The Article That Got Me Kicked Off FB For Another 30 Days

The Attack On Men And Its Effect On Women
I may be speaking soon live in Tulum Mexico, regarding the science of attacking men. The attack on men is designed to make sure the men are weak, feminized and easily ruled. The weakening and feminization of men doesn't just have an effect on men, it has a terrorizing effect on women. I will direct you to this added link titled "The Making of A Slave. The Story of Willie Lynch." This story was written in the early 1700's and only within the last 3 years, they're saying it's a fake but anyone who understands today's current censorship environment (regarding the truth) knows what's what with this letter. It was a letter by which one slave owner documented how to psychologically trick the entire plantation into obeying without question or resistance. The secret was simple. You take the strongest of the men and beat that man in front of both the children and the women. The women then develop Stockholm Syndrome toward the slave owner. The women then raise their children to respect and admire the slave master, as many of the women start competing to mate and take romantic endeavors with the slave owner, as that slave owner triggered the survival instinct in the females by beating the strongest male in front of all of them.
Now fast forward to our time, exactly 300 years later and we have this firm psychology in play once again. This time the male has been attacked by gender bending chemicals plus a tsunami of brainwashing media imprints, which are proven to feminize and weaken the behavior of the males. Once the males are feminized in this manner, the females start to react as they did 300 years ago, taking refuge with the slave master in our modern time, which is government of course. As you can see today, the heavily conditioned North American female often takes great care never to offend her "caregiver" (the government), doing exactly as the government tells her to do and raising her kids to do the same. Because of this psychological effect we can also find many females favoring employment with the protector of the day...…the force that has placed a chemical and psychological beat down on the male. The ultimate job today for many females is with big daddy government and a large subsection of gopher abusers in media, medicine, science etc.....who all work together hand in hand to dress down the males of the day, whenever possible. Many women today who work for government date and marry men who also work for the government, to maximize their protection from the government...…because the wolf pack of men have been feminized to the point where this is the only logical card to play, in order to increase the chance of survival for the women and her children. "Find the abuser and make nice"... is a very old survival tactic. Maybe as old as genes themselves. All this "abuser/abuse victim" psychology is alive and well in today's environment where government is the #1 most abusive force in the society, hands down, no competition, not even a close second. Weak men inside a society with an abusive governing force, changes the female in a negative way and sets her natural cosmic role into a society ending inversion.
I was working out at a fitness club this week that suggested mask use, so of course I didn't wear one because if I did I would be just as moronic as everyone else for doing as your told like a child, with no documented medical or scientific benefit anywhere in the world regarding the request to put one on. A "man" (a modern man) next to me got up immediately from the fitness floor and ran to the manager to complain, while leaving his girl friend inside to continue her workout. Now, if there was really something that dangerous, why did the female stay? It's because she's stronger than he is and that scares her on a psychological level, as has been proven in many psychological experiments where weak men change the behavior of the females in a negative way, like the story of Willie Lynch.
I was walking down the side walk this week as well. An older couple were coming down the side walk toward me. The lady was out in front leading her mate. The lady was taller and bigger boned than he was. He's wearing a mask OUTSIDE and she isn't. (complete weakness on display) Her path doesn't change as they approach but he pushes up against the fence behind her, like a 12 year old boy, scared to come into my bubble. Even if there was something to fear (which there isn't) the gender roles are reversed. He's weak and she isn't. This is proven to completely psychologically terrorize the female and change her behavior in a negative way. Weak men are everywhere and although they have been hyper feminized and weakened over the last 70 years, they were not born like this. It's time to get the men back on track.
Hopefully we will have a date coming up soon for this live event in Tulum and a list of speakers. I'm happy to share what I know on this subject at the live event. I am no super alpha myself but I'm not going to run like a tattle tale to the manager of a fitness club, complaining, while leaving my girlfriend inside the club.......when masks weren't mandatory to begin with. I also looked at the guy as I left, as he was still complaining. I tried to lock eyes with him, a man's way of saying mind your own business. He was afraid to look at me because I was heated......which scared his girlfriend even more I assume on a psychological level because she knows her man acts, thinks and talks in a way where she has to pick up lots of the male energy in the relationship. Maybe he needs a safe space and the government will gladly make him one, as to condition him in a way where gender roles become inverted. A society can't survive when the men aren't permitted to execute their natural genetic cosmic roles. Again, I'm not an alpha by any stretch of the imagination but we as men can do better. Basically look at who's taking over our society today. People like Gates, Fauci, Trudeau, Bo Jo The Clown, Danny Andrews etc etc. Have you noticed anything about these men? Come on people, we're inside a real life revenge of the nerds situation here and we need to makes some changes. We need to get the real men back and start understanding that this is a massive piece of the puzzle regarding solving this overt attack on the entire free world.


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