Inch By Inch - Making Canadians Too Weak To Fight Back

Mar 30, 2024

I was talking to an older lady in Lativa last year, as I was entering one of the ugliest buildings in the world, in order to bug in for the night. I had rented an inexpensive Airbnb, as my friend's home in the small town I was visiting wasn't big enough to accommodate my overnight stay.

I wasn't in much of a rush, so as the lady started talking, I simply listened I literally had nowhere to go. She told me that the Russians (communists) occupied Latvia from around 1940 until 1991. She also told me the horror stories of communist aggression toward the public, which mirrors exactly what we're seeing today worldwide....especially in Canada. I remarked at how ugly the building we were standing in was and how ugly so many buildings were throughout Latvia, especially where the Russians constructed the housing for the Latvian people.

She said, "they tried to break us with the ugly architecture. The communist government picked the most depressing construction and even picked the most depressing paint colors, to try and break us psychologically." "Many people succumbed", she said, "living in misery, afraid to smile, forgetting how to smile and passing this doom and gloom attitude on toward future generations. It's about power, they destroy your power, your hope, your joy, your sun, your soul, in order that they can lord over you and control you better through fear, terror, panic and bullying." She continued that she would never give them the satisfaction and that she dug in hard mentally, to make sure they never broke her psychologically. Regardless, such human energy and effort, which this lady applied to stay strong, wasn't applied to making her community or her family the communists win on all fronts, in a way. The communists are back in all our countries because they never left, they only told us in their schools that all was good........but it's obvious now that nothing is good and that we've all been asleep at the wheel.

Before I left Canada in 2021 to travel the world and escape Canada's growing communist tendencies, I had no idea what this lady was talking about. How could construction and architecture be weaponized against the public. It never even crossed my mind, until I visited Vienna, Austria in 2023.

This also led me into other areas of research, which proves the same as this lady was saying........beautiful historical buildings across the world (which inspire and empower the general public) have been systematically destroyed throughout history. This is because these evil forces have made much headway, behind the scenes and over the years.......much more headway than we could ever imagine. 

Depressing thoughts disempower the body in invisible ways......yet those invisible ways that disempower can indeed be measured, as can be witnessed clearly in this video. Any disempowering thoughts or ideas remove power from the body LITERALLY (not figuratively), leaving the person less capable and less able to resist all forms of mental or physical control from others. That's what communists are famous for, psychological warfare, which is invisible to the naked eye.......that primes their victims for complete take over.  Mental take over is often first, psychological warfare that weakens the victim on invisible levels. First invade and imprison the mind.......then invade and imprison the physical body. In that order often works best with the least amount of expense to your ledger and damage to the public's property. You don't want to damage the property during a communist takeover, you want to steal it, so it's best that all the public's property you're going to steal remain intact. This is what's happening in Canada right now of course, as well as Australia, Western Europe and the US. 

Here's a prime example (below) of this invisible mind control campaign, prolific throughout the areas targeted via the mass COVID psy-op. What you're going to see below are pictures of a coffee shop, which I took in Vienna, Austria. The vast majority of the old city was in line and equal to this jaw dropping grandeur and super empowering vibration. When I was in this city...I was inspired, motivated, empowered and intellectually in awe of what was around me. Again, this was only a coffee shop where you could get tea, coffee, desserts, fresh juice and some light meals. I think the pictures speak for themselves........


This was the entry to the cafe below, and yes it was in a museum but nonetheless, this was just a cafe inside the museum. Again, most things I came across in the downtown core were equal or more impressive than this architecturally. This level of beauty had a direct psychological uplifting effect on all the people inside the cafe, including myself. The vibration of symmetry, intelligence and beauty bathed all of us in waters of personal betterment. Dreams of a better tomorrow filled our minds and our hearts. Yes, this was the staircase up to the cafe. Unbelievable right? It appears the evil forces in power currently didn't get to bomb Vienna in one of their pre-orchestrated order to remove the secrets, the inspiration and the knowledge of our past. Everything was massive, as the architects tried to mimic how the heavens make us all feel.

This was the view from the top of the cafe, peering down through a hole in the floor, into the floor below. Such beauty. It just froze me in my tracks. WOW! Just sitting there, every positive emotion in my system was rocketing skyward. These are my personal photos and I can tell you that I never learned anything about these amazing structures in the government school system. There are reasons for that of course and those reasons revolve around disempowering the public on every level imaginable, in order to eventually orchestrate the COVID psy-op worldwide take over, without one shot being fired. I guess the only shots that were truly fired were the toxic vaccines, fired into the bodies of people placed under the black magic spell of media, government and all-powerful living room hypnosis machine........the TV.

And so what do we have in Canada and in the US? Well, we have exactly what that Latvian lady was talking about, in regards to our cafes of course and much of our other architecture. They're breaking us on a psychological basis daily and most people in these areas have no idea that it's even happening.

Here's what we have in Canada below. Ugly colors, depressed people serving toxic products, everything's made of plastic, most people get their coffee or juice etc. to go (never getting off the hamster wheel) order to make it to their often futile occupation that's destroying them on all levels. It's all communist doctrine to the letter but most Canadians (and other North Americans) can't see it because the communists in our lands use the Fabianistic model of communist implementation......slow and steady, at a pace where the average person doesn't notice. Look at the disempowering shit that surrounds us daily below.

The thing I notice most when I revisit Canada is that most people are clinically depressed. Many are also chronically addicted to toxic substances or mind-numbing screen time, due to that depression. These people weren't born depressed, they were made depressed, one slow drip at a time. Death by a thousand cuts as they say.....and even the garbage shopping malls, plastic coffee shops serving 31 different flavors of chemical euthanasia plus the never-ending rows of concrete mega stores ARE ALL INVOLVED IN BREAKING US.  It's not just the visible poisons and visible corruption that are breaking us, but it's also the invisible impacts to us living in a meaningless, death centric and ugly society. All part of the never-ending communist doctrine cycle, which is now targeting all free nations on this planet.

What's going to be the difference in someone's spiritual development and personal life success when exposed to these different study and leisure environments? What's going to be the difference between someone growing up around greatness, raw life force and empowered vibration (like downtown Vienna) compared to someone growing up around mediocrity, smallness and raw death force? (like most North American towns dominated by franchise box stores and an endless drone army of depressed servers wearing hair nets and corporate name tags) The answers should be obvious and this is also why many Canadians aren't reacting to their own vaccine euthanasia.......because they've already been psychologically broken in so many ways, it's hard to count. There is a way out and I discuss this way out often, in most of my interviews and talks......including the one below.

In the video below, I also discuss the psychological demoralizing attack on the public that's continuing to this very day.... and the solutions as well. I hope you enjoy the presentation. It's time to understand all these attacks (both visible and invisible) that our government and media heap on us daily, so we can learn how to re-empower ourselves for freedom, independence and happiness once again. 


Billy Joel even wrote a song titled "Vienna". Listen to the lyrics. What was he trying to tell us? I think when you visit Vienna's downtown core, its castles and its immense expansive becomes very obvious that humanity is now under an uglification/demoralization black magic spell and agenda. 


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