The "Hole In The Fence Method" of Human Farming - (Maze Runner Movie)

Dec 09, 2023

This picture is from a movie called Maze Runner and it signifies one of the most efficient ways to farm humans. First you lock them down mentally and physically, removing most (if not all) of their freedoms. Freedom is just another word for "options" or "choices". This builds energy potential up in the slave class that a dark occult sorcerer can use to their advantage.

You starve the human cattle of all options, choices and freedoms........and then you open a very narrow gap of pretend freedom in the fence. At that point the human cattle stampede toward it because they're starving for choice and some illusion of control in their lives. You can also call this the "no control/control method" of human farming. Humans need control in their lives and they need predictable routines to feel safe in the world. A good human farmer will remove a slave's control and then also make the slave's routine very unpredictable, in order to start making the slave extremely thirsty for any semblance of control that may be offered from slave master.

The people who rule us did this brilliantly from 2020 onward. First slave master took all control away from the humans worldwide and made life completely unpredictable. The quicker this is done (and it was done very quickly in 2020), the more instability it causes in the human psyche. With the slave starving for some control, our human farmers offered some illusions of control off the King's table....and the slave class couldn't eat those fake freedom offerings off their plates fast a human's need for control and feelings of safety are psychologically massive. This is how you weaponize base human psychology against the public.

All the slaves got were fake freedoms that only enslaved them shutting their businesses, depriving themselves of oxygen with facial coverings and of course let's not forget everyone's fav application of poison under the skin. The formula is simple. Take all the real freedoms, choices and safety options off the table. Starve the slave class of what a human needs psychologically to stay stable and let them stew in their fear-based juices.......always keeping their feet to the fire. When the slaves are just about at a breaking point, you offer the freedom starved citizenry only the fake freedoms you want them to embrace......and watch them come running. The weakest folks will be at the front of the pack of course, as weak people can't handle even 5 minutes of feeling a tad uncomfortable. The mass compliance with the FREE-DUMB plan offered off the King's table from 2020 onward simply proved that our society was weakened immensely for 50 years prior, before the COVID operation was launched at an extremely dumbed down, sedated, addicted and infantilized public. No one is born like this of course, we were weakened on purpose before this psychological barrage was initiated. The only science that's truly settled is the science of psychological manipulation.

In the movie Maze Runner, the slaves are surrounded by a 200 foot wall for most of the day but at one point every day, "a hole in the fence opens" and the slaves are faced with a choice. Take the pretend freedom and control or stay a slave. In the movie, the characters can't help themselves due to the most basic human they end up going into the fake freedom hole in the fence, to meet their eventual demise. Just like billions did from 2020 onward.

In the end, all the choices in that movie are controlled by slave master, just like our society today. The hole in the fence could represent shopping as freedom, joining the army as freedom, picking from a wide list of careers you won't enjoy, picking what beer you drink, picking what poisonous coffee you guzzle every morning, picking what death cult tattoo you get next or picking what mind numbing TV show you watch etc etc. The choices are never about freedom........they're always about FREE-DUMB. The FREE-DUMB plan is a psychological operation where you're only permitted freedom in the areas that eventually make you dumb and easier to rule. You can't rule healthy, independent, intelligent, moral and ethical people.......but you can indeed rule the opposite type of citizen with ease. Please look out your window at any time today to see what I'm talking about.

The foundational theory behind "the hole in the fence method" of human farming is that desperate slaves will take any fake freedoms and fake choices you give them, in order that they keep their sanity...inside a world where they really don't have any choices, freedoms or control whatsoever. That's why most everyone runs to the shopping mall at Christmas, rushes to get drunk or high on New Year's Eve, rushes to get one more death cult tattoo, or rushes home to drink alcohol poison every night,'s all because those are the holes in the fence our human farmers open up for the slaves to desperately stampede into. The human farmers control what holes in the fence open and those fabricated choices only lead to increased slavery, weakness and misery. Like all acts of ancient black magic sorcery and mental trickery, it's an ambush. The solution is to know how the human farm works and how to side step the psychological manipulations that keep us running east looking for a sunset. In 2024 I should release my first book titled, "Jason Christoff's Guide to The Control Grid". Essential reading for the empowered fully functional adult.

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