The True Nature Of Your Reality

Mar 23, 2023


Do you remember the plot of the newest ‘Blade Runner’ film released years ago? In the first scenes, a government agent is sent to "remove" citizens capable of reproduction. Our human farmers always work through the eye.

As you can see plainly on the back of the US $1 bill there is the famous "floating pyramid" with an "eye" in it......with light coming out of that eye. This is the primary symbol of their control because controlling the masses is about controlling the eye. To control the "I" you must control the "eye". The triangle is a three sided object and C is the third letter of the alphabet… because control is about the C......which is SEE. Control what they see and you control them.


Humans mimic what they see most. Monkey see, monkey do. Agan the eye is key for controlling the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors of masses because what info is seen is what's exactly acted out by most people. That's not the only power of the eye.


The other power of the eye is connected to the transmission capability of the human brain itself. Let's take the satanic love in at this year's grammy awards. Imagine the millions of eyes taking in those images into the brain. The brain is a vibrational transmission tower of the ideas placed into it. Long after the show is over, the vibration of the show itself and the images seen are being broadcast vibrational out of the minds of everyone who watched it, pushing the dark satanic agenda out energetically long after the curtain has come down on the show. All executed through the eye and the light taken in through the eye.


What you watch is something guaranteed to alter your thoughts, behaviors and perceptions. This is why the screen exists. The word screen means to obscure or block your true line of sight. What you watch is broadcast (spell cast like magic) out of you into the world long after you get up from your couch or cinema seat. As for Ryan Gosling hunting down people who can have children in 2049 on behalf of the state in the movie Blade Runner, they want that idea driven into your eyes for a reason. The cineplex is really SIN-E-PLEX, which really means a magic cluster of sin, as plexus means central hub and the letter E is the universal letter for magic. Do you know what's going on? Are you sure? What you watch changes your reality into what you're watching. That's the true nature of your reality. They know it. You may not.



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