The Cell Phone and The Death Of Human Connection

Jan 03, 2022
You will never be lonely if you stare into your cell phone or TV screen and that has always been the plan. I remember a teacher telling me once that when they tried to take an iPad away from a special needs child that the child would urinate instantly and fall to the floor having a severe emotional breakdown. Without our screens, we have to deal with reality and in every situation that I've ever seen with screen addiction, the screen illusion will always offer more feel good emotions than reality ever could. But there's one catch...….the screen emotions are fake. With our screens offering a much happier existence compared to real life, something even more insidious is happening...…..the human spirit is being groomed for a full virtual reality/metaverse jump into technology (and out of the human body) so that reality can be avoided forever and fake feel good illusions can be enjoyed 24 hours per day.
With this very elaborate bait and switch agenda (fake emotions being switched in as real emotions are switched out) we will see the death of the human spirit, the death of human creativity, the death of family, the death of community and the death of any societal structure that requires human connection as its foundational corner stone. Our screens are not only there to indoctrinate, brainwash and mind control us to believe down is up, black is white, left is right and wrong is right...….they are also there to make sure we become bored with real life, so we can be baited to merge fake emotion generating technology with the human order that we never have to experience real life ever again. This means humanity will perish because of the way technology has figured out how to hack the hardware of the human nervous system.
I was working with a couple recently where the man doesn't look into an entertainment based screen whatsoever, for any amount of the day. He does work with his screen, generating a good income for himself and his family but as soon as his work is complete, he rolls his chair away from his computer desk and exits the screen world to make connection with his family. When he does that his partner and his children are head long into a fake feel good reality on their screens. All the conversations are short, no meaningful ideas are exchanged, his questions to his wife are either not answered because his wife is head long into her cell phone screen or the answers are short, pointed and aggressive because the husband is daring to interrupt her screen time. The husband has told me that if there is a positive emotional reaction coming from his wife it's basically..... "look at what Tim bought Jane, so beautiful, I wish I had one", "so and so just got a new house" or "so and so is having a hard time in their life, I need to go into another room and support them for an hour on my phone." Everything the wife and children are interacting with is coming out of their screens. There's no human to human connection involved at this point.
Not only is all the time needed for connection being vaporized by people's obsession with their screens, real life is actually really boring compared to the fast flying fake feel good emotions rocketing out of their cell phone and TV screens. When someone looks into the screen (regardless if it's a TV screen or a rapid fire cell phone scroll through social media) the excitement is purposely furious because that fake feel good excitement is what screen makers know induces extreme addiction to all screen technology. The husband has complained for years (almost a decade according to his intake form) that he's extremely lonely out in the real world with no fake screen emotions to push against his loneliness because he would rather connect human to human. He gets depressed because his wife and children walk by gigging to their phones, laughing at their phones, talking to their phones and being pumped full of fake feel good emotions by their TV screens as well, which they watch immediately if they don't have their phones in their hands. He finds the entire process clinical insane he said, that they're really believing they're living a full life while just sitting in their house staring at a screen. All their emotions are completely satisfied but nothing is getting down and very few experiences are being logged in real time. The screens make an empty life feel groovy and that's always been the designed trap of screen technology.
To the wife and children, life seems absolutely fantastic because their emotional neurological pathways for happiness, joy, satisfaction, connection and excitement are being flooded with fake feel good emotions cleverly designed by black magic media order that countless victims are programmed to destroy what it means to be human, in order that a new world can arise where the fake emotional world of technology can be inserted right into the human neo cortex because it will be demanded to be done by people super addicted to the fabricated illusion that only technology can provide. At that time, reality will become so boring and futile, human life will end and people will demand they be turned into technology so they can get high on fake feel emotions every second of every day.
The cell phone and TV screen could be the most hard core drug on the planet because it makes people super high on demand. We get to carry this drug everywhere we go and when reality becomes boring, hard or challenging...…we're able to dive right in, take a hit and stay inside the illusion for as long as we don't want to feel our real life anymore. It's important to understand that humans have been doing this dive out of reality and dive into fake feel good emotions for a lot longer than just getting high off their screens. Coffee, alcohol, THC, narcotics, sugar, junk food, prescription meds and many other toxic chemicals have the exact same effect on the human nervous system...…..shutting down reality and inserting a fake feeling that everything is groovy. When you combine the use of sedative, distractive and tranquilizing chemicals that also dull reality, with the fabricated emotion reality of screen addiction...…the result is basically something non feeling, non thinking, non evolving and non human. The husband in question has also mentioned that is wife is addicted to caffeine, candy and now to alcohol and that basic self care is falling by the way side because she is so disconnected from her body, soul and reality in general.....that she's forgetting to actually eat food and drink water. Like any drug addict, she wasting away right in front of his eyes. She can't see it and she can't feel it because her nervous system tells her that she's living an amazing and satisfying life.....because the screen fantasies are rocketing those impressions into her nervous system most of the day. But again, it's all fake.
What's especially troubling to me as a self sabotage coach is seeing people walking into a new virtual reality world that's already being set up for them by our black social engineer magicians. The metaverse that cabal related partners are setting up next, via fake feel good screen simulations, is a place where screen watchers can satisfy every desire they've ever had and do away with reality forever. Screen watchers can slip into a virtual reality simulation very soon via a virtual implant (AI interfaced with the human mind) where their hair is always perfect, their lips always plumped, their boobs always perky, their car always high end, their bum always the perfect shape, their mate always a movie star of their choice, their house always a mansion, their kids always perfect, their vacation always 5 star...…..basically fake feel good emotions on steroids, on demand, 24 hours per day. And that would be it for many already addicted screen watchers, they would jump right in and never come out...…ending with a "Neo from the matrix" situation where the person lives floating in a pod of red goo, perpetually plugged into a fake fell good matrix.
To the husband in question, he's very well aware that he has two choices moving forward. He can become a screen addict himself and immerse himself in a fake reality of fake laughs, fake adventure and fake excitement that explodes out of the TV and cell phone screens into his fertile mind...…or he can walk into the future by himself hoping to find someone else willing to face reality, deal with real life and reignite human connection as the creator designed it to life can maintain itself on this planet. It's almost like the screen addictions are so new and so intense, that they're designed to destroy us before any possible solutions can be mounted against the problem...…which may be the designed intent of course by a media/government system that wishes nothing but disease, dysfunction and depression for us all. In the end, my recommendations are simple. Quit your addictions, regardless of what they are. If you need help doing that, you can go to, where I have some programs to accomplish just that.


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