The Starvation Game And Separating People From The Creator

Apr 01, 2023
This is a large pile of buffalo skulls. Government hundreds of years ago paid a high price for every buffalo killed, just to kill them in many cases or to steal their skin......but why? That's because the buffalo were the food supply of the people who lived off the land and used the creator's grocery store and the creator's Home Hardware. The evil force of this world couldn't allow that. Let me tell you why.
The people  who still rule this planet stretch far back into history. Their strategies for navigating this realm haven't changed too much in thousands of years. There's God's realm and there's a dark realm they want every human living in. God's realm and their dark realm are polar opposites. Our social engineers see humans as batteries, charged by the sun and they intend to harness that energy source to power their perpetual dark and ugly machine. Although this pile of buffalo skulls may appear to have nothing to do with you, I can assure you that it does indeed have everything to do with what's happening to you and your family right now.
The buffalo were the primary food source of the native populations that lived in alignment within the creator's world. If God provides your food, then our architects of doom can't control you through their fake food supply. And just like today, your human farmers want you off the land and away from the food provided by nature, in order that you huddle starving in their dark realm.....where you will be cut off from the creator, cut off from the creator's food supply and everything else free that the creator provides. If you don't have what the creator provides for free, you must dance like a circus monkey and do exactly as the darkness tells you........exactly as the darkness demands.
If you want to see what a 15 minute community looks like, go visit a first nation's reservation, where nature is replaced with darkness.......and see what the result is. Go ahead, drive through one, tell me what you see. Our human farmers told the first nation's people that they didn't really need the buffalo or the clean water or the sunshine or the connection to others in the tribe.......because the darkness would provide the McDonalds, The Taco Bell, The Wendy's, the booze, the drugs, the screen entertainment, the porn, the casinos, the Walmart, The Home Hardware, the fake history, the fake feel good emotions, the jobs down at the hospital carrying for the dying and the prostitutes. I know this firsthand, having many close friends who live on these reservations. Same plan then, same plan now. Watch your 6 because you may not understand that you're dealing with evil spirit working through weak humans. The humans conducting the evil change, but their evil doesn't because it's spirit you're dealing with, not humans. This dark spirit is as old as time itself. By their fruits you shall know them. That means if you want to know who's infected by this ancient evil force, watch their actions.....never their words.
Once you're confined to the dark realms and once they put a wall between you and what the creator provides for free, it's very hard to remember what it's like to live anywhere else. Find a first nation's reservation and see what's happens when you put a wall between people of the land and the land itself. Eventually if you live away from God, nature or the creator for too long, you can't even remember what it's like to live without the darkness........which is the goal of this evil. Watch your 6, they're coming for your food again. They want you behind a wall, separated from the great spirit that provides all you need for you are forced to suckle the breast of the darkness. The breast of the darkness only provides poisoned milk. That will never change. This is all a cycle. Only the light can drive back this darkness, so modify your behavior and get to work.


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