The Mind Control We Use On Each Other

Sep 14, 2023

The base of the word "propaganda" is the word "prop". A prop is defined as "an object used on stage or screen by actors during a performance or screen production". Props are used in theatre and in media productions to generate a certain emotional reaction in the population. For example, during the fake COVID pandemic, a fake newscast said that the crematoriums in Mexico City couldn't keep up with all the dead bodies. Jeff Berwick from The Dollar Vigilante (who lives in Mexico) took it upon himself to visit the crematoriums in Mexico City......only to find them near bankruptcy from lack of business. There were actually less dead bodies during the COVID nodemic because of course everything COVID was fraudulent, front to back. on all accounts. The primary prop used during the fake "run for your life" newscast about Mexico City was billowing smoke from a chimney and the phrase "the ovens never stop burning". All fake, all props, all fraudulent. Props are used to change the emotional state of mind in the audience member because the more emotional an audience member is, the easier they are to program, manipulate and place under mind control. Emotional reactions are proven to have the ability to interfere with rational and logical thought. The COVID no-demic was all fake, in order to get people to do some very illogical and irrational things. 

This sort of emotional trickery, in order to more easily control the viewer, isn't reserved just for the media and government. Humans actually engage in this sort of emotional manipulation daily, with and against each other. For example let's take a lady who has hair extensions. The hair extensions are props, objects designed to extract and elicit an emotional reaction from both genders, but more so from males. Thicker and longer hair actually registers in the male mind as "healthy", which in turn registers as a "better chance of successful reproduction" if the male would attempt to breed with that female. Any female wearing hair extensions is engaging in the same sort of psychological manipulation tactics that the government and media are famous for, in regards to placing the public under various forms of psychologically manipulative mind control. We all engage in this emotional propaganda somewhat but there are limits to this sort of emotional hijacking, before mass negative repercussions are experienced. When a society makes everything about surface appearances and not about substance, it can easily end with the complete destruction of the society in general because props are lies and only truth can fuel a society's evolution and sustainability. We are in the societal collapse phase currently, which should be pretty easy to understand if you simply go shopping down at the local mall. 

This type of emotional hijacking of the nervous system, in order to bend a viewer to the will of the controller, isn't just isolated to the female trying to psychological manipulate the male. I personally used to be involved in this game of emotional excitation to gain what I wanted over an uninformed victim myself. I used to use steroids in order to hijack the female's desire to breed with a genetically superior partner, except (just like the female with the hair extensions) the genetic superiority I was placing on display was a prop. It was all fake. I also drove an expensive sports car and tried to place on display as many props as possible, in order to hijack the female emotional centers, in order to place the female under various forms of control that would benefit me.......the controller. These days ended long ago for me but I also used to use props, in order to bring the emotions of my victims to the forefront, which made them easier to control, manipulate and program. Today I am just my normal self, successful, but very reserved with the use of the external props. 

In our society, this sort of prop based emotional hijacking, for mind control purposes, has hit a fever pitch......especially in females unfortunately, who rabidly hunt male partners, due to extreme increases in fear within our everyday living environment. We see the fake breasts, indicating an "advanced chance of successful reproduction" but when you bring that partner find out that your emotions were hijacked and that all you got was a handful of plastic. As a famous quote from the extremely perverse film Blazing Saddles goes "it's a fake, we got suckered in!."  And it's not just the fake plastic's the makeup, it's the surgeries, it's the pumped-up lips (that are proven to trigger images in the male mind of an inflamed vagina prime for reproduction), the dyed hair, the contacts, the fake lashes, the fake life, the fake social media pictures, the teeth whitening, the starvation diets........all designed to hijack the emotional centers of the male victim, in order to control their behavior externally and bend them to the will of the controlling female.  

In the end, if you injected yourself with the fake COVID vaccine poison or you end up with a handful of plastic (after dreaming of the perfect breasts), you may have buyer's remorse because you don't understand the fine art of propaganda, emotional hijacking and behavior modification. And if you looked over this entire article because of the hot guy in the thumbnail, I just hijacked your emotional centers, in order to benefit me....the controller, ha ha.

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