The Psychological Priming That Built This Depressed Lady

Dec 28, 2023

Psychological priming is a big part of self sabotage and a good self sabotage coach can help you identify what psychological priming you may hold, which is interfering with your overall happiness. Psychological priming relates to patterns of behavior programmed into you, usually overtime in small bits and pieces, which shape how you act, think and talk in the present day.

For example, let's talk about one negative aspect of government schooling, in regards to psychological priming. Government school psychologically primes all students to fail in so many ways, it's really hard to keep track of. All students are primed to believe that it's completely normal to go to a place they don't want to go to and spend a good part of their day doing something they don't like doing. This normalizing of being absolutely miserable and hopeless, is only one example of the government school system psychologically priming students for a meaningless and soulless job, out in the adult workforce.... where again they will travel to places they don't want to go to, in order to do things they don't like doing. This is why there's so much depression, misery and addiction in both students and adults, who simply don't understand the historical foundations and origins of the government slave production factories we call schools.

Psychological priming is a major facet of mind control, where you condition the mind control victim to accept their fate as your mind control slave, by slowly impregnating your victim with illogical and irrational patterns of behavior...........usually over longer periods of time, so they don't notice the dark inversions they're being forced to adopt, absorb and accept.

Not only does the government school system psychologically prime students to believe that doing things they don't like doing is normal (so they can become a grade A super slave as an adult) the government school system also conditions the children to PLAY, SEDATE and SELF GRATIFY when the end of day bell rings. When children hear the ending bell from the school, they're conditioned to be so exhausted and miserable from their 6-hour prison sentences, that all they want to do is sedate or distract with the TV or to just fool around until the next authority figure (usually their parents) orders them to do some homework, go to bed, perform a chore, etc., etc. This means the child also gets conditioned to only take action when someone else gives them an order. The child is therefore also conditioned to never give orders to themselves, which means they'll never be anything other than an order following super slave.....who can only build someone else's amazing life and never their own life. 

Fast forward to one of my friends today, who's still stuck in my adopted hometown of Cornwall, Ontario. She doesn't like her life, she's miserable, she's depressed, she doesn't like going to work, she doesn't like the job she has (even though she tries to like it like a loyal slave), she doesn't make enough money to meet even her most basic needs, she's getting sick from the stress and her sedative addictions, she's had several full mental breakdowns already.......but she's trapped in the cube, box or cage that the government designed for her. She's been psychologically primed to believe that all this misery is completely normal and the best she can do. She's been conditioned to believe that suffering, pain and misery is normal. Of course, the ruling group wants her to believe such lie-ahria because it makes ruling her (and billions like her) that much easier. This is what the government school system was always designed to do. The people ruling you even admit to that (watch the short video).

My depressed friend only knows what she was programmed to know. She has at least 20 problems to solve in her personal life but all she knows how to do is drive to a building she doesn't want to drive to, work a job that will never check any of her boxes....and then when that shitty day is over.... she just wants to drink wine, eat junk food, smoke and watch a screen.

She wants to change but she's been programmed by the state to be a disempowered slave, who was never taught how to change or problem solve. Staying stuck in her stuckness is all she knows, thanks to the psychological priming she downloaded from the government school system. Trying to be happy in a life like this is like trying to staple water to a becomes all wretch and no never gets there. She cries, she goes to the doctor asking for help with her depression, she complains to her friends, she drinks more wine, she smokes more cigarettes, she smokes more dope, she watches more TV, she tries to laugh as hard as she can with wine drinking friends and at the actors on the screen...........but nothing helps because what she was conditioned to participate in will never work to solve her problems.

The government bakes all of that programmed failure into their tyrannical cake because you can't rule empowered, healthy and free-thinking citizens. The government maintains its power by destroying yours and it all starts with their inverted psychological priming in the government school system. I primed myself out of the slave life long ago and I teach that now worldwide. It's always a work in progress. For example, for me to live my life in the way I want, I need close to 7 figures per year (in my business with 3-4 employees). With that as the goal, I just go out and generate that revenue.......and I can do that because I psychologically primed myself to do it. You can actually psychologically prime yourself to accomplish anything. You can change your conditioning and programming at any time. My depressed friend doesn't know that because the government made sure to never teach her that on purpose. This means she keeps running east looking for a sunset, crying and being depressed every step of the way. Why would anyone believe that the ruling group would ever teach its citizens how to be healthy, independent and empowered? 

This entire psychological priming system conditions children to believe that normal is a) doing things they don't like doing b) travelling to buildings they don't want to travel to and c) when they're provided any free time, where they could make something of themselves (outside the slave-based matrix) they simply run away from their best life to sedate, distract, self-gratify and await their next orders from a third-party authority figure.

These disempowered students become the disempowered adults we see today...........travelling to buildings they would rather never go into, working jobs that destroy their hope and then when they're provided any free time (where they could start a business or become independent of the slave matrix), they just root their assess into the couch, root their eyes into their screens and sedate to their depression with a never-ending barrage of psychoactive chemicals. The average person in this cycle is DESIGNED to be addicted, miserable, overweight, diseased and dysfunctional. That's the best citizens to rule, if you happen to be in the business of ruling the masses.......and the criminals in $3000 suits on your TV screens, who falsely claim that they're your legitimate government, are definitely in the business of ruling the masses. Your depression, disempowerment and disease are all by design. Saying that, you can indeed leave the prison at any time. The prison door is never locked. 

There are thousands of cycles like this in the average person's life where they're bringing this style of inverted programming with them everywhere they go. This sort of programming holds ZERO potential for evolution, happiness, health or abundance. I offer courses that not only teach people how to overcome their own self sabotage and negative psychological priming, I also teach people how to become a certified self sabotage coach, so they can help others identify these inverted patterns and break free into a better existence. If you're looking to make a better 2024 for yourself and others PLUS make at least $100 per hour helping people find their light, click here. The affordable payment plan for my offering means everyone can afford it. My course is offered online, so anyone in the world can change their life for the better. The program is now filling fast as the New Year approaches. You can also email me questions personally to [email protected]. 2024 belongs to the healthy, empowered and independent adults of this world. Come join our growing tribe of healthy, empowered and independent adults. You can take the government's programming or you can reprogram for something better yourself. The choice is yours. Make a move and change your life in 2024. 


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