THE HERO TRAP - How Empty Souls Are Tricked Into Destroying Themselves

Oct 02, 2023

Every person dreams of being a hero. Unfortunately the easiest way to get the TV watchers to volunteer for their own destruction is to tell them that by doing so, they will be heroes. Because the average TV watching and coffee guzzling super slave has never accomplished anything meaningful in their life, they can't resist this type of psychological manipulation in most cases. The government and media declare that Mike and Michelle Maskwearer and their friends Gary and Gizelle Government Lover can become instant heros for complying to an agenda that has zero benefit for the public. These empty souls then line up 1000 deep in front of the guillotine after taking the bait. That's THE HERO TRAP. Empty people lining up to get their hero badges, while a wolf in sheep's clothing is manipulating them with this simple mind control tactic.

No human is born this empty, soulless and lacking of deep satisfaction in their lives...where they'll trade their lives and the lives of their children in, in order get a hero badge from the people who are plotting their premature exits off the planet. These people are manufactured to be this empty through our government school system, which is basically a military grade obedience slave training camp. This is why most straight A students also took their shots, because their entire identity revolves around taking orders and being liked by the other dependent TV watchers, coffee drinkers and wine connoisseurs who surround them.

Either way, THE HERO TRAP, has taken many by the throat and is leading them into a voluntary incineration of sorts. This is hard to watch at times, as many folks are so empty in the areas that count, that they just need to take one more hit of the societal crack pipe of group acceptance before they pass right in front of you. Yes, it's hard to believe many of our friends and family were this empty to begin with but what can you do? What can you do when this many people are so empty that they will volunteer themselves for removal, just so they can wear a fake hero badge for a couple of seconds.....before they're shoveled into the graveyard. Just be happy it wasn't you and that you educated for years before this big HERO TRAP was laid down.

This is Jason Christoff reporting live from planet mental asylum. Hang in there everyone, it's getting so obvious now that even the dimmest of the tribe are starting to connect the dots.

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