intent on doing maximum damage. I'm not sure why my defense system is so violent against guilt and shame control tactics but I imagine it's because I understand that once your vibration is lowered to that'll have very little power remaining to work your own form of magic in the world.
Guilt and shame are THE LOWEST FREQUENCIES ever measured to come out of the human body, on the emotional wavelength spectrum. Oddly enough love isn't the highest's authenticity. And when you're bathed in a good black magic dose of guilt and shame, you'll never be able to be authentic and live life on your own terms. With guilt and shame weaponry, the person wielding them often tries to make you take on their dreams, their behaviors, their standards, and even their personal goals.
When someone uses guilt and shame to control your actions, beliefs, or standards of's the equivalent of them trying to shackle you to a post and remove any hope that you'll ever discover who you really are or why you're here on this planet. I imagine that this is why such sorcery thrown my way gets a dragon breathing fire back response. Just like when the priests who used to beat us in a private boy's school in Newfoundland would tell me I was born a sinner, I would tell him, "you might be but I'm not" and I would just take the beating anyway. Give me authenticity or give me death. Same then, same today. I would rather a beating to the physical outside body than a gutting of the magical gifts inside my spirit. If everyone was like this, the 2020 nonsense would have never got off the ground.



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