The Truth About Cancel Culture

Dec 31, 2021
The cancel culture has been alive and well for decades. The cancel culture is about getting rid of anything that challenges you or causes tension in your system. Oddly enough tension, pressure and challenges are the only forces that will ever change you into a better or more capable/independent person. If you drink wine at night, you’ve been part of the cancel culture for much longer than you would ever believe....because you’re cancelling your uncomfortable feelings, which are there to force you to look at your life and make some changes. All uncomfortable feelings are there as perfectly designed packages of wisdom from your perfectly designed human GPS system, to offer you a chance at a course you can move swiftly to a better life. When you dull that GPS system or turn it off with the various tranquilizing and sedating chemicals of the day, you're fully participating in the cancel culture without your conscious awareness. If you cancel your feelings, you cancel your best life.
Most people today are afraid of any emotion that makes them feel uncomfortable and that's because inverted media and corrupt governemnt have mind controlled the public into that belief system with constant advertising to this effect. Government and media paint "any uncomfortable feelings" as the outright enemy. These uncomfortable feelings again represent our road to betterment because those uncomfortable feelings are the road signs to a better way of being. That road to betterment is obviously the enemy of the corrupt ruling forces that lord over us to this very day. When we cancel our feelings in anyway, we cancel our innate human potential.
Some schools in California just banned giving children f's and d's (as failing marks) because it makes them feel uncomfortable but there's that inverted rub once again. When you fail in life, you have a choice to change into a better person because of the pressure. If that pressure is removed, then positive change can never come. Passing a person (when they deserve to fail) takes away the pressure, the challenge, the tension, the kick in the ass and the reality based message that we need to dig deeper, evolve and try harder. Cancelling our uncomfortable feelings robs us of the opportunity to get back up, gather our strength and try again. During that period of digging deep and trying harder we gain valuable life experience in regards to overcoming adversity. Our human farmers now want to rob us of the opportunity where we're supposed to learn how to dig deep, try harder and learn how to overcome our own problems. Our human farmers want us as weak infantalized children for life, as opposed to becoming capable and independent adults because we faced all our hard days head on. The cancel culture is about producing weakness and perpetual infatalization long into adulthood.....and of course a tyrannical government (who benefits from societal weakness) is right in the middle of this weakening agenda once again. No surprise there. The weaker the society, the more that weak society demands and complies with tyrannical government. The cancel culture is about cancelling us and everything great about us.
There are no first, second or third place prizes in a race anymore at many government elementary schools because it makes the students uncomfortable when they lose. So now everyone's a winner, regardless of effort. Don't try and you're still in first place, no effort required. We're on a five star ride into the abyss people....but we can turn this around very easily. Children robbed of the pressure to try harder, train harder, dream harder and execute harder. This produces psychically weak, easily ruled, dependent, woke left members of society who are afraid of anything that makes them uncomfortable.........which is what our rulers have always wanted. The government also passes children who deserve to fail in their indoctrination camps called they never face their dark night of the soul, so they never become stronger and never become more capable human beings. Perfect for the rulers, terrible for those being ruled.
If you're depressed, take a pill. Heaven forbid you find out what's making you depressed, face your pain, explore the tension, change under the pressure, modify your life yourself (in order to become more powerful), CHANGE your relationships, your health, your wealth, your outlook, your views or your beliefs in order to become less depressed or to remove the depression. Depression is a gift that says "make a change, grow and evolve.....what you're doing isn't working." But that's not what our corrupt institutions teach the masses. Just take a pill and live out the cancel culture in your own life, which means you always stay depressed and powerless. That's always THEIR answer. CANCEL YOUR WAY TO HAPPINESS by avoiding how reality works. It's a lie. It's an ambush. It's your worst life on repeat. This is what our shitty society sells us, day in and day out, so we sit in the pots of boiling water that our human farmers set up for us. When we cancel our feelings, we cancel any chance at real happiness.
Do you feel uncomfortable? Don't worry, in the cancel culture society we have all your answers. Have a smoke, suck on a vape, roll a joint, do a line, watch a movie, have a coffee, eat some chocolate, watch some porn, have a tug, start an affair, drink some wine, turn on the tube, stare at your screen, order some take out, go to the mall, pay for a cosmetic surgery, teach your kids to do the exact same......CANCEL ANY UNCOMFORTABLE FEELINGS YOU HAVE. Stay where you are, never change, stagnate, rot, hit ignore and cancel culture your own potential. Do anything other than feel the pressure, the tension, the challenge and actually change your life for the better. Keep your unsatisfying life forever by cancelling any uncomfortable feeling that may force you to make a move to a better existence. We've been in this cancel culture for decades and it's our social engineers once again who are teaching us that challenge, tension, pressure and the evolution that comes from feeling our pain.....IS BAD. It's a trap. If government and media are pushing it, it's always trap. In 2022, stop the cancel culture in your own life. Feel your pain, tension and pressure without cancelling it and get to where you want to go. It's the only way. Stop cancelling your feelings by polluting your body (and numbing your mind) so your perfect system stops working properly. When you cancel your feelings, you cancel your power, your best life, your potential and your own greatness. I teach people how to do all that and more at Go for a visit and have a look around.


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