The Fake Knowledge Education System

Jan 08, 2023

The education system proceeds from Bachelors to Masters and then to a PhD in order that the graduate knows more and more about one thing until they finally arrive at knowing everything about nothing.....because they were conditioned to forget that the rest of the world exists and that everything is in fact connected.

For example if the PhD in history ever talked to the PhD in medicine, they both could help each other understand that an ancient historical (and dark) ruling group has been governing the population on this planet with med/science poisons for thousands of years. Poisons make you mentally and physically weak. Physically and mentally weak people are easier to dominate, steal from, govern, control and lie to. It's not that complex. But these PhD graduates only know one area and don't communicate with each other within this system of control, inside a structure comprised of 1000 other control systems. The education system is merely an intelligence fracturing "hide the truth" system that produces no big picture introspection of our current situation or problems, which is exactly the way this dark ancient ruling group likes it was them who designed this fake knowledge system in the first place.

If you can't produce health, wealth and happiness for yourself, your family and your don't have knowledge. If you're pushing poison under your skin in an attempt to get healthy, if you reframe theft as taxes and you eat food like things sprayed with poison (as to be perpetually sick, weak, overweight, depressed, broke, intellectually stunted) etc.'re most likely a graduate of this fake knowledge system and should have all the evidence you personally need to understand that you were never given any true knowledge of anything.



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