The Climate Crisis - Stage Show or Fact?

Mar 25, 2024

There's a new documentary out titled "Climate - The Movie". It speaks for itself and for anyone believing that the climate crisis is real, it's time to take a look behind the green curtain at OZ. A couple more videos follow this documentary below, to add additional context to this death centric agenda. 

Of course there's much more happening beyond the scam and hoax of the modern-day climate crisis. Yes, the primary groups in power (their power derived from stealing our wealth through taxation mind control) are lying about many things, if not everything.....and that includes climate. But if we dare think this compares to corruption of old, with say a corrupt politician receiving a large brown envelope stuffed with cash, in exchange for that dark politician awarding a favored company with say a lucrative road contract......we're missing the point altogether. This "climate crisis hoax" is an entirely new structure of corruption, similar to the level of the vaccine/COVID corruption model. The end goal of this new level of corruption is the murder of the general public, in order that their assets be forfeited to the state, which in turn will be used to fund further projects. These further projects and ruling group goals would twist the mind of the average person, so we'll stop the narrative there for a moment. 

Below is Dr. John Coleman who discovered what he's discussing accidently. The video I believe is from 1994 and Dr. Coleman talks of one facet of this death centric operation, to rid the world of billions of people via state sanctioned any means possible. One of those means has already been initiated, which has been the mass deaths caused by the COVID injection. These operations aren't based on over population (as some believe), just in case anyone is looking to table a "for the greater good" argument there is no population issue, just as there's no climate crisis either. Our population is actually declining and declining at a massively rapid pace, which is now only accelerating due to the death centric COVID injection. This is about wealth redistribution and the rechanneling of funds associated with mass public deaths toward even darker and more insidious goals down the road. Click Dr. Coleman's short talk is below. To see the full talk by Dr. John Coleman in 1994, please also click here.

The points to remember here are as follows. 1) most agendas organized by this ancient group utilize propaganda to make humans believe that they are the problems....examples...humans are born sinners, humans breathe out deadly viruses, humans pollute and destroy the earth etc etc  2) humans who believe that their sacrifice or voluntary death would be heroic and better for the planet, are easier to euthanize overall because they offer less resistance compared to simply murdering said public outright 3) the assets of the murdered citizens are set to be folded into funding apparatuses, which in turn help euthanize third world populations where financial assets for genocide are harder to come by (as well as many other odd, biblical, apocalyptic and darker operations organized by this ruling group) and 4) every agenda being put in play currently, from vaccines to climate change and from 15 minute cities to stopping food production worldwide....are all death centric by design, as mass death of the public liberates large amounts of wealth into the economic system, which can be captured by ruling groups masquerading as government

The solution is to spread the word, warn others and stop talking the language of the brainwashing experts in media and government. if you've taken a COVID vaccine already, unfortunately you're directly in the eye of this storm. Just don't take any more. There is no climate crisis of course as the documentary above clearly indicates, so it's important we don't talk like it's real whatsoever. That will help start the change and the shift we're looking for. 


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