Reliable Tests That Help You Find A Good Man

Nov 23, 2023

Many females out there today are having a hard time finding a good man. There's a couple tests that can help filter out the bad apples when a female is looking for a good partner. 

#1 - THE GYM TEST - take your potential beau to the gym. If your man doesn't exercise and isn't interested, you're sort of in trouble right out of the gate because each human is only capable of caring for another, to the degree that they care for themselves. Exercise doesn't just have to involve a gym of course; it can be any sort of weekly exercise regime. When a person takes care of their health, they learn to take care of everything else in life (usually)....including their mates, their children and things that matter etc. Exercise also shows a long-term outlook, where long term benefit is placed in front of short-term instant gratifications. What makes a fully functional empowered adult is the daily application of looking long term instead of short term. In the gym, while exercising, watch to make sure your potential man puts his weights away after he's done with them. If your date doesn't put away his weights, it means he has a child mind and hasn't broken free of his childhood programming, in regards to others picking up after him. In most cases, anyone dating this man will most likely just be subbing in for his Mother, who most probably picked up for him way too the point where this man can't fend for himself. You don't want a man want a real man. Unless you want to be this guy's new Mom, thank him for the workout and keep man shopping. 

2. THE GROCERY STORE TEST  - take him food shopping. Again, you're looking for healthy habits in relation to food selection, to explore if he's a short-term thinking instant gratification type or a long-term planner, who has a long-term outlook on life. Men who haven't taken their proper rite of passage from child to adult will often shop like they are 17 years old........piling the nonfood items into the shopping cart, because unhealthy items provide short term blasts of chemical highs. A man who acts, talks and thinks like a child won't provide anything but an anchor in a female's life. The primary test involved with going to the grocery store is what the man does with the shopping cart? Make sure to park far away from the shopping cart area and after you load the groceries into the car, get in the car and see what your potential partner does with the shopping cart. If he puts it back into the proper shopping cart area, you're dealing with a man who respects others and who cares more about the tribe than he cares about himself. If the man is self-centered and disrespectful, he will just leave the shopping cart where it doesn't belong. Lazy and infantilized men, who have bypassed their proper rite of passage from child to adult, make for extremely difficult partners. If you leave the grocery store with a bag full of healthy choices and your man put the shopping cart back where it was supposed to're dealing with a more advanced male candidate. 

3. THE RESTAURANT TEST - ask your man to make a reservation for a night of dining. Again, you're looking for a long-term outlook regarding healthy choices, in order to investigate if your man has more adult programming compared to child programming. Adults think long term about everything they do. Children hiding in adult bodies think short term about almost everything they do in a day and basically eat a much lower quality of food compared to a fully functional empowered adult. Adults think 5, 10 and 15 years down the road. Children think 5, 10 and 15 hours (or days) down the road. The big test is "does he come around the car and open the car door for you?". Does he also open the restaurant door for you? Does he walk on the outside of the sidewalk, in order to protect you from the cars? Did he take your coat from you and hang it on the coat rack himself or did he hang his and expect you to hang yours? There will be lots to see on the dinner date, regarding his level of "care", which again can only come from concrete rituals of self-care in his own life. 

4. THE COVID VACCINE TEST - real men, who carry what I call the 5 key pillars of strength (financial, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical) don't get afraid of anything on a TV screen. Real men actually don't get afraid of too much. Real men assess, plan, execute and modify their success strategies as they move forward.....using very cold logic and rational analysis of the situation at hand. The statistics are very clear regarding the COVID operation. The COVID operation was based on pure propaganda, mind control and brainwashing.......which of course a real man will easily identify. Group pressure was the primary psychological manipulation tactic used against the public from 2020 onward. Group pressure is about making a person feel afraid because they're in a smaller group. Real men don't care at all about the size of the herd they're in. Real men do what's right instead of what's easy and know that group pressure-based behaviors are something they left behind in the school yard and sandbox when they exited primary school long ago. All men were asked the same question in 2020 by government and media.. "would you like to take the shot and gain short term benefit, with long term detriment........or would you like to stand your ground and gain long term benefit, with short term detriment?" All men were asked, "would you like to do what's easy or would you like to do what's right?" Real men aren't afraid of group pressure, a media manufactured threat made of pure wind or anything that threatens their health, their ethics or their morality. Real men protect their family first and foremost.....and lead with bravery, courage and resourcefulness. Real men know when it's time to fight and when it's time to concede. Real men don't back down from bullies, regardless if the bully is wearing a government uniform, a $3000 suit or a white lab coat. These "no COVID vaccine" men are harder to find of course but not impossible. The COVID VACCINE TEST is where the men really get separated from the boys. 

Use these simple tests ladies in relation to shopping for a better mate. Best of luck. Thank you for reading this article. 


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