It's Time For Self Improvement On A Mass Scale

Sep 24, 2022
As we look around the world today, the trends are obvious. Pay cheque mind control (especially among people working in government and the medical/science system) has the world in big trouble. Saying that, we can change this for the better. It's time to build the new systems today (as quickly as possible) that will get the world back on track and keep it on track, outside the grip of an ancient evil force that believes it can just  pay people to do evil, without question or resistance. Our society's values, morals and ethics were slowly eroded over the last 70 years, to the point where very few really noticed. It was only when those morals, ethics and values were challenged that it became immediately (and terrifyingly) obvious that very few people had any ability to resist evil....especially if evil was handing out a bigger pay cheque, a better pension or simply providing better overall treatment for becoming evil. To walk through Satan's realm safely from March 2020 onward, you could simply become one of Satan's soldiers....without receiving anything other than this preferred status or treatment. Many signed up right away and our society is still collapsing because of it. Now it's our turn. It's time for the good people to rise and it's time we helped people resign from TEAM SATAN.
Even in my hometown of Cornwall Ontario, Canada the immorality and blatant self interest are rampant. The lead administrator of The Cornwall Community Hospital teamed with with the Chief Medical Officer of Eastern Ontario Health Unit in early 2020 and approached the Cornwall City Council to warn of a bed shortage at the hospital, banging the fear based "new disease" drum. This was meant to drive a fear wave into the community, from the city council down. Both highly paid actors didn't mention to Cornwall City Council that the same bed shortages had always occurred in Cornwall for many many years prior. There was never a need for panic anywhere in our world (early in 2020) but of course when evil is paying out bigger bonuses than God, evil gets the grease that it needs to take a foot hold in our society. Now such evil, immorality and devilish conduct have been normalized but that's's time to build our alternate systems that will bring good things back to this realm.
We have lost our way and we need to get many things done, in a very short amount of time. Millions are already up and doing it. It would be great if you could join us in the rebuild. Beside removing rotting souls, mental defectives and reflectively obedient misfits from power.......we need to start building more new systems to replace the old systems of darkness. We need to start building morality, ethics and values back into ourselves and then start moving from there outwards.
As these journeys always proceed, you can make the biggest improvements (in the shortest amount of time) if you simply address your health as the first priority. A healthy body is more inclined to use the prefrontal cortex, (a part of the brain just behind the forehead) This part of the brain is where the best of us lives. A polluted body will engage the limbic system (the fight or flight system) more times than not. It's this part of the brain that's easily convinced to conduct evil, as the easiest way to survive, without question or resistance. This is why the people who rule us ruined our health purposely for decades, before they launched such a dark attack on humanity, making sure our hearts were darkened first.......before we were offered the bigger pay cheques for becoming card carrying members of team evil. The best way to get healthy is to read Paul Chek's book, "How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy". Read this one book and teach what you know to your children. Lead by example and only teach others, if they ask questions. Never preach into the ear of a sleep walker. Gain strength through discipline by practicing the fine art of healthy living. As you practice living a healthy lifestyle you will have to use the powerful NO many times in a society as unhealthy as ours. Saying NO to EVIL, as a daily practice is very important. Saying YES to increasing your personal power and strength is very important in a society that covets weakness and dependence. There is very little discipline with living an unhealthy life in a society where the most unhealthy people are given the red carpet treatment purposely, which is designed to encourage more people to join TEAM DISEASE and TEAM VICTIM-HOOD, so more lost souls can gather the attention energy they long for. Attention energy for the dis-empowered in our society is fired out of our inverted systems like water out of a firehouse. Healthy people know that disease isn't an accident. Unhealthy people know this as well, it's just hard for them to walk away from the attention they get from being sick.....because journeys that build discipline have been stolen from them or hidden from them by the dark forces who rule over all of us.
It's hard to be healthy when being unhealthy gets you more attention, more likes, more money, more donations, more limelight and more celebrations. Let's be honest, if a healthy person posts a story today and explains how healthy they are and how amazing they feel, they almost gets booed off the internet. The big celebrations are saved for the sick, the diseased, the victims, the dependent, the people who live as perpetual infants and anyone following the sick care narrative to the very letter. You will need immense inner discipline to generate energy inside of yourself for your health based accomplishments, as our inverted society won't give you any attention energy for becoming the best version of yourself. Become your best self anyway, simply because it's the right thing to do. Evil won't give you any grants, funding, any likes or endorsements when you become your best self and because we live inside an evil society currently, you'll have to go it alone. On that journey up the mountain, you'll not only lead by example for others to follow, you'll learn more about yourself, learn more about your own power and learn what it really means to flex the full power God or the creator has provided for you. Start today. Do what you can. Use what you have. Start where you are. Take care of the instrument God gave you. Remember right from wrong and say NO when it matters most. Say NO when evil comes to offer you the riches of this earth for destroying the life God created here.


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