The Problem With The Perpetual North American Pleasure Pit

The average person today wants only pleasure, never pain.
This "only pleasure" living philosophy is getting lots of people into some big trouble.
Many want the alcohol but never the cancer. (alcohol now concretely proven to cause cancer in any quantity) That's why the government sells you alcohol because it's easier to rule diseased, dis-empowered and depressed people.
Many want the sex but they don't want the children.
Many want mindless and soulless occupations but never the clinical depression that comes from believing 30 years of doing what you don't enjoy won't affect you in a negative way.
Many want the morning coffee and caffeine infusions without the physical and mental breakdowns that caffeine is famous for. (read Stephen Cherniske's book "Caffeine Blues")
Many want the junk food without the weight gain.
Many want the late nights but not the fatigue or the metabolic breakdowns that come when you don't repair during a longer sleep cycle.
Many want the comforting lies of the day but never the truth because the truth causes them various degrees of pain. Why face the truth when you can trigger your first amendment right to keep having fun, even if that fun is completely fake and fabricated by toxic feel good chemicals or screen illusions?
Many want to bond with a screen but they don't want the dissolved real life relationships that always occur when anyone seeks pleasure inside an electronic illusion and not with the people they live with. The screen illusions now are bonded with harder than real life relationships.
Many want knowledge without the effort or research that knowledge requires. This means most folks just turn on their TV programming and repeat what the TV programs them to say, declaring themselves the smartest person in the tribe....while having not one book in their entire home. Never argue with anyone who's TV is bigger than their book self.
Many want only the chuckles and never the tears.
Many want to the quick fix and never the hard work.
Many want the rewards without the sacrifices.
Many want the mindless spending but never the bills.
Many want the marriage (the stability) without the monogamy because it's always about more, more and more pleasure.
Many want a psychopathic government without the psychopathic policies that always come attached to situations where weak people insist that they always be ruled as children, so they can keep running after pleasure and ignoring their pain.
Many want the victim-hood mentality, where "poor little me" people lead "poor little me" lives. Playing the victim allows people to out source their pain to third parties and that helps the pleasure train keep rolling, while dodging any personal responsibility for their own life outcomes.
North Americans appear to believe that it's their first amendment right to have a non stop good time. They've taken "the pursuit of happiness" way too far, to the point where no one even wants to work anymore to produce the freedom, goods and services that are required to maintain our society. Everyone wants everything, while doing nothing and insists that this is now the new American dream.....all pleasure, no pain, 24 hours per day, delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less, or you complain and protest that someone needs to give you pleasure ASAP!!!
On top of this, the average North American believes that any pain (usually encountered because they're living inside this one season world of perpetual pleasure pursuit) just means they need to hit the sedate, ignore, tranquilize and pleasure party button even harder.
Pain is there to help us. Pain isn't a goblin. Pain is a guardian. Pain is there to tell you "do less of that", "change directions" or "stop hurting yourself and start loving yourself before you're dead" but oh no, not here inside the pleasure pit of North American living. People here party like they're never going to die and then they're terrified on their death bed because they never truly lived. Pain moves us toward our highest selves. Here's how.
When we walked through the jungle 1500 years ago, the pain was always there to guide the sharp rock, don't stick your hand in the bee hive, don't go near the new born lion cubs, fire burns, don't cross the river where the crocodiles hide etc etc. PAIN IS THERE TO MAKE SURE YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE. And today the morons in government and media have taught an entire population to turn off the very system that's designed to keep us alive. Can you imagine the outcomes if our ancient ancestors ignored their pain and stuck their hand in the bee hive, crossed the river where the crocs were or started to pick up the new born lion cubs? Well to get this answer in our modern time just look out the window right now and see what happens when an entire population ignores their pain as Olympic sport..... inside a fully inverted "give me pleasure/save me from pain" society. You can't get sick or depressed in this anti pain society. Oh no, heaven forbid you listen to your pain and let your pain guide you out of the pain. There's always some moron chasing after you trying to shut off your pain immediately. Got a headache because you use your mouth as a garbage compactor? Take a pill. Depressed because you work a job you hate? Take a pill. Stressed out because you act, think and talk like a child.....while watching a psychopathic government destroy your entire society? Take a pill. Ask for free money, take a pill and avoid your pain. This is North American living in a nutshell. A blue print for complete disaster.
Look at your town or city. Look at the services and products being sold. Alcohol, weed, junk food, meds, narcotics, endless screen time and a complete buffet of pain killing modalities. Then look at that list again...….all those items are causing most of the pain. The public is using what's causing their pain, to try to sedate to their pain. It's all wretch and no never gets there. Maybe it's time you looked at your life like it really is. Picture this. You look at your window. You see a monkey on your front lawn humping a football with a big smile on its face. That's your life if you're caught in this cycle of futility and stupidity. Your life is like a monkey humping a football. It's funny and it appears like a good time but that's not why you're here. Start looking over your life for your addiction to the pro-pleasure/anti pain cycle and start doing something about it...….like developing the courage to feel your pain and developing the courage to hear the message that only pain can bring. Our society is collapsing because of this one simple inversion. When you avoid pain, you only get more pain.


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